Chongqing Lifan away media grabbed the key points to avoid relegation in 1 Basic

Media: Chongqing Lifan away grabbed 1 key points to avoid relegation in the basic Chinese reporter   draw away Lifan ashore; Zhao Yingji 32 is the echelon safety line over this year as last night, Chongqing Lifan did not let waiting in the TV side and went to Qinhuangdao expedition to Chongqing fans disappointed. 1:1, Chongqing Lifan by Hebei Huaxia happiness for the main chance, go away draw with rivals, grabbed 1 key points to avoid relegation, so as to avoid relegation safety line 32 points. Football is a game of Zhang Wailong an antidote against the disease to restrict and limit the game before the game, two times to watch the Qinhuangdao game, and master the happy Chinese gold, Haifeng Ding, Ju Yangyang rumes, four main gervinho on intelligence, Lifan coach Zhang wailong made the arrangement with Fernando, Meng burst seldom played reserve guard Xu Xiaolong, then Wang Donglun, Kaerdeke road outflank, test Dewey and guest defender mubiya. This move in the second half began soon after almost break, Wang Dong in the restricted area arc to a teammate, after adjustment bajiaonushe, but the ball hit the crossbar. Forty-first minutes, Lifan team made a comeback, Wu Qing Guo attack left goalkeeper pass, Kaerdeke road follow up to play Buddhism, the thrilling rescue mbia in front of goal…… Lifan in does not score, standing on the sidelines duzhan Zhang Wailong a bit depressed, especially after seeing Kaerdeke shot was blocked by his depressed mbia, dumped shuaishou. "Buffalo" stole the Lifan victory one can’t make bricks without straw, after seeing the left loopholes, Huaxia happiness newly appointed marshal Pellegrini was forced to make adjustments, with a high wing midfielder to replace Xu Xiaolong to strengthen the defense of quasi. This move didn’t receive the role of Fernando in sixty-fifth minutes or from the right to wear his crotch breakthrough success, pass the ball to find the box Kaerdeke, which climbed high to hit the ball into the door, 1: 0, Lifan if we can get 3 points, there is hope to widen and Changchun Yatai branch the difference in advance ashore. However, the nickname "bison" Alois Theo of the war changed, he displayed in sixty-ninth minutes the box hook shot startled Deng Xiaofei, then in seventy-fifth minutes in the penalty area and heading to produce a penalty opportunity. Stand on the spot Alois Theo particularly calm, relaxed will kick into the penalty, the goal of the war changed, Lifan eventually dominated the scene can only accept 1 Results: 1. Zhang Wailong thanked the team Lifan in happy with China 1: 1 draw after the score reached 32 points, the score is also recognized in the relegation line. From the beginning to the end of 2015 2004 in the Super League, the Super League relegation scores of high and low per year, but 32 points is a safety line. In 2004, third from 22 points in 2005; over third last 2006 is 22; over third last 26 points; 2007 over third last 26 points; 2008 over third last 30 points…… Every year for the last relegation team, except for 2009 is 33 points"相关的主题文章: