Chinese scholars to send papers on ngago Technology no discovery of gene

Chinese scholars recurrent NgAgo Technology: not found the gene Edit – Beijing Xinhua news agency, Beijing, November 12 (reporter Wang Juebin Huang Kun) China institutions such as Nantong University researchers in 11 published in the latest issue of the British "nature" magazine sub journal "cell research" on the table, they will report NgAgo the results of gene technology for zebrafish. In May this year, the Han Chunyu team in the journal Nature, the Journal of natural ·, biotechnology, the first published on the NgAgo gene technology papers, and caused a sensation and controversy in the. Since then, Chinese researchers have published second academic papers on NgAgo gene technology. This paper was completed by researchers from Nantong University and Fudan University. Liu Dong, associate professor of Key Laboratory of nerve regeneration, Nantong University, told Xinhua News Agency reporters that in this study, researchers will use NgAgo gene technology to change the zebrafish gene fabp11a. It was found that this could "knock down" the gene, and thus led to zebrafish developmental defects. However, in academia, "knock down" gene is not equal to "editing" gene, the study did not find that NgAgo technology has the function of gene editing. The researchers said, because of the different research objects, the research "cannot prove or disprove the conclusion before Han Chunyu". Prior to the Han Chun team reported in their papers, they invented a new gene editing technology NgAgo – gDNA. This article published in the world caused great concern in biology, because gene editing is a hot field of the current mainstream technology, American researchers CRISPRCas9 technology. According to the paper, compared NgAgogDNA technology and CRISPRCas9 technology has advantages in some aspects. But then China and abroad have publicly stated that scholars can not repeat the experiment described in the paper, the results of this study were questioned. "Natural · Biotechnology" is continuing to investigate the incident, has not yet made a further decision. Liu Dong told reporters that they did not find this study in the zebrafish model NgAgo technology has a gene editing function, but can not support or refute the results of the previous experiment, Han Chunyu". Reporter contacted Han Chunyu, but not a formal reply. Professor Rao Yi, Professor of Peking University, said that to make an evaluation of NgAgo technology, but also need to wait for more research results.相关的主题文章: