China Banking Regulatory Commission on 44 financial institutions to open a credit card business into-8l9840

The hardest hit in the first half of this year the bill market frequently burst amidst the winds of change big bills of 44 financial institutions opened 15 million 60 thousand ticket credit business, triggering regulatory upgrades. The central bank, China Banking Regulatory Commission immediately issued a document to be remediation. In addition, the local banking regulatory bureau and the banking regulatory branch of the commercial bank bills business irregularities out of the ticket is not a minority. According to the China Securities reporter statistics, the three quarter of the banking regulatory bureau and the banking regulatory bureau issued a ticket in the 44, due to the number of illegal business card business and punished by up to 52%. In addition, due to the former loan after the management of dereliction of duty, the use of funds to monitor the adverse reasons to become the second major reasons for eating tickets. According to reporter statistics, in the three quarter, a total of 44 financial institutions due to illegal and subject to punishment of $15 million 60 thousand (the same bank, two different branches of statistics for two financial institutions). Among them, the big five banks in four on the list, which is agriculture, industry and commerce, transportation and Construction Bank; 31 state-owned banks, joint-stock commercial banks and agricultural firms, 8 Rural Credit Cooperatives, 1 rural banks, 1 rural cooperative banks, 1 trust companies, and Chinese postal group, Post Bureau of savings bureau. Fujian hardest hit hardest hit – Fujian, a total of 30 financial institutions were punished, a total of $10 million 200 thousand fine. Among them, 1 trust companies were fined $50. It is understood that Societe Generale international trust because of its securities investment trust business classification errors, and the trust project funding sources fill errors. The majority of banks are punished for violations of the credit business, the regulatory disclosure of information from the point of view, joint-stock banks such violations occur more. This means a lot, for example, credit loan funds did not strictly monitor the use and flow of laissez faire "to dump loan inflated deposits; the enterprise credit collateral management does not lead to prudent collateral loss, resulting in credit risk; actual funding needs over borrowing enterprises and liquidity loans; issuance of liquidity the loan is for invoice deposit, the formation of bad loans; loan purposes are not due diligence authenticity, issuing fictitious use loans; violation to civil servants payment of personal business loans. Relevant person in a joint-stock bank told reporters, "this is obviously a loan enterprise plus leveraged loan behavior, will wash into white deposits and mortgage, the mortgage is obviously insufficient, equal to second times the risk of the actual loan all transferred to banks."   single maximum fine –70 million information shows that the Bank of Liuzhou was fined 700 thousand yuan, becoming the highest single fine amount in the three quarter. It is reported that the bank for failing to implement unified credit management of group customers, illegal payment of personal loans, savings and loan linked phenomenon exists. In early 2012, loan linked to the phenomenon once prevalent is regulated, the CBRC credit business of the proposed seven prohibitions, referred to as the "seven no", including not to dump loan to deposit linked etc.. At that time, a number of banks have been suspended due to deposit credit business. The number of tickets most – Minsheng Bank in the three quarter, Minsheng Bank received a total of 6 tickets, all due to continuous processing for the same customer相关的主题文章: