Children come home from school, this arrangement, they will fall in love with learning! Sohu –verbal jint

Children come home from school, this arrangement, they will fall in love with learning! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting handmade children came home from school every day, should let him do homework? Or let him eat first. Job one thirty is not written, but also go for a while to eat dinner. Do your homework first, then half of it is about to eat. It feels like he can’t concentrate. Look at the parents answer, I believe will give you a lot of inspiration! 1, come back from school to eat fruit children to study for a week, the brain is tired, the stomach is hungry. First let the children eat fruit while the rest. The child’s brain worked for a whole afternoon, his body’s glucose consumption almost, to be added in time. Children rest 15~20 clock, the brain has energy, and then you can do homework. 2, do homework before dinner in the evening after dinner, the child’s work efficiency is unfavorable. Everyone has the same feeling: after a big meal, who is lazy. Why is this so? Originally, to eat food in the stomach to digest, digestion, need blood. At this time most of the blood is flowing to the stomach to process a large amount of food that has just been eaten. In this way, the brain is in a state of insufficient blood supply. Especially the food and food to eat children worse. If children do not want to do homework at this time, the child’s attention is not concentrated, the brain efficiency is low. Therefore, I encourage children to do homework before dinner. When to eat dinner, parents can control. The best when children watch cartoons parents cook; if doing homework when cooking, the children hear the smell of the mother in the cooking, the appetite is up. If you can’t do your homework before supper, you should have a rest after supper. 3, do a good job in front of each child has his favorite hobby. Or watching cartoons, games or sports. For example, your children like to watch cartoons, you can watch, but you have to finish your homework. If there is no such a habit, parents and children can reach an agreement. If the animation is on the 6 demand, the child will begin to do homework at 5. After the agreement, written on paper, mother and son signed on the door. The children every day to comply with the agreement unshakable. 4, can do for a while, play for a while and continue to reach an agreement with the child: allow children to do homework, play for a while. This may conflict with the parents’ education concept. Let me tell you why I’m doing this for a while. When the child to do homework, the child’s brain nervous system to run fast, more than ten minutes later, the brain glucose supply is insufficient. If the child does not take the initiative to stop working, the brain will form pressure. The brain in order to transfer pressure, will lead the children to play. At this point, not the child to play, but his brain to play the child. Our parents do not understand, often blame the child didn’t work hard, fun, this is not fair. 5, do not add homework sometimes our parents see children painting相关的主题文章: