Chen Hanqian Yellen stand by gold and silver prices for suspected want to resist the dull

Chen Hanqian Yellen: stand by gold and silver prices for suspected want to resist the dull Powei Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In Asia time spot gold below $1330 in a narrow range, currently trading at $1326.58 an ounce, the market worried about Yellen this week may signal that the price of gold fell overnight release hawks $1330 mark integer support days long three weeks, if not effectively recover the 5 day moving average, the price of gold is expected to fall further to around 1310 mark the evening, will be released in U.S. durable goods orders data, investors need to focus on the crude oil market; Europe time international oil prices in the vicinity of a week low of a narrow range, trading is very miserable, oil prices are currently at 46.8 near the Qiu Wenhao public attention, understand the market trend forecast first hand, grasp the market trend changes slightly embarrassed suspended in midair! Because the focus of the market, return to global excess supply, oil prices are still under pressure, but Chinese provides some crude oil inventories to reduce accidents Support. Dallas Fed President Kaplan said the day before, the Fed is close to the interest rate for time, including meeting next month, any time the Fed policy meeting may have decided to raise interest rates. Three officials last week the Fed has included three figures, New York Fed President Dudley issued a similar hawkish remarks; in an interview with Japan’s Nikkei news Kaplan predicted that this year the United States GDP slightly lower than the growth rate of 2%, the unemployment rate will continue to decline, he hopes inflation rose slightly. Concerned about the number of public Qiu Wenhao, the first hand to understand the trend of market trends, timely grasp of market trends change, if these expectations, he believes that the withdrawal of some loose policy is appropriate". The producers may reach agreement to promote the production of frozen rumors earlier in August, oil prices rose more than 20%, the overnight price fell more than 2% to the previous rally trend Huashangjuhao, EIA crude oil inventories unexpectedly increased by increasing the supply of oil has recently been re pessimism, refined oil and gasoline inventories were also recorded in accident the market is heating up again on growth, excess supply concerns; the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) yield a record high, and little prospect of voluntary effects, leading to an agreement to freeze production more than OPEC cooling, oil production is high, so is the Russian Ross and other major oil producers, and demand prospects, excess supply the situation almost no hope of ending. Gold: gold after yesterday’s crash days did not continue the strong potential short, although the overnight refresh recent lows, but the days of the gold bull to launch counter attacks, but the current performance is still weak; the daily gold day managed to break the inter cell shock pattern, big Yin after Bollinger Bands have gradually opened, above average Guaitou down cycle begin to bear; four hour days long Cross stars on the film to achieve a continuation of the trend is not on the other, the average short-term stabilization of MA5 to provide support gold prices, the evening focus on the 1320 support, the operation of the proposed rebound short. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: