Chen Ergou’s life evildoer poster volley click on the broken million,

"Chen Ergou’s life" evildoer poster volley   click on the broken million, entertainment channel, recently, directed by Huang Kai, Pan Feiyu, Wang Ziyun, Zhao Bingrui served as producer, Paul Liu, Zhu Hanyan, Guo Jianuo, Ma, Zach wing, Yu Silu joined together the legendary network drama "Chen Ergou’s life" the first Promo exposure and evildoer "gesture" "chess game" two concept version of the poster. As rare in recent years, high energy high popularity of classic IP, the trailer will be issued once detonated network, coupled with the concept of a poster with a pregnant meaning set off a new round of topic. It is reported that the play will be formally launched in October 10th to meet with the audience. Concept poster marvelous game show "Chen Ergou gestures destiny the evildoer life" originated in the feudal war drama novel of the same name, the original characters around the small Chen Ergou legendary life, outline a friendship, love and hate to live the glint and flash of cold steel arena. The classic elements of the implicit concept poster exposure, an iconic gesture of "two dog life", from the beginning of the Cao met Chen Ergou, to the gesture incentive two to explore the new world plot mountain dog. In addition to "chess game" poster is borrowed by space-time chessboard perspective generation between sun Li Cao of the Chen Sida family. The poster "the tiger sniffs the rose." "in the small Tao in villain Buddha" theme is quite profound meaning, to lead the audience from human perspective belongs to two dogs a grassroots struggle history, the three generation of energy-saving. The trailer acclaim won the praise of the sincerity of the seamless reduction of the maximum degree of adaptation to comply with the original, dedicated to the characters, scenes, props and even the quality of true and construction, realizes the accurate conversion from text to picture. At the beginning of the trailer, a team through the jungle to the Snow gleams white. Zhang Jia Zhai played by Zhao Bingrui, Chen Ergou was surrounded by. "You must be twenty-five years old with the mountains" narration, various classic role full debut. The frequent bursts of intense fighting the famous saying, sincere to the meat, with a blood ruin Zhang BGM, Chen Ergou Legion from the Northeast countryside to the big city opened the road to power. The first trailer with titles released ignited the enthusiasm of the fans, strong hits nearly 1 million 600 thousand people covering the full range of fan fan. Many users see the trailer that amazing, fully fit the image of their own two dogs. The rhythm of the compact content full trailers is by virtue of the production of sophisticated, elegant details, highly reduced "reputation won the praise of the sincerity of. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: