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Games Thanks to Game Blogs, the members of CharacterPlanet can really feel a sense of ownership with their blogs. Sure the internet is full of blogging sites you can use, but Character Planet: The Exclusive Network for Online Gamers Before building this system I listened to the input of the community and in the end the system most people wanted was something similar to Google’s blogging system,, said Dan Anton, CEO of CharacterPlanet. I agreed and developed my Game Blog system with Blogger as my inspiration. The great thing about Gamer Blogs is that the people viewing these blogs are all intersted in the same thing; online gaming. Blogs here range from talking about your in game experiences as a hobbit in Lord of the Rings Online to ranting about PvP balance issues in the well known MMORPG, World of Warcraft. Other great features already available at include a player driven news submission system where members can vote on the entries, which is known as Power Leveling the News or Player Killing it, respectively. You’ll also find plenty of real life and character pictures along with detailed profiles to match; Web based multiplayer games like the Race Track to kill time and also win points, which can be turned in for prizes such as Gift Cards to offers much more, but I suggest signing up for a free account and being part of the fastest growing online gaming community. CharacterPlanet continues to develop new features and tools where the gamers have the power. Using Web 2.0 technology it is Dan Anton’s mission to listen to the needs of the gamers and give them what they want. According to Dan, there are some very big projects in development, which the members of CharacterPlanet are sure to love. ..characterplanet.. – Where Gamers have the Power. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: