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Chai Junli Gold: 10, 14 midnight gold, crude oil operation strategy of sina Taiwan Fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Chai Junli Gold: 10, 14 midnight gold, crude oil operation strategy released in the evening U.S. October University of Michigan consumer sentiment index 87.9, lower than the expected 91.9, data released after the gold and silver prices rallied, data is undoubtedly good gold and silver. The highest gold 4 hours test band 1259 position resistance after the fall, the highest drop silver to around 17.68, the market is now on 15 am 01:30 chairman of the Fed’s Yellen speech at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Gold daily Bollinger opening down, showing the same average short order, the market since the 1340 strong break below the three thousand mark currently fell to 1250, from the view of Fibonacci retracements, short-term need to pay attention to the 1263-1265 resistance area below the 0.236 position, still focus on the support of 1255-1253, focusing on the 1250 support, operation interval has basically been determined as follows, midnight gold part one strategy: 1, below the first step back to the 1251 line, with a stop below the 1248 target point 1260-1261 line 2, 1263-1265 line above the first sound short, stop above 1268, target 3 1257-1255 line, if below the unexpectedly strong rebound fell below 1247, near the 1250 short, stop 5 points, target the 1241-1239 line the week crude oil inventory data are increased, although OPEC freeze production agreement reached, but It can be difficult to implement. At present, the market trend tends to shock, volatility gradually narrowed. The technical point of view, if the oil can hold 50 integer points, the market outlook is expected to continue, the midline attention in 2015 June high of 61.82 near the current oil price resistance; again to test the 51 mark signs of breakthrough in the 51 before, do not recommend operation space, may be concerned about the step back to support efforts to choose 50 near the entry more than a single, and last night, EIA announced prices dropping 49.3 near the initial inventory, then the points to 49 mark as an important support level, short-term support attention does not fall below the 50 mark integer, if oil prices remain bullish on. The following midnight part of a single strategy: 1, below the initial tentative 49.9-50.1 line to do more, stop 49.7 below the target point 50.7-50.9 line 2, 51.1-51.3 line rebound short, stop 51.6, target 50.5-50.3 line market is constantly changing, more about gold, crude asphalt market analysis, real-time strategy, single storage solutions can add the author: WeChat enter the chaijun5199 [Sina Finance shares] discussion相关的主题文章: