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The Commission for discipline inspection organ: corruption is the wind free zone when the iron hat king may review discipline inspection report – Sohu China February 18th news, recently, the leadership of the Central Military Commission, the Central Military Commission opened a petition reporting hotline and special mailbox to unimpeded reporting channels, give full play to the supervisory role of the masses. The army has been fighting against corruption, and has set up a special telephone and special mailbox for military complaints, which has taken a solid step forward in fighting against corruption in the army. It is the first time in the history of the army to accept, prosecute, prosecute and appeal openly. For a long time, the military field how to carry out anti-corruption struggle, how to strengthen discipline construction, all seem to "covered with a mysterious veil", the outside world can not know, not to mention clues, to participate in supervision. This special telephone and private mailbox has taken an important step in strengthening the discipline construction of the army, and has injected new strength for the more effective purification of the military ethos, which deserves praise. To further promote the army strictly according to law, is the key to deepen the comprehensive reform of the army, the newly established Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, has laid a solid foundation for the military corruption is the wind. The establishment of discipline and discipline, how to make further "soldiers" heart? The system has been established, how to play its effectiveness? In order to have actual effect and strength, military anti-corruption must start with "opening the door". Whoever breaks the law may be reported, who will be prosecuted for exceeding authority, as long as the report is true, will be strictly in accordance with the policy, according to procedures, according to the authority, according to the regulations, timely and seriously handle. In this sense, a petition to report line, show the military corruption is the wind’s determination to strengthen the military clean borers firm perseverance, corruption is the wind without "military area" of confidence. "Iron discipline", this is the red line that no one can overstep. In recent years, the anti-corruption struggle achievement, it is not difficult to find, such as Guo Boxiong, Xu Caihou, Gu Jun Hill army tiger have been sacked, the position and rank not talisman, want to be "iron hat king" is impossible. On the contrary, the real military anti-corruption without dead corners, no forbidden zone, but also the Army Style of a clear sky, you need to build a chapter on the system to work hard, find the starting point in specific measures. Otherwise, if there is a problem can not reflect, there are reports of no complaints, what about strictly? "Yan Fang can su Bing Wei, life began in the whole discipline heavy." It is not difficult to understand the connotation of the army because of strict discipline and discipline and death when it stands in the situation of "anti-corruption is a struggle that cannot be lost". So, more strict requirements, then fine, as the real standard, is to build a strict discipline, discipline such as iron army of the people. I’m afraid it is the deep value of setting up the complaint reporting hotline to strengthen the army’s anti-corruption. Xi Jinping, chairman of the Central Military Commission in the reform work conference stressed that "we must focus on advancing the army strictly according to law, to seize the right to rule the key, build tight power restriction and supervision system." The army with guns can not allow corrupt elements to hide. Today, the petition hotline to allow the army moth exposed to the sun, we expect the army is the wind, anti-corruption non-stop, and then force.

中纪委机关报:正风反腐无禁区 当铁帽子王无可能-搜狐评论  中国纪检监察报2月18日消息,近日,经军委领导批准,中央军委纪委开设了信访举报专线电话和专用信箱,以便畅通信访举报渠道、充分发挥群众监督作用。军队正风反腐一直在路上,设立军队信访举报专线电话和专用信箱,迈出了深入推进军队正风反腐的坚实步伐。   公开受理检举控告和申诉,这在军队历史上还是第一次。很长时间以来,军队领域如何开展反腐败斗争、如何加强纪律建设,都似乎“蒙着一层神秘的面纱”,外界无从知晓,更谈不上提供线索、参与监督。这次公开信访举报专线电话和专用信箱,既在强化军队纪律建设上迈出了重要一步,也为更有效地净化军队风气注入了新力量,值得称赞。   深入推进依法治军、从严治军,是全面深化军队改革的关键,新建立中央军委纪委,为军队正风反腐奠定了坚实基础。机构设立了,怎样让党纪军纪深入“兵”心?制度建立了,如何发挥效力?军队反腐要想有实效、有力度,还得从“开门”做起。谁违纪了都可能被举报,谁越权了都会被检举,只要举报属实,一定会严格按政策、按程序、按权限、按规定,及时认真办理。   从这个意义上说,一条信访检举专线,照见了军队正风反腐的决心,强化了清理军队蛀虫的恒心,坚定了正风反腐无“军事禁区”的信心。“铁一般纪律”,这是任何人都不能逾越的红线。从近年来的反腐败斗争成果中,不难发现,诸如郭伯雄、徐才厚、谷俊山等军队“大老虎”纷纷落马,官位和军阶不是护身符,想当“铁帽子王”也绝无可能。相反,真正让军队反腐没有死角、没有禁区,还军队作风一片晴朗天空,就需要在建章立制上下功夫、在具体措施中找抓手。否则,如果有问题不能反映,有举报无处申诉,何谈从严治军?   “令严方可肃兵威,命重始于整纲纪。”站在“反腐败是一场输不起的斗争”的形势下,不难理解军队因“纪律严明而兴、纪律涣散而亡”的内涵。如此看,再严的要求、再细的规范、再实的作为,都是为了打造一支纪律严明、执纪如铁的人民军队。这恐怕才是开设信访举报专线、以强化军队反腐的深层次价值。   习近平主席在中央军委改革工作会议上强调,“要着眼于深入推进依法治军、从严治军,抓住治权这个关键,构建严密的权力运行制约和监督体系。”拿枪杆子的军队,不容许有腐败分子藏身。如今,信访举报专线让军队蛀虫得以暴露在阳光下,我们期待军队正风反腐不停息、再发力。相关的主题文章: