Spring Festival o2o one night back to five years ago no subsidies, home service sharp drop 金频梅


Spring Festival O2O one night back to five years ago: there is no subsidy home service sharp, morning news reporter Lin Jinyu wash car every 50 yuan, do a face price doubled; if you want to invite aunt, I’m sorry nobody; take a takeaway, I’m sorry nobody. Once a year the city festival is about to begin, the working group collective return, Shanghai service price rose uniform, rose from 50% to 100%. O2O home service also returned to the "five years ago" overnight, without subsidies, home services dropped sharply. The car wash shop not throw O2O, usually the price of Qi Yuan once the car wash service, uniform price 50%-100%. Spring Festival near, car wash prices invariably rise. In Pudong East Three Mile Bridge Road, an auto repair shop, the original car wash price is 30 yuan, starting Monday, the price continues to rise, wash the car once 60 yuan. Price increases, but also queuing, in the busiest morning time, there are five or six cars waiting, the last car in the last wait for more than 2 hours, and even at four or five p.m. idle time, car wash also wait for an hour. O2O Internet subsidies for car washing industry once everywhere, a variety of free car wash, 1 yuan car wash is quite fashionable. Yesterday, the reporter specially installed more than a car APP, but found that most of these APP car wash shop on a single price has increased to 50-60 yuan, some cheaper car wash shop is hanging out the brand does not serve. Beauty O2O Spring Festival "this afternoon, we are taking advantage of the price will rise, we quickly under ah." Beaver house craftsmen cool early in the morning to get the price information to all customers. I had dinner at home, beaver the entire platform are uniform price, the original 88 yuan service everywhere, the price to 100 yuan more than 188 yuan, many projects have risen to 288 yuan. The price at the same time, the beaver family launched a red envelope model on the platform, known as the order will be able to get 300 yuan a red envelope. However, after the order, consumers will find that the use of red envelopes cost-effective is not high, preferential items must comply with the "full reduction tag" requirements, many projects can not use, the only non threshold coupons are 5 yuan of WeChat red packets. Home price increases compared to car wash, beauty, home service prices during the Spring Festival is more obvious. A domestic company, during the Spring Festival, the cleaning staff shortage, some originally responsible for appliance maintenance staff have been temporarily "transferred" cleaning, while prices rose more than 50% compared to the usual. Almost all the aunts were just empty out and were booked out by the customers. Do not think that the APP up to the appointment of O2O housekeeping service will be able to pick up cheap, since February, many APP have hung out no aunt optional closing card, some simply announced price increases. For example, cloud housekeeping announced that from January 15, 2016 to January 31st, February 1st to February 22nd, two periods of price hikes, the price range of 5-20 yuan, and promised to restore the original price after the festival. According to the previous research on the end of Shanghai stores and aunts: the temporary cleaning workers during the nanny shortage period

春节O2O一夜回到五年前:没有补贴上门服务锐减   晨报记者 林劲榆   洗次车动辄50元,做个脸价格翻倍;如果要请阿姨,对不起没人;点个外卖,对不起没人。一年一度的“空城节”即将开始,打工一族集体返乡,沪上服务价格齐刷刷上涨,涨幅从50%到100%。O2O的上门服务也一夜回到“五年前”,没有补贴、上门服务锐减。   洗车铺不甩O2O,齐涨价   平时二三十元一次的洗车服务,齐刷刷涨价50%-100%。   春节邻近,洗车价格不约而同地上涨。在浦东东三里桥路上,一家汽修店原来的洗车价格是一次30元,本周一开始,价格继续上调,洗车一次60元。价格提高了,还需要排队,在生意最繁忙的上午时间,有五六台车等候,排在最后的一台车要等2个多小时,而即使下午四五点的空闲时刻,洗车也要等一个小时。   O2O互联网对洗车行业的补贴一度满天飞,各种免费洗车,1元洗车相当时髦。昨天,记者特地安装上多个养车APP,却发现,这些APP上大部分洗车店的单次价格已经提高到了50-60元,一些比较便宜的洗车店则挂出了不服务的牌子。   美容O2O春节趁势涨价   “今天下午,我们就要涨价了,大家快点下单啊。”河狸家手艺人爽爽一大早就把调价信息分发给了所有客户。果然过了晚饭时点,河狸家整个平台都齐刷刷涨价了,原本随处可见的88元服务,都涨价到了100元以上,188元的项目很多都已经上涨到了288元。   涨价的同时,河狸家在平台上推出了红包模式,号称下单就能拿到300元的红包。不过,下单后,消费者就发现,这个红包用起来性价比并不高,优惠项目必须符合“满减标签”的要求,很多项目都不能使用,唯一无门槛的优惠券是5元的微信红包。   家政上门涨价   比起洗车、美容,家政服务春节期间的涨价更为明显。沪上某家政公司介绍,春节期间,保洁人员最为紧缺,一些原本负责家电维修的工作人员也被临时“转岗”保洁,而价格相比平时涨幅超过50%。几乎所有的阿姨刚刚空出来,就被顾客预约走了。   千万不要以为到APP上去预约O2O的家政服务就能捡到便宜,2月份以来,不少APP都挂出了没有阿姨可选的歇业牌,有的索性宣布涨价。比如,云家政就宣布,2016年1月15日到1月31日,2月1日到2月22日,分两个时间段进行涨价,涨价幅度5-20元,并且承诺节后就恢复原价。   根据前期对上海门店端、阿姨端调研:保姆荒期间,临时保洁工资涨至40-45元 小时(平时30元 小时),长期钟点工则涨至30-35元 小时(平时20-25元 小时),春节期间则最高会涨至50-60元 小时。至于其他长期工种工资,92.8%的家政公司表示涨幅不超过50%,但也有4.8%的家政公司表示会涨100%。   春节O2O打烊成主流   人力成本看涨、风投意兴阑珊,春节的这个状态,也很可能是O2O未来面临的“新常态”。缺人、烧钱结束,O2O们未来该如何活下去呢?2015年已经有大批O2O关门歇夜,比如一度火爆的上门洗车业务,已经难以找到活着的企业;上门送餐行业,也是倒下的比新进的企业更多。用风投的钱和低价劳动力堆出来的O2O幻想正在回归现实。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

ETF influx of popularity is not scattered gold steady Senji mark 闯关上梁山最露


ETF influx of popularity is not scattered gold steady Senji mark global foreign exchange February 23rd — the international spot gold on Monday (February 22nd) the continuation of the downward pattern, affected by the dollar rebounded and investors risk increased demand, the gold market downward pressure, intraday decline of nearly 1.5%, but maintained the level of $1200 an ounce. On Monday, the global stock market rebounded, the dollar rose, and crude oil prices rose sharply, which made investors no longer favor the gold demand for hedging. Monday by short covering, the International Energy Agency expects shale oil production decline and the decline in the number of active drilling last week, the three major factors driving, crude oil prices continued to rebound, the U.S. oil refresh two trading days high of $33.84 a barrel, oil cloth refresh high to $34.97 a barrel. Sica Wealth Management, President and chief investment officer Jeffrey Sica said, "the price of gold fell, and the stock market rose today to drive on the market some profits related." German commercial bank analysts said, "because the gold at the beginning of the week decline, the market environment is the current characteristics of investors risk appetite is very high." Some analysts believe that if the market worries about the global economy and reduce the Fed rate hike is expected to return to the gold market, it will be very easy to enter the correction. The Swiss Group Sam Laughlin broker MKS traders pointed out, ETF gold holdings increased favorable gold, but some of them are buying kinetic energy of industrial products in Tokyo and the recent China exchange positions cut selling offset; the end of China after the New Year holiday, the market has been dominated by selling, the price of gold will not show China market expectations rose, and the new year after the country demand gradually, can’t expect its support for gold. Colin Cieszynski, chief market strategist CMC Markets said, "the dollar exchange rate rose Monday, because capital is flowing out from the defensive safe haven, while the dollar weighed on the price of gold. Another reason for the decline in gold prices is the market started to carry out technical normal correction after last week’s rise in the past three days, the price of gold has risen by about 1.9%, but still fell 0.7% last week." Fawad Razaqzada and City technology analyst Forex Index said, "at the moment, as long as the key prices remain at $1190 per ounce $1200 above the support area, the gold market will tend to see more." But overall, investor sentiment is still generally bearish gold, this decrease reflected from gold fund holdings. Last Friday, SPDR gold ETF harvested the largest single day inflows since August 2011. In addition, this year’s global gold ETF net inflow volume has exceeded the total outflow volume last year. "The market has gone through a temporary fear," says Yves &, President of Co. Lamoureux, a market consulting firm, Lamoureux

ETF大量流入人气未散 黄金稳守千二关口   环球外汇2月23日讯–国际现货黄金周一(2月22日)延续下滑格局,受到美元回升和投资者们风险需求增加的影响,黄金市场承压下行,日内跌幅近1.5%,不过维持住了1200美元 盎司的水平。周一全球股市回升,美元上涨,而原油价格也出现了大幅走高,这使得投资者们不再那么青睐避险需求的黄金。   周一受空头回补、国际能源署预期页岩油产量下降及上周美国活跃石油钻井数下降三大因素推动,原油价格持续反弹,美油刷新两个交易日高点33.84美元 桶,布油刷新日高至34.97美元 桶。   Sica Wealth Management总裁和首席投资长Jeffrey Sica说,“金价下滑,和股市今日上涨带动对金市一些获利了结有关。”德国商业银行的分析师表示,“黄金在本周初走低的原因在于,市场环境目前的特征是投资者的风险偏好情绪很高。”   一些分析师认为,如果市场对全球经济担忧减少,并且美联储加息预期重新回归,那么黄金市场将很容易进入修正。   瑞士经纪商MKS Group交易员Sam Laughlin指出,ETF黄金持仓增加利好金价,但其中部分买盘动能被东京工业品交易所仓位削减和近期中国的卖盘所抵消;中国新年假期结束后,其市场一直由卖盘主导,表明中国市场预期金价不会大涨,且新年后该国需求将逐渐减弱,不能指望其支撑金价。   CMC Markets的首席市场策略师Colin Cieszynski说道,“美元汇率周一上涨,原因是资本正在从防御性的安全避风港中流出,而美元走高打压金价。黄金价格下跌的另一原因则是,市场在经历了上周的上涨以后开始进行正常的技术性修正,在过去三个交易日中,金价累计上涨了1.9%左右,但在上周仍下跌了0.7%。”   Forex和City Index的技术分析师Fawad Razaqzada表示,“就目前而言,只要金价保持在每盎司1190美元 1200美元的关键支撑区域上方,黄金市场就倾向于看多。”   不过整体来看,投资者人气仍然是大致看淡黄金,这从黄金基金持仓量减少反映出来。上周五SPDR黄金ETF收获了2011年8月以来最大单日流入量。此外,今年全球黄金ETF的净流入量已经超过了去年的总流出量。   市场咨询公司Lamoureux & Co.总裁Yves Lamoureux称,“市场经历了一场暂时性的恐慌,当时投资者纷纷逃离股市并转向黄金等安全避风港资产,但这并不是一种经济萎靡,而是一种行为拥挤式的萎靡,也就是交易商纷纷撤离市场。我们认为,人们将会平静下来并重返股市。”   黄金ETF大量流入   今年以来,黄金市场受到避险需求的推动,金价大幅走高,而黄金ETF的持有量也在大幅流入。上周五(2月19日)黄金ETF流入了25.39吨,占比约1.6%,总持有量增加至1640.81吨,这是2010年5月以来的最大单日流入量。   在此前金价连跌的三年中,黄金ETF也已经连续三年净流出。永丰金融集团研究主管Mark To表示:“今年金价的大幅上涨,只是整出戏的开端。”   Mark To表示,金融市场的混乱将会推动黄金需求,他认为,在未来几个月内,1300至1400美元 盎司水平的金价也是很可能出现的。   盛宝银行(Saxo Bank)商品研究主管Ole Hansen指出,从Comex数据来看,在去年12月末时期金市场有高达93934手的净空头持仓,但此后市场出现了很大的变化。而随着今年以来金价的走高,2月16日结束当周,Comex期金的净多头头寸进一步增加。   Hansen指出,随着美元抛售动能接近尾声,黄金市场的多头持仓可能会出现一些清仓,而从技术面来看,金价可能回落至1190甚至1167.5美元 盎司的水平。   德国商业银行(Commerzbank)指出,,期金净多头头寸处在去年10月以来最高水平。不过一些分析师认为,自去年12月底以来金价一路上涨后,上行动能将接近尾声。   汤森路透GFMS高级分析师Erica Rannestad认为,短期金价可能会回落,因黄金市场大量净多头持仓水平影响。Rannestad表示:“金价的下跌可能是短暂的,很大程度上受到触及一年多高点后获利了结的影响。”   不过美银美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)的分析师们则认为,黄金市场会继续强劲,该行指出,期金市场目前的净多头持仓水平只到三年最高水平的77.5%。美银美林称:“黄金市场的持仓在近期的上涨后并没有到过高水平。”   环球外汇行情中心显示,北京时间10:10,现货黄金报1215.80美元 盎司。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

百度地图如何更好地实现连接人与服务便成为了重要课题 百感交集的意思


Baidu map new year advertising poke in many people’s pain points – Science and technology Sohu (WeChat Road north public lubei2014 operators) the Spring Festival holiday quietly in the past, each big brand marketing occasion also temporarily come to an end. During the Spring Festival in Hunan TV broadcast and the major video sites Baidu map series of commercials, with "heart" one hit the user pain points, not only focus, also extends the view to the daily life of ordinary people more widely, causing the industry concern. At the same time, in the domestic mobile phone market 7:2:1 map gradually clear, continued to lead the Google map, from the show "tall" technical strength to "down to earth" aimed at the user’s emotion and experience also has the enlightenment significance. Baidu maps during the Spring Festival put in a series of commercials, were designed using three scenarios for users to map a APP like experience, and all the products into the characteristics of Baidu map real-time traffic function to help users know early ". Three scenarios can cause the most comprehensive coverage of the issue of the spring Chinese resonance years ago, and years later, most people "living a headache" caused by traffic jams to work late for the meeting and work late for an appointment by. From the user’s experience of the scene, Baidu maps very understanding of users. This includes not only the user knows home reunion home in the Spring Festival, but also know in daily life due to traffic problems caused by late embarrassment. Compared with other Chinese New Year celebration in pursuit of lively atmosphere, or to win the customers "Le" or "cry" advertising and marketing, Baidu map series of commercials to reach a wider range of living environment, so the practical significance is far beyond the three branch of the total length of a minute commercials. If the user pain points and realistic problems is to grasp the rational appeal of advertisement, then into the hot element is from the perceptual to meet the audience’s expectations and the pursuit of aesthetic. The monkey in the traditional culture itself is very lovable, and monkey king this powerful "IP" which is the cultural accumulation, it is not difficult to conclude that the audience is to capture any elements about a monkey in brand advertising, and others with relish. The next test for advertisers is how to choose and use the monkey elements in marketing, is looking forward to or beyond simply meet audience expectation, aesthetic orientation and even lead the audience? The advertisement marketing of Baidu maps chose the audience to surprise". Three commercials are joined by a fusion of traditional art, through time and space, let the audience’s image by Mahatma find everything fresh and new, Peking Opera master Qiu Shengrong’s grandson, Jo Qiu Jirong as artist. He was a neat appearance of Peking Opera, accurate grasp of Monkey King’s spirit of every rhythm, but beyond the traditional monkey image. Many young viewers said that this play, with special interpretation of Peking opera singing face the magic of the advertising language is very handsome, very vivid story. From this point, the aesthetic tendency conveyed by the Baidu map ads also take heart ". As a kind of map APP serving people’s travel demand, it has a close relationship with users from birth. It looks like ice.

百度地图新年广告 戳中了多少人的痛点-搜狐科技   文 路北(微信公众号lubei2014运营者)   春节假期悄然过去,各大品牌的借势营销也暂时告一段落。春节期间在湖南卫视及各大视频网站播出的百度地图系列广告片,凭借“走心”一箭准确击中了用户的痛点,不仅聚焦春运,也把视角延伸到更广泛的老百姓日常生活问题,引起业界的关注。同时,在国内手机地图市场7:2:1格局逐渐清晰后,持续领跑的百度地图,从彰显“高大上”技术实力到“接地气”瞄准用户情感和体验的转变也具有启示意义。   百度地图在春节期间投放的系列广告片,分别设计了三个场景下用户对于地图类APP的使用体验,并全部融入了百度地图实时路况功能帮助用户“早知早到”的产品特性。三个场景全面覆盖年前最能引起中国人共鸣的春运问题,以及年后最让都市生活的人们“头疼”的因交通堵塞而造成的上班开会迟到和下班约会迟到困扰。      从用户的场景化体验角度讲,百度地图非常懂用户。这不仅包括懂得用户在新春佳节回家团聚的归心似箭,也包括懂得日常生活中因交通问题而带来的迟到尴尬。相比其他只追求过年热闹欢庆气氛,或是只愿博得用户“一乐”或“一哭”的广告营销来说,百度地图的系列广告片触达了更为广泛的生活环境,因此现实意义也远远超出了三支总时长不过一分钟的广告片。   如果说对用户痛点和现实问题的把握是广告营销的理性诉求,那么热点元素的融入就是从感性上满足受众的期待和对审美的追求。猴在传统文化中本身就十分讨喜,加之美猴王这个强大“IP”所蕴含的文化积淀,不难得出这样的结论:受众就是想在品牌广告中捕捉到任何关于猴的元素,并与他人津津乐道。接下来对于广告主的考验就是,如何在营销中选择和使用猴元素,是单纯满足期待还是超出受众期待,甚至引领受众的审美导向?   百度地图的广告营销选择了让受众“出其不意”。三支广告片均加入了一个融合传统艺术、穿越时空而来的,让受众耳目一新的大圣形象,由京剧裘派大师裘盛戎嫡孙、跨界艺术家裘继戎饰演。他一身利落的京剧扮相,一板一眼精准把握美猴王的神韵,却又超出人们对于传统齐天大圣形象的印象。许多年轻观众表示,这个扮着花脸、用京剧唱腔演绎特别魔性的广告语的大圣很帅、很传神。从这一点上讲,百度地图广告片中所传达的审美倾向也比较“走心”。      作为服务于人们出行需求的地图类APP,其实从一诞生就与用户产生了紧密的联系。看似冰冷的高科技工具必须做到有温度、有情怀,才能真正打动用户。在将O2O实体服务入口全面导入手机地图的战略开展之后,百度地图如何更好地实现连接人与服务便成为了重要课题。在手机地图7-2-1的格局逐渐稳固后,百度地图的这一次从技术实力营销都走心营销的转变,对于想要做到“让科技更好服务于人”的品牌,都具有借鉴价值。   对于整个品牌营销界来说,如何不被指标、数字、市场份额“捆绑”,而是更贴近用户所需,更深刻和打动人心,是十分重要的。相关的主题文章:

this year 岐山传2.0攻略


Credit Suisse AIA maintain outperform rating hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Hong Kong level2 market mechanism cards through Credit Suisse issued a report by AIA (01299.HK) forecast earnings ranged from 24% to 29% 2015-16. The main consideration to the regional stock market, currency and bond mark to market (mark-to-market) adjustment, but the company still refers to the growth momentum, maintain "outperform" rating, target price reduced from 57.5 yuan to 51.7 yuan. Credit Suisse said AIA will announce its results last year on four (25) this year, with an expected annual growth of 18% in the new business value and an increase of 23% in fixed currency. The bank said the recent allies in the ASEAN market is recovering, and the Hong Kong market to maintain strong growth, with continued growth in bank insurance business material power (especially business cooperation with Citigroup), and profit is expected to further increase, such as Thailand and Malaysia region. China UnionPay earlier said that since February 4th, it will strictly enforce the regulations that the amount of foreign exchange insurance purchased by UnionPay cards should not exceed 5000 U. S. dollars. Credit Suisse refers to the relevant provisions of the international new business value impact in the controllable range, mainly due to the average size of the mainland to buy insurance products ranging from $5000 to $25 thousand (insurance) (savings); as for large insurance policy (more than a million dollars) may be affected, or profit margins will be under pressure, but the percentage of the whole new business the value contribution of about 3-5% and the mainland, there are other ways to buy large insurance policy. Credit Suisse says China may further strengthen capital controls or have a negative impact on investor sentiment. (both) go into Sina Finance shares

瑞信维持友邦保险跑赢大市评级 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   瑞信发表报告,下调友邦保险(01299.HK)2015-16年预测盈利介乎24%至29%,主要考虑到区域股市、货币及债券按市值计价(mark-to-market)的调整,但指公司仍具增长动力,维持‘跑赢大市’评级,目标价由57.5元下调至51.7元。   瑞信指,友邦将於本月四(25日)公布去年业绩,预期全年新业务价值按年增长18%,以固定货币计算则增23%。该行称,近期友邦在东盟市场正见复苏,而中港市场维持强劲增长,料银行保险业务具持续增长动力(尤其是与花旗的业务合作),而利润率亦有望进一步提升,例如泰国及马来西亚等区域。   中国银联早前表示,自2月4日起将严格执行银联卡境外交易购买保险单笔额度不得超过5,000美元的规定。瑞信指有关规定对友邦新业务价值的影响在可控范围内,主要由於内地平均购买保险产品的规模介乎5,000美元(保险)至2.5万美元(储蓄);至於大额保单(逾百万美元)可能受到影响,利润率或会受压,但其占整体新业务价值贡献约3-5%,且内地仍有其他途径购买大额保单。瑞信表示,中国可能会进一步加强资本管制,或对投资者情绪造成负面影响。(双双) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

发改委推出一些具有示范性的PPP项目案例 穿井得人翻译


The financing problem of PPP or the new town to eat crab first break was a huge breakthrough, the reporter Li Yuan construction demand the construction of new towns, millet edit, or make the PPP model to become the financing tool. The day before, general secretary Xi Jinping stressed that actively guide social capital to participate in the construction of new urbanization. The State Council issued 2 December 6, "some opinions on promoting the construction of new urbanization" further, explicitly proposed to deepen cooperation of government and social capital (PPP). PPP crack money from where, new urbanization since the "Eighteen big" has become China’s important strategic direction of development. In March 16, 2014, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the national new urbanization plan (2014-2020 years). This is the first urbanization plan promulgated and promulgated by the central government. In accordance with the requirements of the new national urbanization plan, seize the key of migrant workers into the town, through deepening reform and accelerating new urbanization, is a major livelihood projects, but also conducive to the expansion of effective investment and consumption, and promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas. The Central Party School of economics professor Li Xuzhang said in an interview with reporters Zhengbao, urbanization is a natural and economic complementary, and gradual development process. New urbanization is not only the pursuit of urbanization speed and level, but also focus on improving the quality of urbanization. In the face of downward pressure on the economy, at least 5 years in the future, the development of new urbanization can make up for the shortfall in the expansion of aggregate demand. With the promotion of new urbanization, the gap of capital demand in the field of urbanization is increasing. The Ministry of Finance official has said publicly that the current Chinese urbanization rate of 53.6%, is expected to reach 60% by 2020, resulting in investment demand or will reach 42 trillion yuan. However, the traditional urbanization dividend increase, excessive dependence on land, in the land finance of local debt difficult to continue under the background of a new round of urbanization bottleneck. In this context, the Ministry of Finance and the national development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments began pushing PPP model. In the process of transferring the rural population, the new urbanization mainly needs to solve 4 problems. That is where people go, where the money comes from, how the farmland is protected, and how the city is built. "PPP is the first question, where does the money come from?"." Director Xiao Jin said land development and Regional Economic Research Institute of the national development and reform commission. 2 6 April, the State Council issued the "several opinions on further promoting the" new urban construction, investment and financing system innovation, deepen the cooperation between the government and social capital (PPP), by relaxing the access conditions, perfect mechanism, innovation cooperation mode, attract social capital to participate in the city infrastructure and public service facilities. The first eat crabs breakthrough in 2015, the NDRC has launched some demonstration project PPP cases, including Guan Industrial Park of new urbanization projects. At present, Guan Industrial Park has become the fastest developing province in Hebei province through the PPP mode. Henan city of Luoyang in 2013 was determined by the Ministry of finance to promote the PPP model pilot city

PPP或破解新型城镇化融资难题 首吃螃蟹者获突破   ⊙记者 李苑 ○编辑 谷子   新型城镇化建设的巨大建设需求,或使PPP模式成为融资利器。   日前,习近平总书记强调,积极引导社会资本参与新型城镇化建设。而在国务院2月6日发布的《关于深入推进新型城镇化建设的若干意见》中,明文提出深化政府与社会资本合作(PPP)。   PPP破解钱从哪里来   新型城镇化在“十八大”以来成为我国重要的战略发展方向。   2014年3月16日,中共中央、国务院印发了《国家新型城镇化规划(2014-2020年)》。这是中央颁布实施的首份城镇化规划。   按照国家新型城镇化规划要求,抓住农民工融入城镇这一关键,通过深化改革加快推进新型城镇化,既是重大民生工程,也有利于扩大有效投资和消费,促进城乡、区域协调发展。   中央党校经济学部教授李旭章在接受上证报记者采访时表示,城镇化是一个与经济相辅相成、自然和渐进发展的过程。新型城镇化不只是追求城镇化的速度和水平,还要着力于提高城镇化的质量。在经济面临下行压力的背景下,未来至少5年,新型城镇化的发展能够弥补总需求扩大的缺口。   随着新型城镇化的推进,城镇化建设领域的资金需求缺口越来越大。财政部相关人士曾公开表示,目前中国城镇化率为53.6%,预计2020年将达到60%,由此带来的投资需求或将达42万亿元人民币。   然而,传统的城镇化过度依赖土地红利,在地方债务增加、土地财政难以为继的背景下,新一轮的城镇化建设进程遭遇瓶颈。在此背景下,财政部和发改委等相关部门开始力推PPP模式。   新型城镇化在转移农村人口的过程中,主要需要解决4个问题。即人到哪儿去、钱从哪里来、耕地怎么保护和城市怎么建。“PPP就是主要讨论第一个问题,钱从哪里来。”国家发改委国土开发与地区经济研究所所长肖金成说。   2月6日,国务院印发《关于深入推进新型城镇化建设的若干意见》提出,创新投资融资体制,深化政府与社会资本合作(PPP),通过放宽准入条件,健全机制,创新合作模式,吸引社会资本参与城市基础设施和公共服务设施建设。   首吃螃蟹者获突破   2015年,发改委推出一些具有示范性的PPP项目案例,其中就包括固安工业园区新型城镇化项目。目前,固安工业园通过PPP模式已成为河北省发展速度最快的省级开发区。   河南洛阳市2013年被财政部确定为推广PPP模式试点城市,2014年被列为国家新型城镇化综合试点地区,2014年以来,河南省先后征集两批PPP项目,洛阳市最终入选推介项目15个,涉及基础设施、教育、医疗、供暖、水生态、环境治理等多个领域,占全省的12.5%,总投资达272.6亿元。   在浙江,2015年通过PPP模式助力,新型城镇化公共服务配套取得重大突破。比如PPP模式进行的城市客厅作为浙江省重点城镇公共服务配套与生活服务平台工程,被列入浙江省服务业重大项目。   民生证券研报调查发现,在新型城镇化的发展中,PPP模式主要用在6个方面:城镇棚户区、城中村和危房改造,城市综合交通网络建设,城市地下管网改造,海绵城市建设,新型城市建设以及城市公共服务。   2016年1月,上海率先启动首个PPP新型城镇化项目。随后,各省开始陆续推出利用PPP模式发展新型城镇化的项目政策。   江西省提出,“十三五”期间将建9项新型城镇化重点工程,包括城市地下综合管廊建设工程、海绵城市和城镇供水设施建设工程。   广东省住房城乡建设厅副厅长蔡瀛表示,2016年将用五大战略路径助推新型城镇化,其中一项就是加快“海绵城市”建设。   山东省提出,从2016年起将海绵城市建设纳入省新型城镇化工作考核,将海绵城市建设指标纳入园林城市、节水型城市和绿色生态城区(建筑)示范指标体系。   如此巨大的需求,但也不能靠PPP包打天下。国信招标集团PPP研究中心副主任童再军认为,在PPP模式运用中,也要因地制宜,以达到预期的效果。   他说,比如海绵城市的实施,不是所有城市都适合的,需要综合评估和分析。地下管廊的建设的确可以美化城市,节约总体管线的建设成本,但是在实施建设中,投资额比较大,一公里地下管廊的建设费用在6000万至8000万之间,若是在江浙地带,由于地质结构的不同,造价还会更高。THE_END 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

曾通过当地商业合作伙伴 傲然挺立的意思


The software vendors China officials suspected of bribery was fined $14 million 500 thousand U.S. software firms suspected of bribery Chinese officials fined $14 million 500 thousand Beijing time on February 17th, the Reuters said that the software maker PTC on Tuesday with the U.S. Justice Department and the Securities Regulatory Commission (SEC) reached a settlement agreement, will pay a total of $28 million settlement costs, to settle the investigation Chinese officials provide tourism hosting issues. Under the settlement agreement, PTC will pay a fine of 14 million 500 thousand dollars to the U.S. Department of justice and be exempted from prosecution. The company will return $11 million 900 thousand of illegal profits to SEC and pay $1 million 800 thousand interest. The United States Department of justice and the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said that the two regulatory agencies reached a settlement agreement with the PTC, according to the anti corruption law of the European Union, which was enacted by the United States in 1970s to prohibit bribery of foreign government officials. The fine is part of a non prosecution agreement between the company and the U.S. Department of justice. Under the agreement, the U.S. Justice Department will not launch a bribery accusation against the company under the anti corruption law of the United states. The Department of justice in the United States said that PTC, a branch of Shanghai and Hongkong, had provided more than $1 million worth of travel services to Chinese state owned officials in 2006 and 2011 through local business partners. When visiting the United States, these officials are usually scheduled to spend a day visiting PTC’s headquarters in Massachusetts and enjoying all sorts of leisure activities. In return, PTC got a contract worth more than $13 million for Chinese state-owned enterprises. Allegedly, these nominally "training", mostly leisure travel, not only limited to the headquarters of the PTC company, but also New York, Losangeles, Las Vegas and Hawaii and other places. Besides, during the trip, apart from arranging sightseeing and golf, illegal gifts, including mobile phones, iPod, gift cards and wine, were sent to the members of the training committee. SEC said that the PTC fees paid by Chinese officials were disguised as legal commissions or business expenses. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) established under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, is part of the U.S. federal government an independent financial management mechanism, directly responsible to parliament, has certain legislative and judicial powers, the national and state trading of securities, securities, securities brokers and investment companies have exercised in accordance with the law the management and supervision of power. SEC aims to supervise the implementation of a series of laws and regulations to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of securities issuers, investors and traders. This time, the PTC company is a manufacturing enterprise informatization solution software vendors, headquartered in Massachusetts, Needham (Needham), the main business covers aerospace, defense and high-tech electronics, automotive and shipbuilding industry, production as well as retail, apparel industry and other fields of industry. PTC entered China as early as 1993, and since 2008, China’s business has been developing rapidly, and the Chinese market has gained more and more share in the world

美国软件厂商涉嫌行贿中国官员 被罚1450万美元   美软件厂商涉嫌行贿中国官员 被罚1450万美元   北京时间2月17日,路透社消息称,美国软件制造商PTC公司周二与美国司法部和证监会(SEC)达成和解协议,将缴纳总计2800万美元和解费用,以了结针对其向中国官员提供旅游招待问题所展开的调查。   根据和解协议,PTC将向美国司法部支付1450万美元罚款,并被免予起诉。该公司还将向SEC返还1190万美元的非法获利,并支付180万美元利息。美司法部和美国证券交易委员会(SEC)表示,根据1970年代美国制定的禁止贿赂外国政府官员的《反海外腐败法》,两家监管机构与PTC达成了相关和解协议。   这笔罚款是该公司与美国司法部达成的一项不起诉协议的一部分,根据协议,美国司法部将不会对该公司发起美国《反海外腐败法》项下的行贿指控。   美国司法部称,PTC在上海和香港的分公司,曾通过当地商业合作伙伴,于2006年和2011年间向中国国企官员提供了价值超过100万美元的旅游招待。这些官员在访问美国时通常会被安排用一天时间参观PTC在马萨诸塞州的总部,然后享受各种休闲活动。作为回报,PTC获得了中国国有企业价值超过1300万美元的合同。   据称,这些名义上的“培训”,大多实为休闲旅行,地点也不限于PTC公司总部,还包括纽约、洛杉矶、拉斯维加斯和夏威夷等地。而且在旅行期间,除了安排观光和打高尔夫球外,还向培训团成员发放了包括手机、iPod、礼品卡和葡萄酒在内的违规礼品。   SEC表示,PTC为中国官员支付的这些观光费用,被伪装成为合法佣金或业务费用入账。美国证券交易委员会(SEC)1934年根据证券交易法令而成立,是隶属于美国联邦政府一个独立的金融管理机构,直接对国会负责,具有一定的立法和司法权,对全国和各州的证券发行、证券交易所、证券商、投资公司等拥有根据法律行使管理和监督的权力。SEC旨在监督一系列法规的执行,以维护证券发行者、投资者和交易者的正当权益。   而本次涉案的PTC公司,是一家为制造企业提供信息化整体解决方案的软件厂商,其总部位于美国马塞诸塞州尼德姆(Needham),业务主要涵盖航空航天、国防和电子高科技、汽车和造船,工业设备行业以及零售、服装行业等领域。   PTC早于1993年进入中国,并且自2008年后中国业务发展迅猛,中国市场占其全球的份额也越来越高,因此PTC将中国市场视为首要投资区域,并分别于2008年、2013年在上海设立亚太区总部和在西安成立中国解决方案中心。   此次涉案给了PTC一个不小的警醒。事实上,曾在中国涉嫌行贿腐败、并被SEC调查的美国科技企业并不少,且不乏巨头。2011年,IBM被SEC指控于1998年至2009年间以提供跨国旅游、娱乐、礼品及现金酬劳等形式向中国、韩国部分官员行贿,其中在中国至少发生了114起,违反了美国《反海外贿赂法》,因此对其罚款逾千万美元。2013年,微软同样涉嫌在中国行贿遭美国司法部和SEC调查。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

在棉花集中上市、销售压力大的情况下 外域原住民头巾


Xinjiang new year Chujiangmian number or reduced Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! According to statistics, Xinjiang in 201516 by the number of highway and railway shipped in cotton were 1 million 936 thousand and 900 tons, 1 million 96 thousand and 700 tons, a total of 3 million 33 thousand and 600 tons, a number of agencies and cotton enterprises transfer to the mainland bank estimates, deduction of cotton reserves, 201516 annual Xinjiang Xinjiang number or at 280-285 million tons, about 65-75 million lint consumption in Xinjiang tons (including Xumian). From the Xinjiang Department of agriculture and other research institutions, the year 201617 in Xinjiang will achieve a reduction of income ", the total output is expected to reach 370-380 million tons. According to statistics, the Xinjiang autonomous region, as of the end of 2016 Xinjiang Production spindles will reach 12 million pounds (about about 100-120 million tons of cotton consumption), and Xinjiang Xinjiang yarn enterprises enjoy preferential tariff subsidies, subsidies and tax, cotton yarn manufacturers competitive compared to the mainland, is expected to start rate is relatively high, so the amount of Xinjiang cotton transportation will continue to decline, is expected to be less than 2 million 500 thousand tons. The author believes that excluding Xinjiang turn into the library in 201617 cotton State Reserve factors, Xinjiang Xinjiang reduced the number or not, the reasons are as follows: first, the year 2016 mainland cotton planting area not only greatly reduced, but also because of the weather, the yield and quality of lint declined significantly, domestic textile enterprises depend on the degree of increasing in xinjiang. By 2015 the seed cotton purchase price, cotton bijiexiaoying and labor force decline, labor costs are high and so on, in 2016 the Yangtze River Basin, the Yellow River basin area of cotton planting adjustment was generally above 15%, the number of mainland cotton lint can be expected this year to participate in the public still will be low. Two, from the point of view of government regulations, the issuance of cotton import quotas hopes, can replace the Xinjiang cotton high count yarn, yarn with American cotton, Australian cotton, cotton and other very few Brazil. According to statistics, 2015.9-2016.7 cumulative imports of cotton 890 thousand tons, a decrease of 700 thousand tons, a decrease of 44%; 2016.1-2016.7 cumulative imports of 525 thousand tons, down 527 thousand tons, a decrease of 51%. Three, the impact of imports of cotton yarn of high low-end products, carded, combed yarn and blended yarn count is still the only way to play an irreplaceable role in Xinjiang. According to the India Cotton Association statistics, 201617 cotton production in India will still reach 561-578 tons, India, Pakistan, Vietnam and other imported cotton yarn will usher in a longer period of price adjustment period, C32S and below the number of yarn price advantage will be fully manifested. In order to avoid the competition of low price, low profit and low-end products, Chinese textile enterprises can only climb more than 40S combed and combed yarn, and the quality and grade requirements of cotton will also rise. Four, if we take into account the cotton transportation subsidies (500 tons per ton)

新年度新疆出疆棉数量或大减 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   据有关部门统计,2015 16年度新疆通过公路、铁路发运至内的皮棉数量分别为193.69万吨、109.67万吨,合计303.36万吨,一些机构和棉花企业测算,扣除移库至内地库的储备棉, 2015 16年度新疆棉出疆数量或在280-285万吨,疆内约消费皮棉65-75万吨(含絮棉)。从新疆农业部门及一些机构调研来看,2016 17年度新疆棉区将实现“减种不减收”的目标,总产量有望达到370-380万吨。   据新疆自治区统计,截至2016年底疆内投产的纺纱锭数将达到1200万锭左右(约消费棉花100-120万吨),而且疆内企业享受纱线出疆补贴、电费补贴及税收等优惠,棉纱较内地厂家竞争力强,预计开机率比较高,因此棉花运输出疆量将持续下滑,有望低于250万吨左右。笔者认为,如果不计新疆棉轮入国储棉库因素,2016 17年度新疆棉出疆数量或调减不大,原因如下:   一、2016年度内地棉区不仅植棉面积大降,而且因天气因素,皮棉单产和品质明显下滑,国内纺企对新疆棉的依赖度持续升高。受2015年籽棉收购价低,粮棉比价效应及劳动力下降、用工成本高企等等影响,2016年长江流域、黄河流域棉区植棉面积调减幅度普遍在15%以上,可以预见今年内地棉区参与公检的皮棉数量仍将相当低。   二、从政府调控的角度,增发棉花进口配额的希望破灭,可替代新疆棉纺高支纱、高配纱的美棉、澳棉、巴西棉等寥寥可数。据统计,2015.9-2016.7我国累计进口外棉89万吨,同比减少70万吨,减幅44%;2016.1-2016.7我国累计进口52.5万吨,同比减少52.7万吨,减幅51%。   三、进口棉纱冲击低端产品,高支普梳、精梳纱和高支混纺纱仍是唯一出路,新疆棉发挥不可替代作用。据印度棉花协会统计,2016 17年度印度棉产量仍将达到561-578万吨,印度、巴基斯坦、越南等进口棉纱将迎来一轮较长时间的价格调整期,C32S及以下支数外纱的价格优势将全面显现。中国织布厂、贸易商对进口棉纱的采购或大幅升温,为了规避低价位、低利润、低端产品竞争,中国纺企只能向40S以上普梳、精梳纱攀爬,对棉花的品质、等级要求也会上升。   四、如果考虑到棉花运输出疆补贴(500元 吨),皮棉疆内外销售成本仅相差100-300元 吨,新疆纺企选择的空间相当大。在棉花集中上市、销售压力大的情况下,棉企都愿意选择运输至内地市场销售。内地用棉企业相对集中,需求量大,高中低档次棉花都能消化。(伊卡姆棉花)   农产品集购网16988-全国大宗农产品电商交易平台;【白糖、油脂、玉米、大豆、小麦、棉花、豆粕】免费资源发布、采购对接;报价-下点击前往报价,查看大宗农产品行情 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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UBS: Euro, yen and Swiss Franc trading strategy FX168 news (UBS) Tuesday (February 23rd) provides Euro dollar, U.S. dollar, Japanese yen, U.S. dollar, Swiss franc, sterling dollar, Australian dollar and US dollar Canadian short term trading strategy analysis. Euro dollar: close to 1.095080 near the support, the previous 7 and 8 times supported by this uplink. The 100 day moving average is located at 1.0955, so the exchange rate is going to drop by 100, and we need to overcome many obstacles. We expect sellers to move their interest down, which is unlikely to rise above 1.1150 in the short term. USD yen: yesterday, the yen was facing downward pressure, but initially maintained a rally. However, the currency is now under pressure. Up to now, the trend is limited. The dollar, yen and euro yen are expected to rebound when the exchange rate is rebounding. U.S. dollar Franc: yesterday, a lot of selling pressure, so that the pressure on the currency. We tend to short the currency, especially when the current currency suffers a severe selling pressure. It is expected that the currency will continue to be traded within the range. GBPUSD: plunge some excessive, once the momentum dissipated, the pound will push back. We tend to go short, but at the same time try to short yen yen. Short selling near 0.782535 is recommended, and stop loss is above 0.7900. Australian Dollar: the trend looks constructive. Will insist on doing more of the currency, the short-term fulcrum is located at 0.718090, the target is located at 0.7380. USD Canadian Dollar: the exchange rate fell into the same period last week. The currency tested the lower end of the range, similar to other commodity currencies, but was particularly affected by the rebound in crude oil prices, and bottom was found before falling to 1.3660. It is expected that the currency will be within the range of shocks, the price will rise to 1.3800 when the price is short, stop at 1.3860; buy below 1.3660, buy stop, stop below 1.3600. At 3:55 in Beijing, the euro dollar was 1.1005, the dollar was 112.05, the dollar was 0.9924, the pound was 1.4018, the Australian dollar was 0.7215, and the dollar was 1.3757. Proof: Jun bin into [shares] on Sina Finance

瑞银集团:欧元日元瑞郎交易策略   FX168讯 瑞银集团(UBS)周二(2月23日)提供了欧元 美元、美元 日元、美元 瑞郎、英镑 美元、澳元 美元和美元 加元短线交易策略分析。   欧元 美元:接近1.0950 80附近支撑,之前7、8次受此支撑上行。100日均线位于1.0955,因此汇价要下跌100点还需要克服重重阻力。我们预计卖家将兴趣下移,短期内不太可能涨至1.1150上方。   美元 日元:昨天日元面临交叉向下压力,但起先维持涨势。不过,该货币对今日最终承压下行。目前上行趋势料受到限制。预计将逢汇价反弹时做空美元 日元和欧元 日元。   美元 瑞郎:昨日承受大量卖压,使得该货币对承压。我们倾向于做空该货币对,尤其是当前该货币承受严重卖压。预计该货币对将继续在区间内交投。   英镑 美元:急跌有些过度,一旦势头消退,英镑将奋力反击。我们倾向于逢高做空,但与此同时将试图做空日元 英镑。建议在0.7825 35附近做空,止损位位于0.7900上方。   澳元 美元:汇价走势看似具有建设性。将坚持做多该货币对,短期支点位于0.7180 90,目标位于0.7380。   美元 加元:汇价陷于上周同一区间内。该货币对测试了该区间的下端,汇价走势与其他商品货币类似,但受原油价格反弹影响尤其大,并在跌至1.3660之前寻得底部。预计该货币对将于区间内震荡,将逢汇价涨至1.3800时做空,止损位于1.3860;在1.3660下方逢低买入,止损位于1.3600下方。   北京时间3:55,欧元 美元报1.1005、美元 日元报112.05、美元 瑞郎报0.9924、英镑 美元报1.4018、澳元 美元报0.7215和美元 加元报1.3757。   校对:浚滨 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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How To Get Car Repair Assistance On Road? Posted By: surendra dhote car repair vehicle breakdown car repair Build Your Career With Advance Seo Training In Kolkata Posted By: SEO Training SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing the search engines. This helps the websites to get high rank in the top search engines. The SEO services help the companies to get traffic to their website and get perspective customers from the traffic. With Search Engine Optimization training in Kolkata you can make use of the SEO services and get the targeted traffic. There are very limited institutes that use all round SEO techniques to teach the students the effective ways. The Compete Infotech Academy is one of the leading SEO Institute in Kolkata with its advanced techniques of teaching the SEO process. The use of SEO services is directly related to the online business websites. Designing the websites with attractive graphics and pictures is not the end. To get the Search Engine Optimization training in Kolkata it is very important to go through the course module carefully. The course module must include the modern and latest Google techniques of doing the SEO. Whenever you are choosing an institute for taking training in SEO choose a SEO Institute in Kolkata to get the maximum benefits.seo training course in kolkata seo training in kolkata seo training course in kolkata With Ppc Training Boost The Campaign Of Online Marketing Career Posted By: ppc kolkata There are many marketing techniques used by different online business owners nowadays. The use of SEO, social media marketing and digital media are marketing, promoting and advertising techniques. One of the most effective marketing techniques is PPC marketing. The PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. This marketing technique is quite effective for online business websites as it drives more traffic to the website. Thus, acquiring PPC training Kolkata can provide you with the required terminology. The training will teach the trainees the ways of revitalizing and launching the campaign of online marketing. This technique of marketing online helps the companies to avoid the high costs. The PPC Courses have a definite module designed to meet the need of the advertisers. The course will have nearly thirty to forty modules and all the modules would be completed within the stipulated time period of the course. Availing PPC training Kolkata from a reputed instate like Compete Infotech Academy would always be appreciated. This academy selects the module of the course after a detailed market research. This helps the academy to provide the market the perfect PPC Professionals.ppc training kolkata ppc courses ppc training ppc training kolkata Best Digital Marketing Training Institute In Kolkata Posted By: Competeinfotechacademy seo training seo course internet marketing training seo training Seo, Social Media, Digital Marketing Training In Kolkata Posted By: Competeinfotechacademy learn seo in kolkata social media training in kolkata learn seo in kolkata Houston Seo Expert Will Cost The Least In Your Marketing Expenditure Posted By: naveenforfriends Marketing is a means of informing the world about your valuable services. It can help you generate the interest of the target audiences and bring them to notice about your business service offering. You can always choose from a variety of options available at your disposition to reach out to the world. From traditional to the modern marketing methods every solution has a distinct advantage and can help you in your advertising needs. However the Houston SEO expert advices that you need to take into consideration the salient features of your marketing channel before using it as your choice of option. Some of the points you should consider are- 1.What is the cost of an advertising outlay that the means of communication would cost me in my marketing campaign? What would be the overall effectiveness of advertising on my revenues and what is the estimated amount of reach through my channel of communication. 2.Can I evaluate the return on every single buck of advertisement spending through analysis available on the ground level? What is the effect of my campaign on the target audience and how can I measure it exactly? 3.Houston SEO expert Houston SEO expert Tips To Choose Best Seo Training In Kolkata Posted By: Competeinfotechacademy Do you doubt about the worth of the variety types of SEO training existing is? Where do these courses alternate contrast to serving you receiving traffic, attain exchange and construct a brand name? In deepness SEO training is vital for fear that you are seemed to be onward to fetching a permanent SEO specialist. It may not be an instantly onward procedure to choosing the correct SEO training course because there are various choices offered. But, you require to be acquainted with the significant mechanism talked about in high-class SEO training plans which would build it simple for you to choose the top available SEO course in Kolkata. There is no hesitation concerning what how vital the knowledge of search engine optimization can be to a website. While you desire to carry your website beyond dimness, then main of the attempt should be on demanding to link on the first pages of renowned search engine, for applicable search conditions. Employing an SEO specialist to optimize your online site can assist you, but that may be an expensive assurance. That’s where a good quality SEO classes would arrive. How to select the best SEO training in Kolkata?seo training seo course internet marketing training seo training Asian Institute Of Learning Seo Posted By: Competeinfotechacademy digital marketing training seo training course digital marketing training Posted By: Competeinfotechacademy online marketing training learn seo social media training online marketing training Paint Your Talent With All The Colors Of Seo Posted By: Competeinfotechacademy An SEO Training Institute provides training at live project they offer SEO (search engine optimization) courses training and Internet marketing field. These training institutes provide quality education and proper guidance. Since these institutes have vast experience they are rated as one of the most reliable training centers for SEO courses for students, professionals as well as business men. They offer the best professional courses in SEO, PPC, SMO, SMM and Internet Marketing. These institutes SEO course curriculum training covers not only theoretical but also live projects from industry leading search marketing experts who provide practical live projects. They have designed this SEO course to the ones who want to impart knowledge and interested in making career in SEO, PPC, SMM and internet marketing field. Their SEO course is ideal for anyone involved in online business from copywriter to web masters, entrepreneurs and small business owners in building a successful business online. Why a person should attend Internet marketing and SEO courses? Internet marketing, SEM and SEO courses cover a broad range of topics that helps in making a person’s career in the field of Internet marketing, SEM and SEO.seo training seo course internet marketing training seo training Internet Marketing Training Course With Cia- The Best Seo Institute Kolkata Posted By: Competeinfotechacademy seo training seo course internet marketing training seo training Get Top 5 Motives To Learn Seo Posted By: Competeinfotechacademy When it moves towards up to the profession of our personal or someone especially close to us we desire to aim the most excellent mode. We desire to decide the finest and smoothest course in our profession. And for so as to we are forever in seek of a number of successful and profitable careers leaning course. In our Kolkata there are many educational establishments where one is able to acquire this kind of specialized and advance training. Amongst a lot of specialized courses the Search Engine Optimization training is one of the most up to date and beneficial. In this up to date stage of business, online promotion is playing a very important task in the progress of any big business company. As every one of us is well alert about the result of internet on our everyday life, we recognize the actuality that it can make better any business. Online promotion or internet marketing is the most recent procedure of endorsing any business or thoughts or services amongst the crowd. Search Engine Optimization is the scheme that assists any website to improve its online position.seo training in kolkata seo course in kolkata seo training in kolkata Brilliance Of White Hat Optimization Technique From Dubai Seo Posted By: Seocompany It is true, there is a lot on the web about SEO in Dubai, but we accept begin it to be broadcast all over the place. The affair about so abundant of this is there are factors that will accept an access on what you can apprehend to use. There are abounding accurate assets about it, additional added associated aspects that you accept to yield into account, as well. The maddening allotment about it is you could acquisition out you accept to accomplish even added research. Assembling the big account for any accountable is generally not simple or fast with online research. If you wish to get the accomplished rankings accessible in the search engines, again acutely you accept to do some optimization. You can do this for your website with accepted white hat Dubai SEO approaches, but bethink you accept to be accommodating with it. One affair that has to be done is to address yourself to the process and alone again will you be able to acquire the rewards. The big aberration with white hat methods is they consistently tend to be brief which puts you aback to aboveboard one.seo dubai dubai seo seo uae seo in dubai seo dubai Built Your Career In Seo After Experiencing Supreme Seo Training Posted By: Competeinfotechacademy If you admit your own website and if you apprehended with the accuracy that this website does not arise in the aboriginal or additional page of search engine, you allege not be anxious a lot more. It is accessible to addition the afterimage of your page by SEO. SEO is annihilation at all but seek engine enhancement in which the appraisement of your website can be added and can aspect in the top rankings of attending results. SEO is an important basic of web business and can absolutely action your website boost. You can as well go afterwards SEO training from an admired convention or academy to access your SEO abilities and to apperceive a lot added about Web marketing. 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This can turn to be profitable if you manage it with utmost precision and care with PPC training in Kolkata or PPC course. This is very simple and anyone new to the area of online advertising can get it with the basic information from PPC training in Kolkata or PPC course. But you need to be very careful as this can also lead to great loss if you do not know the basics of PPC course. To become a completely functional merchant you should be really fascinated and knowledgeable in it with PPC training in Kolkata or PPC course. With music only you will lean all the possible techniques of it. Therefore as a marketer if you want PPC, you should get the PPC training in Kolkata or PPC course. If you are planning to take PPC training in Kolkata select the institute which is providing practical training or PPC course. PPC requires a lot of encounter. A knowledgeable PPC professional will get a lot of revenue from his ads with PPC training in Kolkata or PPC course.ppc training ppc course ppc training in Kolkata ppc course in Kolkata ppc training in india ppc course in india ppc training Highlight Your Profession With Digital Marketing Training Posted By: Bidyut Bikash Dhar Digital marketing is enjoying a significant part in an organization’s marketing. Much advertising spend has been shifted from conventional press to new press and marketing personnel are now having to make sure they understand the new language of selling when employing specific resources either themselves or through companies with digital marketing training. This is why digital marketing course in Kolkata is taking top pages of search engines. As searching for marketing company we have seen a huge increase in interest in digital marketing Course in Kolkata or digital marketing training, both for training and consultant. Where, in the past, individuals might have sneered at you when you described Tweets or MySpace for business they are now asking questions on the best ways to apply them. More and more companies and individuals understand that with a little bit of effort and focus they can amaze outcomes through digital marketing course in Kolkata and digital marketing training. Digital marketing is the use of automated press to convey with focused customers and get results through the same press immediately. The word immediately is very essential. Typically radio stations, TV, hoardings and press as used for marketing.digital marketing course digital marketing training digital marketing course Benefit Excellence Of Quality Sem & Seo Services Posted By: Compete Infotech SEO is stands for search engine optimization; it is apply to explain the process designing your website in a method that it will come into view higher in search engine rankings during search engine marketing. SEO is a vital part of any marketing arrangement and successful medium to endorse your website in turn to have elevated rankings. Finally SEO is the progression of the visibility of a website page in search engines by the natural or not paid search fallout. Other figures of search engine marketing (SEM) target compensated program. As a web business plan, SEO regards as how search engines work, what people looking for, the complete seek term typed into search engines and which seek engines are adopted by their besieged viewers. There is altered accoutrement and techniques to advance one website through seek engine enhancement strategies. Enhancements techniques are awful acquainted to the ascendant seek engines in the ambition market. Due to the top business amount of targeted seek results, there is abeyant for an adversarial accord amid seek engines and SEO account providers.website seo local seo search engine marketing seo company website seo Influence Of Social Media Training For Lethal Marketing Assumption Posted By: bidyut bikash dhar The last several decades have seen a big increase in the number of guests in social media course in Kolkata. Going back just 3 or 4 decades marketing professionals, PR people and marketing and sales communications professionals were getting in the grips of SEO and PPC. They were joining work spaces and conventions to learn how to increase their websites for the search engines with social media course in Kolkata. They were coming into the grips to hold with page headings, cached websites, inner hyperlinks, exterior hyperlinks, H1 Meta tag words, Meta data, Google verification, etc. with social media training in Kolkata. Were you aware that social media is beginning to be a regular procedure for all kinds of special offers for every type of enterprises? It’s quite a few features. As an example, it is an intelligent way to focus your time and effort, get to a continuously supply of site visitors, increase protection to your business and create a lot more income with without spending a lot of money with social media course in Kolkata. But the primary reality is most company homeowners you should not know how to apply it properly.social media course social media training social media course in kolkata social media training in kolkata social media course in india social media course Put Light On Your Website With Smart Seo Training Posted By: Competeinfotechacademy seo training seo course internet marketing training seo training 相关的主题文章:

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Legal The FIRST reason to form property is there is definitely an opportunity take pleasure in the family life by working from home. The i . t . growth and internet revolution has developed new marketplace, to be given new facilities. This revolution has begun a trend, and folks have think it is easy to give their horizon to all the parts of the globe to for financial success and freedom. Likewise includes created a world market.Basicall can also sell to people in numerous countries. Is actually no geographical limitation. This global marketplace means increased exposure and opportunity for sales and business. If you’ve got young children, then you will discover good chance you would want to stay within your own more. Pc a mother or a father it are some things that could be rewarding to do. You will need to still cash but you are going to find it problematical to go out and allow others to maintain your infants. Whether you have babies, toddlers or teenagers there have a of the actual reason why you would want to stay inside your own home for the group. Having to put your children into daycare can are expensive and stressful for some children. You’ll find that daycare will no longer be a necessity once anyone might have found a work at home job. You will be able for you to become at home waiting built in when are usually home from soccer practice. Be fair. Do you work well without anyone there to break into the blow? Are you one of those men and women goes consider more staples and returns a hour and one half later, having toured constructing "touched base" with everyone about how their weekends were? Anyone finish much of your projects at the last minute under peoples deadline to be able to? If you’re counting on someone else to set your timetables and goals, then working at home is going to very hard for in order to definitely be successful at. Being your own boss is harder than most people realize. And being extremely employee ‘s something that imagine that don’t even think about. There are some criminal activities connected the new monetary system that are not widely known about. It must be obvious when 1% of the population owns 50% with the wealth. There are reasons why these things can be extremely and why we know where is just ending forward. The work from home business Opportunities careers that are connected the unique wealth creation company that direct markets financial eduction products along with having associations in private investment opportunities, where unlike Wall Street no conflicts exist, due to the times were in right now, Certain believe timing and positioning could possibly be any even better. Another easy way be able to dig up work done is straight into hiring the services of a babysitter, even if it is just every week or for a couple of hours a day. Depending on where you live, you may be able to find other parents, teenagers, or elderly individuals who use babysitting as an easier way to make additional money. In fact, many would even be willing to come into your home to be careful about your children, which can help through you a brief summary of security and assurance. ACD Direct takes usually requires pledges (like St Jude’s and ASPCA). Very simple calls. Nice people to dedicate yourself. Independent contractor status. Charges $30 for background investigate. You are paid for your actual talk time, and can schedule yourself whenever matter. You would be wise to believe in yourself shopping for a work from home job. It is a position that really is hard for many people. Being able to work inside your pajamas can be so appealing, you your investment discipline within a structured natural environment. I recommend getting up as usual, dressing appropriately for that office, and prepare yourself for do the job day. Lazy practices is capable of showing in your agility. When you will probably be your own environment, you sometimes don’t speak as clearly or as professionally as would likely in an established office. Work habits a little more lax. This can help curb cause your work to become substandard. Substandard work cost you task. There is always someone around the world that one is more than in order to take your place. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

what such people fail to shed light upon is why and how important is industry experience for young entrepreneurs in India. They do not tell you that experience of working in various different industries gives you a clearer idea what each job entails. It also gives the young entrepreneur a very wide set of skills that result from different kinds of jobs 安敏捷


High-quality Virtual Office Space In Noida Have Changed Business Trends In The City Posted By: Amy Adison If you are among many young entrepreneurs in India who dreams of making it big in the business world but have very little financial support to start with, a virtual office space might be a very good option for you. As a growing trend in the world of corporate economics, virtual office space has literally changed the way businesses are conducted these days. Business owners running their ventures from a virtual workspace do not require paying any rental fees, and are thus saved from such unnecessary hassles. It is also a good option for people who are just starting their business but are not quite sure about the project and are doing so on a trial basis. Real estate in Noida can be quite costly like in Delhi, and so young businessmen looking for office space for rent in Noida often opt to register with virtual office service providers. The service packages offered by these companies are generally flexible and scalable enough to suit the needs of individual clients.Offices In Noida Serviced Offices Noida Offices In Noida Franchise Business Opportunities In India Posted By: Entrepreneur India Although franchise in India is typically a new type of business but it has achieved a satisfactory award among the business administrators all across India. The liberalized Indian laws in the last few years have given a way of entrance to those franchise businesses in the territory helping in its growth and development. The fast and continuous growth of these industries has been a word of praise by the analytical reports. Hoping for its bright future, the experts expect to have more than 30percent of the growth of these franchise businesses in the near future promoting the Indian economy. The great success of this pattern of business has motivated the emerging businesses to add opportunities in the way of franchising industries. The continuous growth of these companies has become highly confident in choosing this route in order to keep a positive and upgraded attitude towards its clients. The two most important things in this type of business are the franchiser and the franchisee. The franchisor holds the duty of keeping the business in motion whereas the franchisee has the liability to convert the business idea into a success.franchise business opportunity business planning in India franchise business opportunity How Important Is Industry Experience For Young Entrepreneurs In India Posted By: soniya rai We often find ourselves wondering how important is industry experience for young entrepreneurs in India, before we apply for a job. In fact, in many cases, we have seen that people who seek jobs are advised to have experience of working in various kinds of positions and have different specializations in order for them to be able to secure a cove table position in a company. However, what such people fail to shed light upon is why and how important is industry experience for young entrepreneurs in India. They do not tell you that experience of working in various different industries gives you a clearer idea what each job entails. It also gives the young entrepreneur a very wide set of skills that result from different kinds of jobs, which is given very high priority as well as preference in future. The employer who interviews such a person is bound to be impressed with your curriculum vitae, especially when put in stark contrast to others with a narrower field of experience and expertise.Entrepreneurs in India Young Entrepreneurs In India Entrepreneurs in India 相关的主题文章:

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Five Proven Ways To Become A Millionaire By: NW | Mar 4th 2013 – Do you find it really attainable for the "��average Joe"�� to become a billionaire? Don"��t you need to be born with a gold spoon in your mouth, like Mitt Romney or Donald Trump, or get the lottery game? Tags: How To Become One Of The Best Affiliate Marketers? By: Egidijus Andreika | Jan 28th 2013 – Internet is full of money-making-schemes. Possibility of making lots of money online just gets bigger and bigger every minute. Affiliate programs are one of the best ways of making big profits online. Further you can find 5 most important things which can lead you in becoming rich affiliate marketer. Tags: Cannabis Business Explosion By: Matt Jacobsen | Jul 9th 2011 – One of the quickest and easiest ways to become a millionaire right now is the cannabis business, and thousands are rushing to open a dispensary and cash in the business while they can. Tags: Confidential Tips For Making Money Online By: Rina Sanchez | Apr 21st 2011 – Summary: Learn about internet vocabulary, niches, keywords, and customer service before you get started. Affiliate marketing is a good, quick way to start making money online. Be sure to check your business agreements and get your business licenses first. Tags: Ways To Become A Millionaire, Steps To Become A Millionaire, How To Become A Millionaire, Millionair By: SteveBuchalter | Oct 21st 2010 – Ways to Become a Millionaire. Steps to Become a Millionaire. How to become a Millionaire. Millionaire in the Making Tags: Pick Lottery Numbers To Profit Instantly By: Selena Hummer | Apr 22nd 2010 – If you are interested in one of the easiest ways to become a millionaire, you should definitely be investigating the possibility of buying a lottery ticket. If you purchase a lottery ticket, you will have a chance of winning millions of dollars from the investment of a single dollar. Before you start purchasing tickets thou … Tags: How To Use Internet Marketing Articles To Separate From The Pack By: Mike McCoy | Oct 5th 2009 – If you are looking to use internet marketing articles as a means of promoting your business or products, the first this you should know is that you’re not alone! Tags: Discover How You Really Can Become A Millionaire Online In Just Two Years By: Nizam Shapie | Jun 3rd 2009 – The key to how to become a millionaire online lies within yourself. You have to be prepared to work at it in a systematic and methodical manner. But here’s the good news. It isn’t rocket science and anybody can learn the ropes when it comes to finding ways to become a millionaire. It won’t happen overnight bu … Tags: How To Become A Millionaire – Here’s 3 Ways By: Paul Marshall | May 18th 2009 – It’s every person’s dream. But just how do you become a millionaire in 2009? In this article you will find some clues to help steer you toward the ultimate prize you so richly deserve. Tags: Web Business Models: Generating Profits From Your Traffic By: Hee y. park | Nov 18th 2007 – When you own a web based business, generating traffic is all well and good. However, unless you have a revenue stream, your traffic is worthless. This article provides an overview of methods that you can use to get paid for applying your online marketing skills. Tags: How To Make Money With Your Rental Property Investment By: Joel Teo | Jul 8th 2006 – Everyday in the investment industry a new course or newsletter is born promising you vast fortunes if you purchase their latest trading strategy or ebook. What most of them omit to tell you is that there is a vast gap between the level of proficiency that the gurus have in making money and the average beginner. Recently, Fo … Tags: 相关的主题文章:

from Delhi. A drive on NH1 湖南城市学院老校区


The first coffee shop of Prague was opened at the beginning of the 18th century by Deotodus Damascenus, who brought the coffee over from Damascus. Since then, everybody tell his stories in these coffee shops. For example, the famous circle of Arconautes is often told; where a group of German intellectuals where became famous Max Brod and Franz Kafka (and who gave the name of the coffee shop Arco. Also, the coffee shop Slavia was the symbol of the Czech national movement in 19th century, used as a meeting place for the dissidents of the communist regime. These shops (even the smallest), are thus cultural, peaceful places which are always good to have a rest in. In order to be close to all of these coffee shops, its better to find a well located hotel a Prague. Here is a small guide which will help you chose the right coffee shop for you. Slavia coffee shop The most famous coffee shop in Prague is Slavia and is a symbol of the essence of the city: a tempestuous history with a rich cultural life. The coffee is really quite expensive but of course delicious. Big windows open to a remarkable panoramic view of Prague, (the castle, the warm colours of the roofs of Mal Strana, the Charles and Vltava bridge, the National Theatre) Caf Slavia – Kavrna Slvie Nrodn 1 Mtro Nrodn třda. 8h to 23h Imperial coffee shop After a tiring visit in the heart of the New City, nothing can beat thr coffee from Imperial (near the small Masaryk station), simply magnificent With an exceptional service, your coffee will be perfectly accompanied by a smile and not to mention all of the pastries and desserts. You can even eat there for a reasonable price. Caf Imprial Na Pořč 15, 110 00 Prague 1 Mtro: Namesti republiky (line B) Louvre coffee shop The "Louvre" is above all a meeting place. You can go there to drink a coffee, to eat, to snack or even to play billiard. The conversation can be as intellectual as the wrongs of the world or as simple as the weather. Or if you prefer, you can sit in peace and read your news paper. Louvre coffee shop Nrodn 20 Monday to Friday: 8h to 23h30 Weekend: 9h to 23h30 The big Orient coffee shop This is the cubist coffee shop of the city! Everything is beautiful, from the shapes to the colours, just like their coffee! This coffee shop is a real synonym of style. Ovocn trh 19 Praha 1 Metro Můstek. Monday to Sunday: 9h to 22h Lucerna coffee shop This was the first permanent theatre of Prague. Special guest such as Yves Montand, Maurice Chevalier, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong have all performed here. The atmosphere is cosy with simple decoration. With good service and great coffee, this place is not to be missed! Caf Lucerna. Vodičkova 36 Mtro Můstek. Everyday: 10am to midnight Why Shimla And Manali Are Considered Great Honeymoon Destinations By: Dayindelhi – Sentimental special nights don’t simply happen; you have to arrange them precisely. Also, since a wedding trip visit is dependably the primary huge choice that you take as a couple, it should be completely inconvenience free. So arrange your vacation well ahead of … Tags: Travel And Tourism In Shimla And Manali By: anjali – Shimla and Manali are two famous slope stations situated in the foothills of magnificent Himalayas in the Indian condition of Himachal Pradesh. Both slope towns are exceptionally mainstream on travel and tourism in the northern district of India. Tourism in Shimla … Tags: Summer Holiday Destinations In India By: anjali – Shimla: Shimla’s fame is untouchable, practically heavenly! With regards to north Indian slope stations, then this town in Himachal Pradesh scores over the dominant part. It is a charming spot where the mountains will make you giggle and the timberlands woul … Tags: Festivals At Shimla By: anjali – Winter season is about festival and celebration. It calls for occasions, festivities, and fun. What’s more, when in Shimla, individuals can appreciate celebrations going full bore alongside the delightful perspective of the snow-clad valleys and mountains. In the e … Tags: Shimla Manali Tour Packages By: anjali – Rohtang Pass-it is a courageous visitor site experienced to be the coolest locale even in summers. Situated at an elevation of 3979 m over the ocean level, it is one of the most noteworthy focuses on the Manali-Keylong street and gives wide all encompassing perspec … Tags: A Memorable Shimla Package Tour By: anjali – is the most loved slope station for all voyagers. The picturesque magnificence of Shimla overpowers each guest. It is effortlessly open by railroads and roadways from Delhi and Chandigarh. The longest thin gage railroad course keeps running in the middle of Shimla … Tags: Shimla Tour And Srinagar Hotels Promise Euphoric Holidays By: anjali – iii. Tara Devi Sanctuary: Tara Devi Sanctuary is a standout amongst the most religious locales in Shimla. The sanctuary is arranged on the mountain and is calm and quiet. It is a sanctuary that is more than 200 years of age and consequently has a lot of legacy qual … Tags: Shimla Tour Package 3 Things To Do In Shimla In Winter By: anjali – In the event that you are searching for a perfect occasion destination this winter, then your pursuit ought to arrive at an end with Shimla. A delightful and very photogenic slope station, Shimla is one of the genuine diamonds of Himachal Pradesh. This north Indian … Tags: Five Qualities Of The Perfect Host Family By: Alesia Egner – More and more foreign students are moving to London to further their studies and improve their English language skills. Tags: Weekend Trip From Delhi Kasauli By: anjali – Around 300kms from Delhi, Kasauli is spot on the foothills of the immense Himalayas, and one of the nearest slope stations I have been to, from Delhi. A drive on NH1, and afterward NH 22, that will take you past the towns of Panipat, Chandigarh, Ambala, Dharampur, … Tags: 相关的主题文章:

and will show it in different bold gradations based on its importance. A search engine crawler will rate your site based on which tags you use and emphasize. It’s important 业精于勤下一句


Business Think about the idea of being your own boss, working hours that are set by you and having unlimited profit potential. Some of the best techniques have been included here to help you make the most of all of the benefits of Internet marketing. Perform searches for online conversations and comments regarding your company’s brand, then incorporate the information you’ve learned into new strategies for your internet marketing campaigns. By speaking with them in terms they understand, you can better connect with them. If you use the right wording in your content, you will get better results. Avoid spending too much money on advertising. You don’t want to waste money on something that is of no benefit to your business. When investing, you need to be sure that you’re going to get what need from it. That is why advertising using banners is a wise investment. Allow your customers to control the content that they get from you. There is too much spam and unwanted emails in the Internet world so make sure your emails are wanted and contain useful content. Let them know they have the option to participate and they will think more of you and your company. Know how to code HTML tags. HTML tags will indicate how important your content is, and will show it in different bold gradations based on its importance. A search engine crawler will rate your site based on which tags you use and emphasize. It’s important, then, to emphasize the keywords that are most essential for your SEO. GIve your support to a charity or good cause. Choose a charity and give a set percent of your profits to that charity. You can probably get free advertising from the charity that you choose, as well as a boost in reputation. You could support multiple charities; this way your customers can pick their favorite. Advertising is an essential component of marketing your business on the Internet. Paid advertising is a necessary investment when you first launch your business. This will give you an important new outlet to customers. Offer your customers a place on your website to post reviews, ask questions and interact. This kind of feedback from users is an effective way to show visitors the benefits and uses for your product. Be sure to monitor the page so the best reviews and comments are highlighted. One tip to keep in mind when marketing online is never to focus all your attention on one method until you are sure that it will provide a stable income. You want to do this because you do not want to risk money that might not come back to you. Make sure you keep a consistent source of regular income until you see success sprouting up. Do not expect to make a lot of money right away. Keep on going! Continue to change strategies and learn until your set goals are topped. Use the tips learned in this article to build your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: