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Valentine’s day sends these three gifts to make dating romantic upgrade – Sohu BNT news full of love Valentine’s day, is for lovers lovers tailored holiday. On the day of the festival, of course, you need to be prepared to capture the hearts of men. Romantic Valentine’s Day is as sweet and sweet as cotton candy. We can choose to drink red wine in the elegant restaurant, watch the night scene together, and create a warm and romantic atmosphere. If you’re preparing for Valentine’s day in 2016, choose a few gifts for your beloved. Here are three gifts that are absolutely worth touching by your boyfriend. Every Valentine’s day, sweet chocolate becomes the first gift of lovers. Chocolate as an essential gift for Valentine’s day, not only carries a full mind and sincerity, but also contains a deep love. But compared to the street stalls enough to buy chocolate, it is recommended to go to the regular shops to buy carefully. Japan’s high grade dessert Royce chocolate is the highest quality product that has been made with the most advanced materials all over the world. It rejects the European style chocolate taste hard, too sweet and too rich, variety is not changed, and instead of soft taste, moderate sweetness, low fat and variety of flavors and other advantages, but also gave her boyfriend a more appropriate gift. Meet? Grups "Lego (LEGO)" Zhuangnen family (Kidult) is a combination of a new hybrid Kid+Adult vocabulary, mainly used to call nearly free adults. For the love of childhood toys, cartoons, biscuits, clothes and perfumes, almost 20-30 adult stage of the crowd, we will call the Zhuangnen family. The Lego toys of all hands in childhood are now not limited to children’s LEGO world. From the movie "happy big movie" to see the crowd can know, adult love for Lego toys is no exception. Lego has a different price, if you can choose this Valentine’s Day gift to him, will let him put heart flower road. Cosmetics for your boyfriend, and if you still think cosmetics are just women’s exclusive rights, you’re wrong. Now, with the increase of grooming family, men have begun to open the door of skin care management. In the cold and dry winter, you might as well buy a set of moderate skin care products for your boyfriend on Valentine’s day. Tara THELAVICOS THE MOST ACTIVE CARE SET SKIN (4pieces) is a set of skin care products, which can strengthen the natural and pure skin, activate the regeneration rhythm of the skin, and maintain a long time of moisture and luster. For male skin care management, to focus on moisturizing skin care foundation skin care products should be the best choice. Liu Xie Jia according to HP& C, THELAVICOS, Royce, Tara? LEGO Lego official screenshots, BNT news DB HTS

情人节送这三款礼物 让约会浪漫升级-搜狐      bnt新闻讯 充满爱意的情人节,是为相爱的恋人量身定制的节日。在节日当天,想要俘获男人的心,当然还需有所准备。   浪漫的情人节似如棉花糖般香浓而甜蜜。我们可以选择在优雅的餐厅喝着红酒,一起观赏夜景,营造出温馨而浪漫的氛围。   如果你正在为2016年的情人节做准备,不妨挑选几件礼物送给心爱的他。下面就为你介绍三款绝对值得让男友倍加感动的礼物。   ? 情谊浓浓的巧克力      每到情人节,香甜浓蜜的巧克力成为情侣们的首先礼物。巧克力作为情人佳节的必备礼物,不仅承载着满满的心意与真诚,还包含了浓浓的爱意。但相比于在街头小摊够买巧克力,建议去正规的商店细心选购。   日本高级甜点Royce巧克力是使用享誉全球的最高级材料而打造出的最高品质的产品。它摈弃了欧式巧克力口感硬,口味太甜及太腻,品种变化不大等特点,而代之于口感柔软,甜味适中,低脂及口味变化多端等优点,同时也是送给男友再合适不过的礼物了。   ? 满足装嫩族的“乐高(LEGO)”      “装嫩族(Kidult)”是由Kid+Adult组合而成的新兴混种词汇,主要用于称呼年近不惑的成人。对于喜爱幼年时期的玩具、漫画、饼干、衣服以及香水等,近乎20-30代成人阶段的人群,我们都将之称为装嫩族。   儿童时期人手都有的乐高(LEGO)玩具,现在不只仅限于儿童的世界。从电影《乐高大电影》的观看人群便可得知,成年人对乐高玩具的喜爱也不例外。乐高玩具拥有着不同的价位,如果你能在情人节选择这份礼物送给他,必定能让他心花路放。   ? 适合男友使用的化妆品      倘若你还在认为化妆品只是女性的专有权,那你就大错特错了。现随grooming族的增加,男性也开始打开了护肤管理的大门。在寒冷干燥的冬季,不妨趁情人节之际买一套价格适中的护肤品送给“你”的男友。   泰拉?赋活湿润4种套装(THELAVICOS THE MOST ACTIVE SKIN CARE SET(4pieces))是致力于皮肤基础护理的套装产品,能强化自然纯净的皮肤,激活皮肤的再生节奏,并保持长时间的滋润和光彩。对于男性护肤管理,能够集中保湿护肤的基础护肤产品就应该是最佳的首选。柳正 谢嘉依 文 HP&C,THELAVICOS 泰拉?,Royce,LEGO 乐高官方截图,bnt新闻DB http:   bnt新闻 投稿邮箱news@bntnews相关的主题文章:

Seize the three main threads of the new theme of the reform of the two sessions of the Nuggets 邢台学院学报

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The new theme of "NPC and CPPCC" Denver reform to grasp the three main financial opportunities Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor the Nuggets "NPC and CPPCC" reform of the new theme of "red week" author Liu Zenglu once a year the whole nation "NPC and CPPCC" has always been a concern of the capital markets an important event, this year is no exception. In the eve of the "two sessions" this year, the supply side reform, state-owned enterprise reform, health, livelihood consumption and other issues involving the "two sessions" hot topic has been highly concerned about the funds, related industries and individual stocks in the two market also has obvious stage performance. The supply side of the supply side reform and promote the reform of the traditional cyclical industry rapid repair of a word first fire up in November last year, President Xi Jinping first proposed the "supply side reforms" concept in the central financial work leading group of the eleventh meeting in nine days, then the top four times referred to "supply side reform", which indicates that the supply side reforms the main line has become an important one of the comprehensive deepening reform and promoting the economic development of our country’s important direction of reform. The main aspect of supply side reform is capacity production. Combined with the actual situation of China’s economy, the most convenient way to improve the effective supply is to get rid of production capacity and optimize the industrial structure. The core of supply side reform is to promote effective supply. From the current overcapacity in the industry layout, focus on basic industries, such as steel, cement, glass, aluminum, coal, and eliminated in the Ministry of industry announced the industry backward and excess production capacity of enterprises in the list, iron and steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, flat glass industry has also been mentioned. From the current situation of China’s overcapacity industry, there are widespread "scattered small disorderly weak", low industrial concentration and low productivity utilization reality. In the steel, coal, cement industry, for example, the three capacity utilization rate was only 66.99%, 68% and 67%, respectively, only the former two excess capacity of up to 4 tons and 4.2 tons. In the reality of low gross profit margin, the loss of coal industry in China reached 95%, the steel industry reached 50.5%, and the cement industry also reached 33%. And for such cruel reality, the implementation of supply side reform will help to improve the fundamentals of overcapacity industries, optimize the industry structure, this measure is precisely related to cyclical industries bring a lot of mergers and acquisitions opportunities. From the recent national policies, the reform of the supply side of the steel industry has been highly valued. At the beginning of February this year, the State Council issued the "on the steel industry to resolve overcapacity turnaround development" in a non production capacity, on the other hand also proposed in 2016 began with 5 years Yajian crude steel production capacity of 100 million tons of ~1.5. Opinions show that in resolving excess capacity, we should guide enterprises to withdraw voluntarily. Merger and reorganization is one of the ways of active withdrawal, encouraging conditional iron and steel enterprises to implement the trans industry, trans regional and cross ownership quantitative merger and reorganization, focusing on promoting the implementation of merger and reorganization of enterprises with large steel producing provinces and exiting some excess production capacity. The reporter observed that the recent two market for iron and steel industry supply side reforms is expected to have a clearly reflected, such as Shagang shares, Shougang shares, Valin steel and other theory

掘金“两会”改革新主题 把握三大主线机会 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   掘金“两会”改革新主题   《红周刊》作者刘增禄   一年一度的全国“两会”历来是资本市场关注的重要事件,今年也不例外。在今年“两会”召开前夕,供给侧改革、国企改革、健康、民生消费等涉及“两会”热点的主题受到了资金的高度关注,相关行业和个股在二级市场上也有明显阶段性表现。   供给侧改革推动传统周期性行业快速修复   供给侧改革一词最先火起来是在去年11月,习近平主席在中央财经领导小组第十一次会议首次提出了“供给侧改革”概念,随后高层在九天内四次提到“供给侧改革“,这预示着供给侧改革已成为全面深化改革的重要主线之一和促进我国经济发展的重要改革方向。   供给侧改革的首要看点在于去产能。结合当前中国经济的现实情况,提升有效供给的最便捷方式即去产能,优化产业结构。而供给侧改革的核心在于提升有效供给。从目前我国产能过剩行业布局来看,多集中于基础工业,如钢铁、水泥、玻璃、电解铝、煤炭等,而在工信部公布的工业行业淘汰落后和过剩产能企业名单中,钢铁、水泥、电解铝、平板玻璃等行业也是一直被提及的。从我国产能过剩行业现状来看,普遍存在“散小乱弱”、产业集中度较低和产能利用率低的现实。以钢铁、煤炭、水泥行业为例,三者产能利用率分别仅为66.99%、68%和67%,仅前两者过剩产能就分别高达4亿吨和4.2亿吨。在行业毛利率低下的现实中,我国煤炭行业亏损面高达95%、钢铁行业达50.5%,而水泥行业也达到了33%。而对如此残酷现实,实施供给侧改革将有利于改善产能过剩行业的基本面,优化行业格局,这种措施也恰恰为相关周期性行业带来大量并购重组机会。   从近期国家相关政策来看,钢铁行业的供给侧改革受到了高度重视。今年2月初,国务院印发的《关于钢铁行业化解过剩产能实现脱困发展的意见》中一方面严禁新增产能,另一方面也提出2016年开始用5年时间再压减粗钢产能1亿~1.5亿吨。意见表明,在化解过剩产能中,要引导企业主动退出。兼并重组为主动退出的方式之一,鼓励有条件的钢铁企业实施跨行业、跨地区、跨所有制减量化兼并重组,重点推进产钢大省的企业实施兼并重组,退出部分过剩产能。   记者观察发现,近期二级市场对钢铁行业供给侧改革的预期有明显地反映,如沙钢股份、首钢股份、华菱钢铁等个股近期在二级市场中走势均表现不俗。业内人士认为,从并购重组角度来看,钢铁企业中存在“大吃小”概率高,某个区域是龙头而行业内实力并不突出的公司,往往会成为并购重组对象的可能性更高。从转型角度分析,大股东实力比较雄厚、外部资源比较丰富的钢铁公司,更可能会通过置换或者出售资产来实现转型。如近日停牌的韶钢松山就公告称,重大资产重组初步意向为出售公司全部钢铁业务资产收购宝钢集团下属的非钢铁业务资产,这意味着韶钢松山将变为非钢企业。对于钢铁行业上市公司而言,目前有几类钢铁股可值得关注:一是类似于韶钢松山可能重组的钢企,如八一钢铁连续亏损可能戴帽、大股东同为宝钢;二是民营钢企中的南钢股份、沙钢股份等,其中,南钢股份为业务范围丰富、擅长资本运作的复星系企业;三是规模较小的区域龙头,如酒钢宏兴、华菱钢铁等。   与钢铁行业类似,煤炭行业也是严重产能过剩行业,长期以来一直存在主体分散,小煤矿过多、上下游融合度弱、利用度低等问题,在行业整体亏损达95%的大背景下,实施供给侧改革有望加速淘汰落后产能,加速推进煤炭企业兼并重组步伐。业内人士认为,地方龙头煤企有望最大程度受益于供给侧改革,原因就在于,供给侧改革不仅有望加大淘汰落后产能的“僵尸”企业,也使得地方龙头煤企竞争压力减轻,优势更加凸显。同时,地方政府还通常会更重视扶持地方龙头企业,在员工安置、淘汰产能给予更多政策倾斜。对于煤炭行业,从政策上可以看到管理层在调研煤企时提出了相应改革部分方案,这体现出政府对改善煤炭行业产能过剩的决心。考虑到上市煤企大股东性质大多隶属于国有资产,实施混合所有制经济改革应是其未来发展大方向。因此,对于相关大型上市国有煤企,投资者可关注中国神华、中煤能源、露天煤业、阳泉煤业、潞安环能、陕西煤业、安源煤业、盘江股份、开滦股份等具有混合所有制改革题材的公司,其改革动作及力度大小决定其估值修复情况。   对于水泥行业的供给侧改革,机构研究人士认为,真正要想看到水泥行业景气的趋势恢复,不仅需要去产能,还需要需求的企稳复苏。因此对于供给侧改革对水泥行业的影响应分成两阶段:阶段一是,去产能前期的博弈性机会,满足低持仓和低估值时是比较好的介入机会且不建议恋战;阶段二是,需要去产能实质性进行且需求底部企稳,此时带来盈利提升与估值修复的趋势机会。当然,在当下,水泥行业基本面仍较弱,行业还处于淡季价格下行,但随着国家正在酝酿重拳治理产能过剩问题,利用市场化手段进一步化解产能过剩,则水泥行业或将加快兼并重组力度,由此可关注冀东水泥、金隅股份、宁夏建材、祁连山等公司整合机会。   国企改革全面提速再站风口浪尖   自十八届三中全会《中共中央关于全面深化改革若干重大问题的决定》提出要积极开展混合所有制经济、推动国有企业完善现代企业制度,正式拉开国企改革的序幕以来,地方国企和央企改革步伐明显加速,而央企整合更是国企改革的重中之重。   其实,早在2014年7月,国资委就宣布在所监管的中央企业中开展“四项改革”试点,中粮集团、国家开发投资公司等六家央企也被列为首批试点,而这些集团公司所涉及到的上市公司在二级市场上的表现来看,均获得了市场资金的高度重视。今年2月18日,中国医药集团总公司旗下的天坛生物宣布因重大事项停牌,但公司并未告知什么原因。而就在2月17日,同属中国医药集团的国药股份也宣布停牌。对于中国医药集团旗下两家公司再度停牌,业内人士认为这意味着国药系的改革整合正在进一步提速。   今年地方“两会”已经结束,在各地方“两会”议题内容上,“混合所有制改革”、“兼并重组”、“分类改革”、“整体上市”、“国有资本投资公司试点”等内容被多次提及,而这也使得国企改革的话题在近期再度升温。甚至有消息称,央企改革的第二批试点名单也有望在今年上半年推出。   正因多方因素影响,国企改革也由此成为券商眼中猴年最有上涨潜力的主题之一。对于国企改革主题,中金公司分析师王汉锋认为,投资者可从以下三条主线参与其中。主线一,已经公布试点的6家央企及旗下上市公司:6家央企包括中粮集团、中国建材、中国医药集团、国家开发投资公司、中国节能环保集团、新兴际华集团,旗下中港两地上市公司共34家。这批央企的试点方案酝酿已久,应该有望成为央企改革的先行者;主线二,有整合预期的央企。在112家央企中,业务在竞争性领域且业务相互有重叠、容易引发市场合并重组预期来进行合并的央企,包括建筑工程、有色及冶金、航运、军工、电信及旅游等消费服务领域。除上述已经有进展的航运央企外,其他包括中国铁建、中国中冶、中国铝业、五矿发展、武钢股份、中国国旅、中航科工等;主线三,推进相对较快的地方国企,上海、广东、山东、重庆等地是国企改革进展相对较快的区域,其中有国资证券化、整合重组预期的个股将是关注重点。   健康中国升级为国家战略   民生类主题长期以来一直备受关注,特别是在每年的“两会”议案中,其一直都是重点议题,今年预计也不例外。在民生主题中,大健康概念尤其值得关注,自“十三五”规划建议中提出,推进健康中国建设,深化医药卫生体制改革,理顺药品价格,实行医疗、医保、医药联动,建立覆盖城乡的基本医疗卫生制度和现代医院管理制度,实施食品安全战略以来,近几年大健康产业得到了快速发展。在今年2 月14日国常会上,国家又提出了要部署推动医药产业创新升级的政策要求。   其实,近年来关于医疗健康产业政策利好就一直不断。2012年11月,十八大报告提出重点推进医疗保障、医疗服务、公共卫生、药品供应、监管体制综合改革;健全全民医保体系;深化公立医院改革,鼓励社会办医。2013年9月,国务院印发《关于促进健康服务业发展的若干意见》,提出到2020年,健康服务业总规模将达到8万亿元以上。2015年6月,国务院印发《关于促进社会办医加快发展的若干政策措施》;2015年9月,国家卫计委全面启动《健康中国建设规划(2016~2020年)》编制工作,预计将于2016年发布并正式实施。2016年作为“十三五”规划的开局之年,与“健康中国”相关的医药生物产业政策还将持续落地,行业也由此将迎来历史性发展机遇。从行业整体发展空间来看,目前中国健康产业占GDP的比重不到5%,与发达国家10%以上的占比相比,差距仍较大。业内人士预计,到2020年,“健康中国”带来的健康产业投资规模有望达到10万亿元级别。   对于备受关注的健康中国主题。中航证券认为投资者可重点围绕以下几个方面展开:创新仿制能力突出的细分领域龙头;成长确定、擅长外部整合的经营型企业;专注构建医疗服务生态圈、具备品牌溢价的服务型企业;主动触网、主动参与控费的连锁药店和流通企业;基因测序、转型精准医疗等新兴领域的深度参与者。而兴业证券则表示,精准医疗将是2016年医药板块中最可持续发酵的主题之一。随着华大基因招股说明书公告上市在即和精准医疗类基金的发行,这一领域的关注度仍将持续提升。相关龙头股主要有,安科生物、达安基因、科华生物、达安基因等。另外,随着限制公立医院规模、改革医疗服务价格、转诊制度等各类鼓励民营医院发展政策的推行,越来越多的上市公司介入民营医院领域。民营医院具有更大的灵活性,能充分发挥市场化效率;内部管理者、员工的激励程度高于公立医院,成本概念更强,“以药养医”程度较轻。涉及到的国际医学、福瑞股份、马应龙、益佰制药、贵州百灵、复星医药、康美药业、金陵药业、恒康医疗等个股可予以关注。   当然,随着我国人口老龄化现象日趋严重,养老产业的潜在需求也是十分庞大的,由此带来的养老产业机会也在逐渐显现。中投证券就建议沿着国家提出的建设以居家为基础、社区为依托、机构为补充的多层次养老服务体系挖掘投资机会。首先是涉足养老核心产业――康复医疗、并已具备可行性和连锁化潜力发展模式的企业;其次是积极探索创新养老模式的企业。而申万宏源则认为,长期以来,上市公司借助其融资能力、圈层优势和项目资源,有望在后续民营养老行业的竞争过程中脱颖而出。从长期逻辑来看,看好提前领跑养老产业并已有较深入布局的上市公司,如双箭股份、南京新百、金陵饭店、悦心健康、乐金健康等。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

2016, the first year of supply side reform to capacity, living, commerce, supply and demand, double 三个光头佬

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2016, the first year of supply side reform: to capacity, living, commerce, supply and demand, double pulled economy – Sohu Finance Abstract: after China’s accession to the WTO, China’s international market to expand greatly is an indisputable fact. But now TPP is in effect, and if China doesn’t take part in the negotiations, it will become a member state. There are at least two disadvantages: first, the traditional export markets in Europe and the United States are eroded by labor-intensive countries in other TPP regions. More importantly, because TPP adopts the principle of origin. Because China is not a TPP agreement country, the TPP countries can not buy the raw materials or the intermediate tariff from China, which will greatly reduce the import of other countries to Chinese products. In other words, China’s final products and intermediate exports are deeply affected by it. (Sohu financial think tank: let the thought have fun, let the thought have power! Collect top financial wisdom, share deep and thorough investigation and research, aim to popularize common sense and provide insightful insights and professional analysis for Internet users The more than Miaojie in Peking University professor before the printing of the Chinese economy seems to be more bearish. There are two main reasons. First, China’s economic growth rate is low. Last year, the economic growth rate was less than 7%, and two of China’s foreign trade was also low. Last year, China’s total import and export volume was only four trillion US dollars, more than the previous year. This is the first negative growth of China’s foreign trade since the world financial crisis in 2008. Together, no wonder that many people are wondering: how long can China’s economic growth flag last? There’s no need to worry about slowing growth in china. Economic plates are big, and even the same amount of economic growth every year will slow down. The reason is very simple, the same numerator, the denominator is big, the fraction is naturally small. As far as I know, there is no serious academic economists hold that Chinese economic growth to 8%, it is only normal growth. 8% is just a thinking inertia figure from the 90s of last century. Of course, 7% is not the bottom line. In fact, if the U.S. economy can maintain a growth rate of 4%, President Obama will soon be considered one of the most efficient presidents in the history of the United states. So, what is the bottom line of China’s economic growth? The answer is, there is no absolute number. Only China than the economic growth rate higher than the 1-2 percentage points, that’s enough. The key is to keep the seat of the world economy locomotive, the relative growth rate is much more important than the absolute number. However, can not be said to Chinese economic future fears are unfounded. No, how to explain China’s overall decline in foreign trade last year? Exports fell by 2%, while imports fell more sharply, about 7%. It may not be simply attributed to the weakness of external demand. Both are dragged down by the global financial crisis in the past few years There is no direct evidence that the world economy was worse than the year before last year. So, the problem should still be in the Chinese economy itself. So, where exactly is the problem? The first reason is that the comparative advantage of China’s export products has declined. Enterprises can do international trade only by two points: either cost advantage, low price; or product quality is better than others. ; 2016供给侧改革元年:去产能活商贸 供需双管拉经济-搜狐财经  摘要:加入世贸组织之后,中国的国际市场大为拓宽是个不争之实。但如今TPP正式生效,如果中国没有积极参与谈判,成为成员国。至少会在两个方面不利:一是欧美传统出口市场被其他TPP区内劳力密集型国家蚕食。更为重要的是,因为TPP采用原产地原则。因为中国不是TPP协议国家,那么TPP协议国家从中国购买原材料或中间就不能免关税,这势必会大大减少其他国家对中国产品的进口。换言之,中国的最终品和中间品出口都是深受其累。   (搜狐财经思想库:让思维有乐趣,让思想有力量!汇集顶尖财经智慧,分享深刻透彻的调查研究,旨在普及常识,为网友提供思想洞见和专业分析。)   文 余淼杰 北大国发院教授   日前坊间对中国经济似乎多为看空。最主要有两个根据。一是中国经济增速创新低。去年经济增速不足7%,二是中国外贸也创新低,去年中国进出口总额只有四万亿美元多,比前年不增反降。这是自2008年世界金融危机以来的中国外贸首次负增长。两者加在一起,也难怪许多人都在嘀咕:中国经济增长的大旗到底能打多久?   对于中国增速放慢这点,倒也无需多虑。经济盘子大了,每年哪怕同样量度的经济增长,增长速度就会降下来。道理很简单,同样的分子,分母大了,分数自然就小了。就笔者所知,经济学界没有任何站住脚的严肃学术研究证明中国经济增长需要8%,才是正常的增速。8%只是一种来自上世纪九十年代的一个思维惯性数字。当然,7%也不是底线,事实上,如果美国经济能保持能有4%的增速,那奥巴马总统会马上被认为是美国历史上最治国有方的总统之一了。   那么,什么是中国经济增速的底线?答案是,没有一个绝对的数字。只有中国能比美欧日经济增速高出1-2个百分点,那就够了。关键是要保住世界经济火车头的位子,相对增速比绝对数字重要得多。   不过,也不能说对中国经济前途的担心都是杞人忧天。这不,如何解释中国去年外贸的全面下滑?出口下降2%,而进口下降得更厉害,有7%左右。可能不能简单地归因于外需疲软。都受前几年全球金融危机的拖累,难道前年外需就不疲软?没有直接证据说明世界经济去年比前年更差。所以,问题应该还是出在中国经济本身。   那么,问题到底出在哪呢?   首当其冲的应是中国出口产品的比较优势下降。企业能做国际贸易,无非靠两点:要么有成本优势,价格够低;要么产品质量比别人好。中国的大部分产品,跟日本德国的比起来,平心而论,是看不出有质量优势的。要跟别人竞争,主要还得靠价格优势。   但过去十年,农村劳力不再是无限供给,中国工资的上涨已是不争之实。做个简单国际比较,中国目前的蓝领工资水平已接近于墨西哥,差不多是越南的两倍,埃塞俄比亚的八倍。更不利的是,越南最近加入了泛太平洋贸易协议(TPP),与中国的传统贸易伙伴已实现了零关税。这自然会蚕食掉中国部分的贸易份额,特别是劳力密集型产品的出口市场。   进口的下降则说明两个问题。首先,通过增加消费拉动中国经济的方式并不可行。理由很简单,如果经济不好,老百姓没钱可赚,哪来的收入拉动消费?国内消费疲软了,国内的产品都消化不了,又何需进口最终消费品?再从上下游产业链来看,如果投资疲软,上游的原材料如钢筋水泥自然无法消化,一方面造成产能过剩,另一方面则也无需进口相关资本品。两者加在一起,进口自然就掉下来了。   既然中国再无明显的劳力比较优势,那么拼国外市场就只能靠提升产品质量一条路了。但这条路知易行难。提升产品质量只有靠提升企业的全要素生产率了。提升企业的全要素生产率是当前中国供给侧改革的重中之重。   企业全要素生产率的提升的核心则是生产技术的改进和创新。问题是,技术进步是个长期积累的过程,难以在短期内迅速提升。欲速则不达。靠技术进步靠产品创新来解决当前中国经济所面临的挑战,长期方向是对的,但远水解不了近火。   所以,拉动当前中国经济的,还需去产能活商贸,供需双管齐下拉经济。   第一,在供方,如减库存去产能,降低企业成本短期有望见效,可以明显地提升企业全要素生产率,改善企业经营绩效,是比较靠谱的方案。当然,我们首先得弄清楚过剩产能又是怎么来的?除了地方政府过度竞争造成的企业大量过度生产,另外一个原因自然是国内外市场无法消化。   在想方法解决过剩产能之前,还应该先摸清中国的过剩产能到底有多严重。目前最厉害的六大产能过剩产业分别是钢铁、电解铝、水泥、炼油、平板玻璃以及纸板行业。这六大行业的平均产能利用率在七成左右,换言之,有三成库存。   怎么减库存去产能?除了应有的整顿相关各行业措施外,为过剩产能找卖家应是上上策。目前的“一带一路一行”就是最好的方案。特别是陆上丝绸之路的中亚国家,本来就正在想方设法地改善基础设施。想修路,钢筋水泥跑不了。所以,如果政府搭台,企业主导,这出戏都有得看。邻国手头紧?也没关系,亚投行可以贷款融资。这是中国与中亚国家典型的双赢互利。何乐而不为?   也有质疑的声音。其一,目前亚投行资金规模有限,可能满足不了中亚各国大额需求。其二,中亚国家地缘政治复杂,并不见得各国都会买账,跟中国合作。   笔者以为这都是多虑。第一,虽然目前亚投行注资不多,但别忘了中国腰包的三万多亿美元储备。此时此刻,我们还真不差钱,该出手时会出手的。第二,中国成能消化与国外基建投资,是姜太公钓鱼,愿者上钩。只是,机会总是会给有准备的人。个人如何,国家亦然。   第二,在需求方,改革则应重在活商贸。破除国内地区壁垒自是不需多言。窃以为,当务之急还在于拓宽国际市场。积极参与TPP谈判。   加入世贸组织之后,中国的国际市场大为拓宽是个不争之实。但如今TPP正式生效,如果中国没有积极参与谈判,成为成员国。至少会在两个方面不利:一是欧美传统出口市场被其他TPP区内劳力密集型国家蚕食。更为重要的是,因为TPP采用原产地原则。因为中国不是TPP协议国家,那么TPP协议国家从中国购买原材料或中间就不能免关税,这势必会大大减少其他国家对中国产品的进口。换言之,中国的最终品和中间品出口都是深受其累。   一句话,新年伊始,中国如能去产能活商贸,供需双管齐下拉动经济,则高度全球化、竞争白热化的今天,仍可以闲庭信步,风景这边独好。   (来源于微信公众号“北大国发院BiMBA”,转自海外网)   更多内容见搜狐财经思想库,请扫下方二维码进入:  相关的主题文章:

King of mergers and acquisitions new way of financial creation Hao throw 18 billion yuan acquisition 中国杂技团三姐妹

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"King of mergers and acquisitions" financial creation of new ways: Hao throw 18 billion yuan acquisition of equity, "king of mergers and acquisitions" Sun Hongbin every shot, suck countless eyes. Within 3 days, 01918.HK created nearly 18 billion RMB and launched two heavyweight acquisitions. 9 19 April, announced the financial record of Legend Holdings intends to acquire equity subsidiary Raycom’s 41 between company and creditor’s rights, the total cost of about 137.88 million; 9 21 April, SUNAC recurrence announcement, announced plans to increase given by shares to subscribe to the 40 Jinke estate, 16.96% billion shares, become the second-largest shareholder. In the merger & acquisition of Greentown, Jia Zhaoye and Yurun has forced termination, SUNAC Chinese chairman Sun Hongbin will still be mergers and acquisitions as the main strategy of financial innovation, he repeatedly stressed that foreign, SUNAC has gained good reputation in market mergers and acquisitions. Over the past two years, mergers and acquisitions have become the most important way to achieve land acquisition. It is understood that about 2/3 of the land reserve came from mergers and acquisitions. Since 2015, land, Xi’an Tianlong, Jiangsu square, Wuhan united, lemon international peers such as appear in the list of successful hunting rongchuang. Financial record of the acquisition of both eye-catching, which originates from the years between Sun Hongbin and Liu Chuanzhi’s story. Previously, the acquisition of the successful completion of the acquisition is the acquisition of real estate projects. Contrary to the expectations of the outside world, Sun Hongbin began another way to buy shares of listed companies. September 21st, announced the financial record of local housing prices to buy Chongqing Jinke shares 16.96% of the shares, becoming the second largest shareholder of jinke. SUNAC Chinese said Jinke real estate engaged in real estate development in the core of the main China second city, has a good layout of the city, the company optimistic about the future prospects of Jinke real estate, that the subscription is a good investment opportunity, I believe the future will bring a good return on investment. No matter what kind of M & A, it is difficult to conceal Sun Hongbin’s desire for scale. At the end of August 2016, financial record contract sales of 78 billion 130 million yuan, an increase of 95%, the completion of the annual target performance 97%. At the end of June, SUNAC Chinese also hold cash reserves of $40 billion 100 million. In a good sales situation, the financial innovation in 2016 sales target increased to 110 billion yuan. Looking forward to peers, Biguiyuan has completed 200 billion yuan, Hengda is full sprint 300 billion scale, although the financial record has entered the housing prices in the top ten, 110 billion yuan obviously can not meet the growth requirements of Sun Hongbin. Relying on acquisitions, financial initiatives rapidly expand the scale through lower costs. A general question is, who will be Sun Hongbin’s next goal? Buy Jinke September 21st evening, SUNAC announcement, affiliated to receive the confirmation sent gold property listed A shares by Jinke real estate and its underwriters, Jinke real estate group determined the issuance of non-public shares for 907 million shares subscribed Jinke shares has been accepted, the subscription price of 4.41 yuan per share, Jinke shares, subscription group with the total cost of about 4 billion yuan. After the completion of the subscription, SUNAC shares accounted for 16.96% Jinke expanded, becoming the second largest shareholder. Jinke.

“并购之王”融创的新玩法:豪掷180亿元收购股权“并购之王”孙宏斌的每一次出手,吸睛无数。3天之内,融创中国(01918.HK)豪掷近180亿人民币,发起了两起重量级收购。9月19日,融创宣布拟收购联想控股附属公司融科智地旗下41间目标公司的相关股权及债权,总代价约137.88亿元;9月21日,融创再发公告,宣布拟通过定增入股金科地产,以40亿元认购16.96%的股份,成为其第二大股东。在对绿城、佳兆业和雨润的并购行为先后被迫终止后,融创中国董事长孙宏斌仍然将并购列为融创的主要战略,他多次对外强调,融创已经收获了并购市场的好口碑。过去两年多来,并购已经成为融创获取土地的最主要的方式,据了解,融创约有三分之二的土地储备来源于并购。2015年以来,中渝置地、西安天朗、江苏四方、武汉美联、莱蒙国际等同行都出现在融创成功狩猎的名单上。融创对融科智地的收购格外引人注目,这源于孙宏斌和柳传志之间多年的恩怨故事。此前,融创成功完成的收购均是收购房地产项目。出乎外界意料的是,孙宏斌开始了另一种玩法——收购上市公司股权。9月21日,融创宣布买下重庆本土房企金科股份16.96%的股份,一跃成为金科第二大股东。融创中国表示,金科地产在中国主要的核心二线城市从事房地产开发,拥有较好的城市布局,公司看好金科地产的未来发展前景,认为此次认购是一次较好的投资机会,相信未来将为公司带来较好的投资回报。无论是哪种方式的并购,背后都难以掩盖孙宏斌对规模的渴求。截至2016年8月底,融创合约销售额781.3亿元,同比增长95%,完成全年目标业绩的97%。截至6月底,融创中国还手持现金储备401亿元。在良好的销售形势下,融创将2016年的销售目标提高到了1100亿元。放眼同行,碧桂园已经完成了2000亿元,恒大正在全力冲刺3000亿规模,融创虽已进入房企前十,1100亿元显然还不能满足孙宏斌的增长要求。依靠收购,融创得以通过更低的成本,迅速扩大规模。一个普遍的疑问是,谁会是孙宏斌的下一个目标?买金科9月21日晚间,融创发布公告,附属聚金物业收到由A股上市的金科地产及其承销商发来的确认书,确定集团就金科地产非公开发行股票事项申请认购9.07亿股金科股份已获接纳,认购价为每股金科股份4.41元人民币,集团就认购事项应付总代价约为40亿元。 认购完成后,融创占金科扩大后股的16.96%,成为第二大股东。金科地产于2011年在深圳证券交易所上市,是以地产开发为主的多元化综合企业。金科地产的地产项目主要布局在中西部、长三角、环渤海三大区域,已进入北京、重庆、成都、西安、青岛、济南、长沙、合肥、郑州等城市。目前,金科地产拥有在建地产项目约75个,及其土地储备可建面积超过1700万平方米。其2016年中报显示,金科上半年实现销售金额约134亿元,同比增长约22%,其中地产板块实现签约销售金额约125亿元,同比增长约29%,签约销售面积约206万平方米,同比增长约41%。金科是重庆的龙头房企。值得一提的是,融创和金科在重庆是多年的直接竞争对手关系。重庆市房地产业协会7月份发布的2016年上半年重庆房企销售TOP20榜单以及楼盘成交排名显示,融创、龙湖和金科分列销售额榜单的前三名。今年7月份,金科发布非公开发行不超过12.4亿股新股,募集资金不超过45亿元的新股发行方案。9月20日,有9名投资者参与申购报价,最终确定了3名获配对象:融创中国以及华宝信托、重庆国际信托。后两者认购后分别占股1.91%和0.21%。值得一提的是,今年8月12日,金科实际控制人黄红云宣布自愿辞去公司董事会主席、董事及董事会专门委员会相关职务。按照金科的披露,黄红云辞职主要是为了全力发展公司新业务。去年以来,金科股份先后斥资数十亿元分别在新能源、教育和社区综合服务领域布局。黄红云辞职后,依然多次增持了上市公司股份。定增之前,公司控股股东重庆市金科投资控股(集团)有限责任公司、实际控制人黄红云及陶虹遐合计占总股本的31.16%,定增后大股东股权比例预计摊薄至25.2%。大股东选择融创作为定增对象,也不排除有进一步巩固控股地位的打算。此前,金科的股份较为分散。在融创定增之前,恒大旗下的恒大人寿通过多次买入持有金科1.77%的股份,并通过前海开源资管计划买入2.31%,合计持有4.08%,逼近举牌线。“恒大在A股的激进动作不得不引起警惕。大股东找来合作伙伴,也不失为抗衡‘野蛮人’的好方法。”一名长期跟踪金科股份的投资圈人士对经济观察报分析。国君地产就融创参与定增发布点评。国君地产同样认为,本次战略合作的达成将巩固金科股份现有大股东地位,大幅降低被举牌的风险。定增后大股东股权比例预计摊薄至25.2%,融创中国持股约16.96%,其他产业资本及险资短期难以撼动大股东控股地位。国君地产还认为,融创之所以买入金科,原因之一是,买入股份的性价比高于公开市场拿地,安全边际充足:“相比公开市场拿地,金科股份定增体现出极高的性价比。公司RNAV折让近27%,安全边际高(定增底价3.63元,融创定增认购价4.41元),弹性大。2016EPE12倍、当前PB1.4倍,估值处于历史底部,比行业大部分可比公司低。”9月22日,受融创参与定增消息影响,金科股份大幅高开逾8%,集合竞价后快速拉升封住涨停,股价报4.83元,涨停价封单超百万手。以此价格粗略测算,融创仅一天即获利3.8亿元。如果孙宏斌和金科大股东站在同一战线,金科和融创的后续合作则有了更高可能性,这也会再次迅速扩大融创的规模。“我们认为此次定增认购仅仅是战略合作的开端,后续项目层面上的合作将进一步加速融创的规模扩张。”国君地产表示。并购之王梳理融创近两年来的扩张之路,并购是关键词。在融创的并购史上,绿城是绕不开的一个名字。虽然并购绿城失败,但正是通过和绿城的合作,孙宏斌首次尝到了并购的甜头——凭借2012年和绿城的合作,融创用33个亿的投入撬动了上海区域近300亿的销售额,并顺利进驻一向高门槛的长三角区域。孙宏斌曾经说过:“不是通过合作的话,单纯靠拿地,基本上是不可能实现的目标。”在对绿城、佳兆业和雨润的并购接连失败后,融创也并非一无所获。由于在并购市场打响了名声,诸多项目和公司主动找上门来谈合作,这为融创创造了主动权。“地产并购的项目,他们都是来主动找我的,我主要就是给别人营造了这样(并购狂人)的感觉,因此他们想卖项目第一个都是想到我。而每个想被收购的企业都想保密,由于我比较厚道,大家很信任我,所以都来找我。第二,是因为我们的产品做得好,做得有产品溢价,所以别人愿意和我们合作。”孙宏斌曾这样说。与此同时,吸取绿城、佳兆业的并购经验,融创的并购策略逐步有所转变,像过去对绿城、佳兆业的整体股权交易,出现的可能性会比较小。“不要想着前面的公司,大公司要么做得很好,要么就死了。之前的经验让我们明白,整包去做是很累的,而且效率很低。因为比如一家公司整体卖了10个项目,5个不错,5个很差,加起来就很差。融创宁愿去选一个城市或者谈几个项目。”在融创2015中报业绩发布会上,孙宏斌表示,融创将更倾向于选择项目并购和小公司并购。2015年7月,融创宣布斥资32.06亿元,收购中渝置地在成都的7个物业项目,包括四海逸家、锦江逸家、中渝国际等,以住宅及商业为主。吸取过往经验,在对中渝置地的收购上,融创与中渝置地的交易条款中不仅规定了分阶段付款先决条件,还首次提出设立共管账户。2015年,通过对中渝置地、西安天朗、江苏四方、武汉美联以及烟台海基置业的项目并购,融创将规模扩展到成都、济南、西安、南京、武汉及海南万宁等二线城市。2016年5月,融创中国及莱蒙国际联合发布公告称,双方于当日订立框架协议。根此,融创中国将以43.94亿元收购莱蒙国际位于三河燕郊、上海、南京、杭州、深圳及惠州的7个项目公司的所有股权。此后于7月8日,莱蒙国际公告称,因北京莱蒙顺泽·水榭花城另一股东决定行使优先购买权,因此莱蒙将不会将其持有的项目股权出售予融创,故原计划出售的七个项目减至六个。据此,此次交易代价及公司间贷款的总值须由人民币43.94亿元调整至人民币42.25亿元。借助对莱蒙国际的并购,融创首次进入了深圳市场。野村证券当时发表的研究报告认为,收购动作符合融创集团发展一二线城市的策略,将可为融创提供200亿元合约销售收入。今年8月22日,融创宣布公司的间接全资附属公司海南融创耗资20.54亿,收购杭州金翰的50%股权及债权。该公司旗下有博鳌金湾项目,总占地面积约为164.75万平方米,总可售面积约为164.75万平方米,尚有140.08万平方米未出售。不到一个月后,融创便宣布与联想控股旗下的融科智地就40间目标公司目标股权、境内目标债权及境外目标债权签订购买协议。根据协议,融创拟收购联想控股41间目标公司的相关股权及债权,这些目标公司主要拥有42个物业项目的权益,总代价约137.88亿元。交易完成后,融创中国将持有融科智地41个目标公司的42个项目的权益,分别位于北京、天津、重庆、杭州等16个中国城市,总建筑面积约1802万平方米,其中未售面积约730万平方米。融创方面表示,通过此次交易将进一步巩固融创集团的区域布局,扩大融创集团在一二线核心城市的土地储备和市场份额。同时,融创将首次进入大庆、烟台、大连、景德镇、昆明、长沙等城市。相比于公开市场拿地,融创对融科智地的收购再次降低了获取土地的成本。标普预计,收购物业组合的平均土地成本约仅为每平方米3000元人民币。毫无疑问,收并购未来仍是融创的主导战略方向。融创中国执行董事及行政总裁汪孟德在今年的中期业绩会上透露,今年上半年收并购超过了融创新增项目2 3的份额。“公司有两点经验,一是坚持风险控制,二则是在选择标的时前期研究要加强,对其资产情况、诉求等要了解。”汪孟德说。谢敏敏更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章:

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U.S. media: half of Americans believe that the China economy was the world’s largest U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants U.S. media: half of Americans believe that Chinese is the world’s leading economies Reference News Network February 24th U.S. media reported that Gallup polls show that half of Americans think China is the world’s number one the economy, despite the economic report showed the opposite situation. According to the Associated Press reported on 22 February in the Gallup world affairs has nearly 20 years of history, the respondents when asked which country is the world’s leading economies they think, most Americans first choice of another country, and not to choose their own country. In a sample survey of 1021 adults, only 37% said the United States was a global economic leader. Reported that more than 44% of respondents predicted that the United States will overtake China, and once again lead the global economy, this situation will happen 20 years later. But China’s economic report disagrees with the americans. Reported that after years of record strong growth, China’s economic growth slowed in 2015. In 2015, the US GDP per capita was 55904 US dollars, and China’s US $8280. (compile Long Jun) editor in chief: Wang Yongsheng SF153

美媒:半数美国人认为中国是世界头号经济体 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   美媒:半数美国人认为中国是世界头号经济体   参考消息网2月24日报道 美媒称,盖洛普民调显示半数美国人认为中国是世界头号经济体,尽管经济报告显示的情况相反。   据合众社2月22日报道称,在拥有近20年历史的盖洛普世界事务调查中,当问及受访者哪个国家是他们认为的世界头号经济体时,大多数美国人首次选择了另一个国家,而未选择他们自己的国家。在对1021名成人进行的抽样调查中,只有37%的人说美国是全球经济领导者。   报道称,调查中,44%以上的受访者预言美国将超过中国并再次引领全球经济,这种情况将在20年后发生。   但中国的经济报告却对美国人的看法有异议。   报道称,在经历了数年创纪录的强劲增长后,中国经济2015年增速放缓。2015年美国人均GDP为55904美元,中国则为8280美元。(编译 龙君) 责任编辑:王永生 SF153相关的主题文章:

中国人民银行人事教育司司长、党委组织部部长兼培训中心副主任、中共中国人民银行纪委委员   2003.07–2005.06 眉姐续集

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The State Council removed Guo Ligen CBRC and CIRC vice chairman Zhou Yanli Post Fund Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Appointment and removal of state personnel by the state council. Wang Hesheng was appointed deputy director of the national health and Family Planning Commission; the appointment of Liu Zhengrong, Zhang Sutang as vice president of Xinhua news agency; Xue Xiaofeng was appointed the Central People’s Government in the Macao Special Administrative Region deputy director of the liaison office; appointed vice chairman Yu for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the winter Paralympic Games organizing committee. Xu Dazhe was relieved of the Vice Minister of industry and information technology, director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the National Atomic Energy Agency Director Office, director of the National Defense Industry Bureau; from the dragon new vice president of Xinhua News Agency vice president Guo Ligen was removed from office; Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Zhou Yanli was removed from office; China Insurance Regulatory Commission Office from the ocean; the focus of large state-owned enterprises supervisory board chairman. Guo Ligen’s resume: born in Beijing in 1955, junior college degree. 1972.12–1984.12, China, 57316 people’s Liberation Army soldiers, technicians 1984.12–1988.11, the people’s Bank of Chinese Education Department cadres 1988.11–1991.02, the people’s Bank of China political education department deputy director of 1991.02–1993.03, the people’s Bank of China division of personnel cadres appointment office deputy director and director of 1993.03–1994.05, the people’s Bank of China division of personnel system of cadres at 1994.05–1998.08 1998.08–2001.01 director, deputy director of Personnel Department of the people’s Bank of China, deputy director of the division of personnel and education, the people’s Bank of Chinese Deputy Minister of the Organization Department of the Party committee and deputy director of the training center of 2001.01–2003.07, the people’s Bank of China education personnel Secretary of Party committee, organization department minister and deputy director of the training center, the people’s Bank of Chinese commission members 2003.07–2005.06, China banking supervision Director of the Ministry of personnel, supervision and Management Committee Party Committee Organization Department Minister 2005.06–2005.12, China Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman, Party committee assistant 2005.12–2016.09, vice president, Chinese banking supervision and Management Committee Party committee. Zhou Yanli was born in June 1956 and was born in Shandong, Jimo. He joined the work in March 1976. He graduated from Liaoning Institute of Finance and economics, and he was a senior economist. 1997.04 – 1998.11 Chinese people’s Insurance (Group) general manager of international department from 1998.11 to 1999.12 Chinese Insurance Regulatory Commission property insurance regulatory department is mainly responsible for 1999.12 – 2000.04 Chinese Insurance Regulatory Commission Shanghai Insurance Regulatory Office for the 国务院免去银监会郭利根和保监会周延礼副主席职务 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   国务院任免国家工作人员。   任命王贺胜为国家卫生和计划生育委员会副主任;任命刘正荣、张宿堂为新华通讯社副社长;任命薛晓峰为中央人民政府驻澳门特别行政区联络办公室副主任;任命于再清为北京2022年冬奥会和冬残奥会组织委员会副主席。   免去许达哲的工业和信息化部副部长、国家航天局局长、国家原子能机构主任、国家国防科技工业局局长职务;免去龙新南的新华通讯社副社长职务;免去郭利根的中国银行业监督管理委员会副主席职务;免去周延礼的中国保险监督管理委员会副主席职务;免去罗汉的国有重点大型企业监事会主席职务。   郭利根履历:   1955年出生于北京,大专学历。   1972.12–1984.12,,中国人民解放军57316部队战士、技师   1984.12–1988.11,中国人民银行教育司干部   1988.11–1991.02,中国人民银行教育司政治处副处长   1991.02–1993.03,中国人民银行人事司机关干部任免处副处长、处长   1993.03–1994.05,中国人民银行人事司系统干部处处长   1994.05–1998.08,中国人民银行人事司副司长   1998.08–2001.01,中国人民银行人事教育司副司长、党委组织部副部长兼培训中心副主任   2001.01–2003.07,中国人民银行人事教育司司长、党委组织部部长兼培训中心副主任、中共中国人民银行纪委委员   2003.07–2005.06,中国银行业监督管理委员会人事部主任、党委组织部部长   2005.06–2005.12,中国银行业监督管理委员会主席助理、党委委员   2005.12–2016.09,中国银行业监督管理委员会副主席、党委委员。   周延礼履历   1956年6月出生,山东即墨人,   1976年3月参加工作,毕业于辽宁财经学院,高级经济师。   1997.04―1998.11  中国人民保险(集团)公司国际部总经理   1998.11―1999.12  中国保险监督管理委员会财产保险监管部主要负责人   1999.12―2000.04  中国保险监督管理委员会上海保险监管办公室筹备组组长   2000.04―2001.12  中国保险监督管理委员会上海保险监管办公室主任、党委书记   2001.12―2003.03  中国保险监督管理委员会党委委员、上海保险监管办公室主任、党委书记   2003.03―2003.09  中国保险监督管理委员会(机构改为正部级)上海保险监管办公室主任、党委书记   2003.09―2005.08  中国保险监督管理委员会主席助理、党委委员兼人事教育部主任、党委组织部部长   2005.08―2007.08  中国保险监督管理委员会副主席、党委委员兼人事教育部主任、党委组织部部长   2007.08―2013.10  中国保险监督管理委员会副主席、党委委员     2013.10―2016.09  中国保险监督管理委员会副主席、党委副书记。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

黎瑞刚出掌邵氏兄弟 武林外传日月精华

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Li Ruigang, head of Shaw Brothers released: revitalize the roadmap as Shaw Brothers, Li Ruigang released a roadmap to revitalize the newspaper reporter Wu Yanyu Beijing reported this time, Mr Li will reach deep into the film and television industry. TVB has served as vice chairman, chairman of Shaw Brothers, the afternoon of October 27th, Shaw Brothers Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Shaw Brothers", HK:00953) held a press conference in Hongkong, the newly appointed chairman of the board of directors of the Li Ruigang Shaw announced the next two pieces of single type, including movies, TV dramas and variety shows. Twenty-first Century economic report found in Shaw Brothers of the announcement, Mr Li served as chairman of Shaw Brothers currently holds 29.94% of the issued share capital. This is Li Ruigang in Hongkong film and television industry further penetration, for Shao brothers and Hongkong Television Broad-casts Limited (hereinafter referred to as TVB) in the development of the mainland is also a catalyst. With both the accumulation of resources and word of mouth, will help each other to better develop the two markets. The office for Shaw Brothers, the Chinese Cultural Industry Investment Fund (hereinafter referred to as "CMC") related personnel of twenty-first Century economic report revealed that Mr Li will be specifically responsible for the Shaw business office is not so simple. Mr Li said, "the future of Chinese culture and TVB as a strategic shareholder Shaw, their system and Chinese from mainland China, Hongkong and the global advantage of movie resources and shore close linkage, joint innovation, to develop a global Chinese film market." Before penetrating the Hongkong market as chairman of the board of directors, Li Ruigang has gradually penetrated into the Hongkong market. Last April, Mr Li shares the largest shareholder of TVB Young Lion, which will hold its TVB shares transferred to Li Ruigang’s Chinese cultural media entertainment limited. TVB was founded in 1967 by Li Xiao and Qi Dezun, Run Run Shaw, et al. In January 26, 2011, TVB announced the release announcement of changes in equity, which owns 26% of its shares and other important assets of the Shaw Brothers, reached an agreement with the ITC group, via group and Providence investment company consisting of three party investment group Young Lion. Young Lion purchased TVB shares of Shao brothers in total, totaling 114 million shares, with a nominal value of 0.05 yuan, accounting for 26% of the total issued share capital of the group. This part of the shares after the change, the management of TVB remains unchanged, but the ITC Group Chairman Chen Guoqiang, chairman Wang Xuehong and Providence via Group CEO Jonathan Nielsen was elected three people will join the TVB board of directors. The origin of Li Ruigang and TVB should start in 2012, Mr Li’s CMC teamed up with the Shanghai Oriental Media Group Limited (SMG), and TVB jointly funded the establishment of Oriental jade, TVB responsible for all business in the mainland. Shares TVB, last September, Mr Li combined with Warner Brothers, TVB, jointly funded the establishment of the Flagship Studios, headquartered in Hongkong. 51 groups holding by the consortium led by Li Yuan

黎瑞刚出掌邵氏兄弟:发布盘活路线图   出掌邵氏兄弟 黎瑞刚发布盘活路线图   本报记者 吴燕雨 北京报道   这一次,黎瑞刚将触角深入到了香港影视产业。   先后出任TVB副主席、邵氏兄弟主席后,10月27日下午,邵氏兄弟控股有限公司(下简称“邵氏兄弟”,HK:00953)在香港召开发布会,刚刚出任董事会主席的黎瑞刚公布了邵氏未来两年的片单,类型包括电影、电视剧及综艺节目。   21世纪经济报道在邵氏兄弟的公告中发现,出任董事长的黎瑞刚目前持有邵氏兄弟已发行股本的29.94%。   这是黎瑞刚在香港影视产业进一步渗透,对于邵氏兄弟及香港电视广播有限公司(以下简称TVB)在内地的发展也是一针催化剂。借助双方积累的资源和口碑,都将助力彼此更好地开拓双方市场。   对于此次任职邵氏兄弟,华人文化产业投资基金(下称“CMC”)相关人员对21世纪经济报道透露,黎瑞刚将具体负责邵氏的业务,并非任职这么简单。   黎瑞刚对此表示,“未来华人文化和TVB作为邵氏的战略股东,将把各自体系以及中国内地、香港乃至全球的优势电影资源和邵氏紧密联动,共同创新突破,联手开拓全球华语电影市场。”   渗透香港市场   在出任董事会主席前,黎瑞刚就已将触角一步步深入到了香港市场。   去年4月,黎瑞刚入股TVB第一大股东Young Lion,后者将自身所持有TVB的股份转让给黎瑞刚旗下的华人文化传媒娱乐有限公司。   TVB由利孝和、祁德尊、邵逸夫等人创办于1967年。2011年1月26日,TVB发布股权变动公告,宣布拥有其26%股份及其他重要资产的邵氏兄弟,与德祥集团、威盛集团和普罗维登斯投资公司三方组成的投资集团Young Lion达成协议。Young Lion全数购入邵氏兄弟的TVB股权――共计1.14亿股,每股面值0.05元,约占集团已发行股本的26%。   此部分股份变动后,TVB管理层保持不变,但德祥集团主席陈国强、威盛集团董事长王雪红和普罗维登斯公司行政总裁乔纳森・尼尔森三人将被推选加入TVB董事局。   而黎瑞刚与TVB的渊源要从2012年说起,黎瑞刚旗下CMC联手上海东方传媒集团有限公司(SMG),与TVB共同出资组建翡翠东方,负责TVB在内地的所有业务。   入股TVB 后,去年9月,黎瑞刚联合华纳兄弟、TVB,共同出资成立了旗舰影业,总部设在香港。黎瑞刚领导的财团控股51%,华纳兄弟持股49%,TVB占华人文化财团的10%。目标定位在于开发制作华语、英语大片,面向全球市场发行。   不久前,TVB公告称,黎瑞刚将出任TVB董事局副主席。如今,出任TVB董事局副主席的他,已经基本完成了在香港电影的代表企业――TVB和邵氏渗透。   而在黎瑞刚看来,“在相当长的时间里,邵氏一定程度上代表了香港的电影工业,是香港电影传统的缩影,也是香港电影演艺及创作人才的摇篮。”   此外,黎瑞刚在香港的另一项重要业务是与IMAX公司的合作,双方共同成立IMAX中国,并于去年10月8日在香港联交所上市。   多维度发力 盘活邵氏   21世纪经济报道记者梳理发现,邵氏兄弟控股公布的2016年中期业绩,公司亏损2033.7万元,去年同期则亏损6854.1万元。目前,其总资产为6.3亿元。   在黎瑞刚的个人履历中,他管理SMG期间,将SMG的收入从18.5亿增长至2011年的167.3亿,盘活能力在业内屈指一数。邵氏兄弟是否能在他的带领下扭亏为盈,还是未知数。   从目前发布的片单信息来看,黎瑞刚入职后的邵氏兄弟,将从多个维度发力。此次发布的主控及参投项目跨电影、电视,开发、制作、投资。其中,电影项目包括真人电影和动画电影类型覆盖多样,题材也较为广泛。并纳入了香港和内地的一线艺人、导演、制作人班底,调动美国、日本等优质IP,好莱坞及欧洲电影人也将参与其中。   在即将上映的电影中,包括由冯德伦执导的《侠盗联盟》;另一部电影《脱皮爸爸》入围“第29届东京国际电影节”主竞赛单元,改编自日本剧作家佃典彦作品,由古天乐、吴镇宇主演。   正在制作中的电影,包括和华纳兄弟、旗舰影业合拍的深海灾难巨制《巨齿鲨》。该片改编自美国畅销科幻小说《MEG》,据悉,该片斥资约10亿元人民币。阵容方面,由好莱坞导演乔・德特杜巴(Jon Turteltaub)执导,由《指环王》的幕后班底制作。该片将通过华纳兄弟对全球市场发行,预计于2018年全球公映。   动漫电影在国内也正在迎来上升期。《中国动画电影发展报告(2015)》显示,2015年全年,动画电影在内地的总票房超过40亿人民币,2016年第一季度,动画电影在内地的票房已经突破30亿元,全年有望突破60亿元。   在动画电影领域,邵氏将联手香港和内地的合作伙伴,采用4K、3D动画形式。片单包括《射雕英雄传》等。   此外,邵氏将发力网络剧。即将开拍的项目包括与优酷土豆合作的大型警匪动作剧《飞虎极战》。   目前,邵氏独家拥有对TVB旗下IP的电影开发权。今年暑期档的热门电影《使徒行者》获得6亿票房,是邵氏开发电影项目的代表。   实际上,香港电影在内地也正在增长。艺恩智库的数据显示,截至10月27日,香港电影(包括合拍片)上映数量为36部,票房达到110.88亿元;去年和前年分别为,45部、33.73亿元;39部,54.92亿元。   包括《美人鱼》在内的头部影片,均为内地和香港的合拍片。这类影片需要在国家新闻出版广电总局进行合拍片立项审批;而纯粹的港片,则按照引进片类型,一位了解电影审核流程及相关法规的业内人士告诉记者,港片虽作为引进片,但不占引进片份额,并能享受优惠政策。   此次黎瑞刚的加入,显然为邵氏在内地市场的发展起到一定的作用。但业务层面的促进作用将如何体现?电影产业终究是内容主导,还需要看其项目的后续价值。   ( 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

the coupon rate 豪门游戏端木火火

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In February 24th the Ministry of finance will issue 20 billion bonds of Sina Financial News website of the Ministry of Finance announced that, in order to raise financial funds to support national economic and social development, the Ministry of Finance decided to continue to issue interest bearing book entry in 2016 for the first time in February 24th (three) bond issuance (3 years), the total face value of 20 billion yuan coupon the interest rate of 2.55%. First, the issuing condition, the date of interest, the arrangement of payment, the coupon rate, the transaction and the trusteeship of the Treasury bonds issued by the same issue are the same as those issued before the same period. Starting from January 28, 2016 interest rate; coupon interest rate of 2.55%; annual interest payments, pay interest every year in January 28th, repay the principal in January 28, 2019 and pay the last interest. (1) quantity of issue. The total amount of competitive bidding face value is 20 billion yuan. (two) date arrangement. In February 24th, the same day treasury bonds issued before the end of the day were stopped trading; the bidding was completed until February 25th; the listed companies in the same period were consolidated with the previous treasury bonds issued on February 29th. (three) competitive bidding time. February 24, 2016 10:35 a.m. to 11:35 a.m.. (four) issuing fee. 0.05% of the face value of the underwriting. Two. Competitive bidding (1) bidding method. The mixed bidding method is used to mark the price. (two) limit of scale. Bid a change in the magnitude of 0.03 yuan, excluding the tender, the successful culling and every member of the underwriting syndicate bid difference were 80, 15 and 30 mark. Three, the issue of payment winning syndicate on February 25, 2016 (including February 25th), a money paid into the account designated by the Ministry of finance will be issued. The date of payment is subject to the receipt of the designated account of the Ministry of finance. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

财政部2月24日将发行200亿记账式国债   新浪财经讯 财政部网站发布公告称,为筹集财政资金,支持国民经济和社会事业发展,财政部决定将于2月24号第一次续发行2016年记账式附息(三期)国债(3年期),发行面值总额200亿元,票面利率2.55%。   一、发行条件   本次续发行国债的起息日、兑付安排、票面利率、交易及托管方式等与之前发行的同期国债相同。从2016年1月28日开始计息;票面利率2.55%;按年付息,每年1月28日支付利息,2019年1月28日偿还本金并支付最后一次利息。   (一)发行数量。竞争性招标面值总额200亿元,不进行甲类成员追加投标。   (二)日期安排。2月24日招标,之前发行的同期国债当日停止交易一天;招标结束至2月25日进行分销;2月29日起与之前发行的同期国债合并上市交易。   (三)竞争性招标时间。2016年2月24日上午10:35至11:35。   (四)发行手续费。承销面值的0.05%。   二、竞争性招标   (一)招标方式。采用混合式招标方式,标的为价格。   (二)标位限定。投标标位变动幅度为0.03元,投标剔除、中标剔除和每一承销团成员投标标位差分别为80个、15个和30个标位。   三、发行款缴纳   中标承销团成员于2016年2月25日前(含2月25日),将发行款一次缴入财政部指定账户。缴款日期以财政部指定账户收到款项为准。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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Zhengzhou Nissan 2015 sales decline seriously, major adjustment mystery pending to upgrade status or be absorbed merger? Zhengzhou Nissan major adjustment mysteries to be solved Geng Huili set up earlier, the ill fated Zhengzhou Nissan will usher in a major turning point. The evening of February 22nd, A shares of Dongfeng Automobile Shares announcement, the company intends to adjust the planning related to the subsidiary of the Zhengzhou Nissan Motor Co’s assets and business, Dongfeng Automobile Shares of the 23 day since the beginning of the suspension. Zhengzhou Nissan announced the assets and business restructuring is from Zhengzhou Nissan Dongfeng shares off directly by the parent company Dongfeng Motor Company (hereinafter referred to as the DFL) jurisdiction, Dongfeng shares, Dongfeng Nissan and Dongfeng Limited "belong into level" unit. But the severe decline in sales, for Nissan OEM, and integration of sales channels and Nissan channel rumors, also let the development prospect of Zhengzhou Nissan cast a shadow. After this time the assets and business restructuring, enhance the management level on the surface level of Zhengzhou Nissan, is independent to usher in a more broad space for development, or to further absorb the merger? It’s not known yet. The grim situation was founded in 1993, started early in many mainstream joint venture Zhengzhou Nissan, is now in the enterprise was founded more than 20 years the most serious period. Related data show that in 2015, Zhengzhou Nissan sold a total of 35 thousand, down 28.4%. Affected by this, Zhengzhou Nissan will be 2016 sales target set to 78 thousand. As early as 2010, Zhengzhou Nissan’s sales have exceeded 100 thousand. In 2014, Zhengzhou Nissan released its medium-term business plan, with the main goal of reaching 200 thousand vehicles in 2016. Today, Zhengzhou Nissan sales performance, quite a kind of "hard work for more than 10 years, one night back to ten years ago" desolate feeling. Explore Zhengzhou Nissan decline reasons, first, the external environment is unfavorable, the overall growth of car market slowdown. In 2013, Zhengzhou Nissan sold 118 thousand vehicles, sold 111 thousand in 2014, failed to achieve the goal of 146 thousand and 500 vehicles. Two is the development of multilateral equity constraints. As early as in 1993 when it was founded, Zhengzhou Nissan’s shareholders is quite complex, including CITIC Group, Nissan, Zhengzhou light gasoline, Thailand Sanyou and Henan branch of ICBC five party three members, leading enterprises in the capital, the introduction of products is quite limited. In 2001, Nissan will increase its daily stock ratio in Zhengzhou from 5% to 30%, and will establish Zhengzhou Nissan as a light commercial vehicle base. In 2004, Nissan matchmaking, Dongfeng Nissan Co. in Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou Nissan Dongfeng shares shares ratio adjusted for 51%, Dongfeng Nissan Co., 28.65%, (China) Investment Company Limited 20.35%. The shareholders after the adjustment, although the Zhengzhou Nissan problem from the previous multi shareholder difficult coordination, backed by the great tree of Dongfeng Group, Dongfeng group but whether in the system or in the Nissan China, its position is edge. Dongfeng, although Zhengzhou Nissan has been established as one of Dongfeng Group’s independent plate, whether it is light commercial vehicle or S theory

郑州日产2015年销量严重下滑 重大调整谜团待解   地位升级还是被吸纳合并? 郑州日产重大调整谜团待解   耿慧丽   成立较早,命运多舛的郑州日产将迎来重大转折。   2月22日晚,A股上市公司东风汽车股份发布公告,公司拟筹划对控股子公司郑州日产汽车有限公司的资产和业务进行相关调整,东风汽车股份23日起开始停牌。   郑州日产方面对外声称,此次资产和业务调整是将郑州日产从东风股份剥离,由直属母公司东风汽车有限公司(以下简称东风有限)管辖,与东风股份、东风日产变成同属东风有限的“平级”单位。   但销量严重下滑,为东风日产代工,以及销售渠道与东风日产渠道整合等传闻,也让郑州日产的发展前景蒙上一层阴影。   此番资产与业务调整之后,表面上管理层级提升一级的郑州日产,是迎来更加独立广阔的发展空间,还是进一步被吸纳合并?目前尚不得而知。   危局严峻   成立于1993年,起步早于很多主流合资企业的郑州日产,现正处于企业成立20多年来最严峻的时期。   相关数据显示,2015年,郑州日产共销售3.5万辆,同比下滑28.4%。受此影响,郑州日产将2016年的销售目标定为7.8万辆。早在2010年,郑州日产的销量已经突破10万辆。2014年,郑州日产发布中期事业规划,主要目标是2016年销量达到20万辆。   如今郑州日产的销量表现,颇有种“辛辛苦苦十多年,一夜回到十年前”的凄凉感。探究郑州日产下滑原因,一是外界大环境不利,车市整体增长放缓。2013年郑州日产共销售11.8万辆,2014年销售11.1万辆,未能达成14.65万辆的目标。   二是多方股权带来的发展掣肘。早在1993年成立时,郑州日产的股东就颇为复杂,包括中信集团、日产汽车、郑州轻汽、泰国三友和工行河南支行五方三国成员,导致企业在资金、产品引进上颇为受限。2001年,日产将在郑州日产的股比由之前的5%提升至30%,并将郑州日产确立为轻型商用车基地。2004年,在日产的牵线下,东风有限入主郑州日产,郑州日产的股比调整为东风股份51%,东风有限28.65%,日产(中国)投资有限公司20.35%。   股东调整之后,虽然郑州日产摆脱以前多方股东难以协调的难题,背靠东风集团这颗大树,但无论是在东风集团体系还是在日产中国,其地位都比较边缘。东风方面,虽然郑州日产被确立为东风集团大自主的板块之一,无论是轻型商用车还是SUV乘用车都推行日产与东风两个品牌,两条腿走路,但在产品研发与投放上,郑州日产毕竟不如东风风神等嫡系自主品牌受重视;日产方面,定位为轻型商用车基地的郑州日产无论如何也难与日产在华乘用车合资公司东风日产相比。   再加上,2015年,入主郑州日产的东风集团将主政郑州日产多年的一把手郭振甫调离,由东风股份党委副书记郑加坤接任郑州日产总经理。从资本结构上讲,东风集团对郑州日产的管理层调整无可厚非,但调离扎根郑州日产多年被视为企业核心的高管带来了不小的震荡,进一步拖累了郑州日产的发展。   2015年,郑州日产在老款奇骏的基础上推出东风风度MX6,这款来自东风日产的乘用车拳头产品,依然未能止住郑州日产销量下滑的颓势。   接近郑州日产的消息人士透露,东风方面的管理层接管郑州日产后,以减员增效为名进行了大波人事调整,目前已经进行三批裁员。一些部门也进行了整合,再加上销量业绩不理想,不仅中方人员的待遇下滑,连日方派驻员工的待遇也颇受影响,待遇降级。目前郑州日产的日方代表意见也很大,甚至喊出要撤离以对东风方面施压。   前路如何   此次对郑州日产的资产与业务双重调整,东风股份在公告中并未详细说明,仅表示“该事项尚无具体方案,且存在重大不确定性。”东风有限方面也表示“郑州日产股权涉及到三方面,构成复杂,需研究后再对外公告。”   郑州日产方面的解释稍微具体些,指向郑州日产将从东风股份剥离,今后成为与东风股份、东风日产平级的公司,隶属于东风有限。“这意味着东风对郑州日产的管理层级提升了,决策更快,管理也更清晰,对郑州日产来说是好事情。”郑州日产方面对媒体表示。   但在官方的乐观解读之外,员工们有另外的担心:“日方派驻人员春节后都没有进驻了,目前一些需要提交日方签字的文件都不需要上交了。都不知道以后还是不是合资公司了。”一位要求匿名的郑州日产内部员工有些困惑地表示。   这种担忧也并非杞人忧天,由于在东风与日产中外股东的棋盘中位置尴尬,多年来有关郑州日产被吞并整合的传闻不断。   早在东风入主郑州日产之初,就传出过郑州日产将并入东风日产的传闻。去年年中,还传出过东风日产与郑州日产销售渠道合并的消息。甚至郑州日产的核心人物郭振甫被调离,也被外界解读为东风将整合郑州日产的前奏。   从东风方面来看,郑州日产目前对于东风大自主的贡献非常有限。将其全盘并入东风日产,成为东风日产的生产基地,也没有太多损失;另一条出路是提升其自主品牌表现,但这无疑需要加大投入,加强对郑州日产的一系列管控。   从日产方面来看,郑州日产的地位始终不及东风日产,将郑州日产定位为全球轻型商用车基地后引入的凯普斯达、NV200等产品都难言成功,日产近两年已经没有再向郑州日产投放新产品。与东风合作愉快的日产,不会因为销量不高、地位边缘的郑州日产而与东风发生争执。“目前郑州日产对于日产方面已经意义不大,对于东风方面作为东风大自主板块还有一定吸引力,此番调整很可能是出于强化东风管辖的目的,为东风大自主铺路。”汽车行业分析师张志勇表示。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

对全国性新能源汽车推广工作都具有示范作用 皖南医学院学报

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New energy vehicles need to heat, add fire (big data observation) – Finance – drawing: Cai Huawei August 25th, 2016 Beijing fourth small passenger car index Yaohao allocation results, not expected, this year’s 51 thousand index of new energy vehicles have been robbed, 3299 people are still unable to obtain new energy vehicle license plate. This also indicates that the individual who has applied for but has not received the new energy vehicle number or needs to wait until next year to wait for the allocation. According to the data released by the management and Control Office of Beijing minibus index, the annual quota of Beijing minibus index is 150 thousand, of which 60 thousand are new energy minibus indicators. The unit of new energy passenger car configuration quota, has long been configured in the third phase. No longer see multiple factors to produce thrust compared with last year’s waste index, to describe this year in Beijing City, new energy automobile index allocation situation with "go", not too much. Beijing Chaoyang District Wang is the fourth phase of this year’s new energy passenger car applicants, "before this, I have applied for nearly 40 passenger car index, recently heard that new energy vehicles will not be able to get the number, so decisively abandon the application of fuel vehicle indicators." For new energy vehicles will be tightening quotas such as Mr. Wang worry, as for new energy vehicles "arms" of the people of Beijing, is increasing. Yan Jinghui, who has been engaged in automobile sales for many years, said: "from the change of the number of applicants in recent years, consumers have changed from wait-and-see state to urgency." National Passenger Car Association Secretary General Cui Dongshu said: "whether units or individuals, the number of applications has been according to the degree of tension plate showed the corresponding fluctuations, which is decided by the distribution system of Beijing plate of the car market. Not only many families have rigid demand for cars, unit demand is relatively strong, so consumers have gone through the process of never agree to choose." Mr. Bai, who lives in Fengtai District this year, successfully applied for the second phase of new energy passenger car indicators, "home children are going to kindergarten, taking into account the usual travel radius is not too big, I bought a Jianghuai iEV5.". The state has subsidies for new energy vehicles, and in actual use, I am also more satisfied, it can be said to kill two birds with one stone." New energy vehicles license application hot, the actual number of car buyers have not kept up with. The main reason is that after getting the license, allowing a half year delay period, and consumers want to see a better product launch at this time, wait-and-see mentality is more common. In addition, the phenomenon of licence sublease also exists, because not all of them are eligible for licences, and some of the required nonlocal population have the opportunity to use licences in violation of regulations." Cui Dongshu analysis. Begun to taste the sweetness is not limited to the line, the energy consumption and low cost of new energy vehicles, especially electric cars in the demonstration process, so that consumers tasted a lot of sweetness. Mr. Bai told reporters: "energy consumption, low cost, no limit, no limit line, is the biggest power I buy electric vehicles."." The industry has "three degrees of electricity, a liter of oil" argument, which means that electric vehicles with 3 degrees of electricity, you can reach 1 liters of fuel oil mileage of operation. Since last year since the end of September, a new) 新能源汽车热,还需加把火(大数据观察)–财经–人民网   制图:蔡华伟  8月25日,2016年北京市第四期小客车指标摇号配置结果公布,不出外界所料,今年的5.1万个新能源车指标已全部被抢完,仍有3299人无法获得新能源车号牌。这也表明,此次通过申请但未获得新能源汽车号的个人或需等到明年再轮候配置。  根据北京市小客车指标调控管理办公室公布的数据,今年北京小客车指标年度配额为15万个,其中新能源小客车指标额度6万个。而单位新能源小客车配置额度,也早已在第三期配置完毕。  不再观望  多重因素产生推力  与去年存在浪费指标的现象相比,用“僧多粥少”来形容今年北京市新能源汽车指标配置状况,毫不为过。  北京市朝阳区王先生是今年第四期新能源小客车申请者,“在此之前,我已申请过将近40期小客车指标,最近听说新能源汽车也将可能拿不到号,所以果断放弃申请燃油车指标。”出于对新能源汽车配额即将缩紧的担心,如王先生一样转投新能源汽车“怀抱”的北京市民,正在不断增加。  从事汽车销售工作多年的颜景辉表示:“从近几期申请人数的变化看,消费者已由观望状态转为有了紧迫感。”  全国乘用车联席会秘书长崔东树认为:“无论单位还是个人,申请数量一直根据号牌的紧张程度呈现相应的波动,这是由北京汽车市场号牌的分配体系决定的。不仅许多家庭对汽车有刚性需求,单位用车需求也比较旺盛,因此消费者经历了从不认同到选择的过程。”  家住丰台区的白先生今年成功申请到第二期新能源小客车指标,“家中小孩正在上幼儿园,考虑到平时出行半径不算太大,我买了一款江淮iEV5。国家对新能源车有补贴,实际使用中,我也比较满意,可以说是一举两得。”  新能源汽车牌照申请火爆,实际购车人数暂时还没有跟上。“主要原因是拿到牌照之后,允许有半年延迟期,而消费者希望在这段时间看到更好的产品推出,观望心态较普遍。此外,牌照转租的现象也存在,由于并非所有人都有资格获得牌照,一些有需求的外地人口采取违反规定的方式,获得使用牌照的机会。”崔东树分析。  初尝甜头  不限行,能耗成本低  新能源汽车尤其是电动汽车在示范推广过程中,让消费者尝到不少甜头。  白先生告诉记者:“能耗成本低、不限号、不限行,是我买电动汽车的最大动力。”业界有“三度电,一升油”的说法,意即电动汽车用3度电,就能达到燃油汽车1升油的运行里程。  自去年9月底以来,关于新能源汽车的利好政策不断出台。据颜景辉介绍,北京北辰亚运村车市甚至出现两小时内卖出3辆电动汽车的交易速度。  与其他有车一族不同,在北京东三环附近工作的小焦十分青睐电动汽车租赁模式。自从楼下开了家电动汽车租赁公司,平时外出办事方便多了,“我经常会开着去西四环办事。到了周末还会租用半天新能源汽车,要么朋友聚会,要么开去近郊游玩。”“京津两地之间相距不足两百公里,现在一般的电动汽车都能满足这一续航要求。”小焦说。不过,小焦要想将车开回山东老家,还是不太放心,“高速公路上充电不方便,万一遇到返程客流高峰,堵在路上就麻烦了。”  电动汽车无法满足长距离行驶要求,充电设施普及率低,给许多车主带来难题。家住怀柔的郑先生在北京西二环附近上班,由于补贴力度大,早在去年就将一部续航200公里的电动汽车收入囊中,等到冬季才发现实际续航能力并不如意,“由于气温低,电池无法正常工作,为保证顺利到达上班地点,我只能不使用车内的暖风。”  夯实基础  期待质量服务更上层楼  北京市新能源汽车发展促进中心主任牛近明介绍:“截至目前,北京市已建有5万余个充电桩,其中私人领域充电桩超过2万个,社会场所为老百姓提供的充电桩约6000个。充电桩虽然建了不少,但是老百姓并没有觉得多方便。”  “未来除了要在充电设施上下功夫外,汽车生产厂家也应针对北方特殊的环境,选用电池能量密度更高的产品,提升续航里程,改进车内设计,使电动车主有更好的驾驶感受。”崔东树表示。  新能源汽车在北京市场的需求约占全国的30%,解决好使用过程中的各类问题,对全国性新能源汽车推广工作都具有示范作用。通过近几年的实际应用,新能源汽车出现了一些亟待改进的问题,比如生产成本高、续航里程短、充电安全存隐患等。对此,北汽新能源公司总工程师陈平表示,该公司近期的一些开发工作,正在围绕市场需求,追求更高的性能指标。  市场需求不断增加,新旧车型也在迭代。目前市场上性能较好的新能源车型甚至出现“一车难求”的现象。颜景辉介绍,200公里以上续航能力的车型十分紧俏,“提货时间排在两个月之后的情况再正常不过了。”  陈平分析认为:“新能源汽车的核心在于电池,目前车用动力电池的需求量已达到去年的两三倍,所以关键零部件的产能局限导致供货出现紧缺。国内各大电池厂家正在逐步扩产, 相信今年年底供货短缺的局面就会改善。”  中国汽车流通协会副秘书长罗磊也表示,新能源汽车产品大部分出自自主创新企业,供货紧张的问题应该不会长期存在。  本期统筹:吴 燕   《 人民日报 》( 2016年09月02日 10 版) (责编:王子侯、杨曦)相关的主题文章:

the main market in the short term is difficult to fully achieve homing diligence 海兰珠的喜剧人生

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The Commission will strictly regulate the capital market information dissemination order Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors are using – reporter Wang Xiaowei Chinese from the development of capital markets, law enforcement safeguard the market has become more and more effective, fair and transparent, has become an effective means to protect the interests of investors, boost the confidence of investors, become a strong backing to resolve the prevention of systemic financial risk, become an important driving force to promote and consolidate the basic system of capital market. People close to the regulators said, "wide into the strict control, strengthen the inspection of law enforcement, has been the focal point in our country’s capital market transformation"". To combat the stock market rumors as an example, the Commission is currently working on a strike by fabricating and spreading false information, strengthen the supervision of information disclosure, and in conjunction with the relevant departments to strengthen and standardize management of information service units and other initiatives to further regulate the capital market information and communication order. To maintain market fairness effectively boost investor confidence the industry pointed out that to strengthen the inspection of law enforcement is an important premise for the healthy operation of the capital market. Even in a relatively sound legal system, credit mechanism, perfect institutional investors a larger proportion of the United States, the United States Commission continues to improve law enforcement and law enforcement density, the SEC is almost more than half of the forces engaged in the inspection of law enforcement. In addition to a large number of administrative investigation cases undertaken by the Securities Regulatory Commission, there are a large number of securities civil and criminal cases every year. The capital market of our country has the basic characteristics of "emerging and transition", the main market in the short term is difficult to fully achieve homing diligence, honesty and self-discipline, administrative reconciliation, civil compensation and other "profit taking" channel is not smooth, capital will continue to challenge the bottom line supervision. On the one hand, the structure of the main retail investors determine the investment philosophy in favor of short-sighted, misuse of information, capital, technology and other advantages to engage in insider trading, "rat", market manipulation and other illegal or improper behavior exists, not only infringes the lawful rights and interests of investors, fairness and harm of the market, a serious distortion of price signal, make the control perfect, legal compliance, not money, underperformance, junk stocks often hit extremely high, the financial resources mismatch, fundamentally affect the normal functioning of the market. On the other hand, the governance structure of listed companies is not perfect, the special shareholding structure, easy to breed the issue of fraud, misrepresentation and other crimes, affect the transparency of the market, leading to information asymmetry, the effectiveness of the market. Therefore, only by strengthening the inspection of law enforcement, illegal misconduct, in order to promote the market openness, fairness and justice, improve the effectiveness of transparency and market, promote the market efficient allocation of financial resources. Inspection enforcement is also of great significance to investor protection. Industry experts, investor protection methods mainly include two types: individual protection and integrity protection, the former is the compensation for the loss of investors, the latter is mainly embodied in the enforcement of legal liability, and then reflected to the individual protection. This requires punishing market dishonesty, cracking down, curbing, punishing, deterring and damaging the legitimate rights and interests of investors, while actively discussing

证监会将严格规范资本市场信息传播秩序 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   □本报记者 王小伟   从中国资本市场的发展历程来看,稽查执法越来越成为维护市场有效、公平、透明的根本保障,成为保护投资者权益、提振投资者信心的有效手段,成为防范化解系统性金融风险的坚强后盾,成为促进、夯实资本市场基础制度的重要推手。接近监管层的人士透露,“宽进严管”、加强稽查执法,一直是我国资本市场监管转型的“着力点”。以打击股市谣言为例,目前证监会正在研究通过打击编造传播虚假信息、强化信息披露监管,以及会同有关部门加强对相关信息服务单位的规范管理等多种举措,进一步规范资本市场信息传播秩序。   维护市场有效公平   提振投资者信心   业内人士指出,加强稽查执法始终是资本市场健康运行的重要前提。即便在诚信机制较健全、法制较完善、机构投资者占比较大的美国,美国证监会仍不断提升执法力度和执法密度,美国证监会几乎一半以上的力量都在从事稽查执法。除了美国证监会承办的大量行政调查案件外,每年还有大量的证券民事与刑事案件。   我国资本市场具有“新兴加转轨”的基本特征,市场主体短期内还难以完全做到归位尽责、诚信自律,行政和解、民事赔偿等“获利回吐”渠道还较不顺畅,逐利资本必将不断挑战监管底线。一方面,散户为主的投资者结构决定了投资理念偏向短视,滥用信息、资金、技术等优势从事内幕交易、“老鼠仓”、操纵市场等违法不当行为大量存在,既侵害广大中小投资者合法权益,又损害市场的公平性,严重扭曲价格信号,使治理完善、合法守规的公司得不到资金,绩差股、垃圾股时常创出畸高,使金融资源发生错配,从根本上影响市场功能的正常发挥。另一方面,部分上市公司治理结构不完善、股权结构一股独大,容易孳生欺诈发行、虚假陈述等违法犯罪,影响市场的透明度,导致信息不对称,损害市场有效性。因此,只有通过切实加强稽查执法,打击违法不当行为,才能促进市场的公开、公平和公正,提高交易透明度和市场有效性,促进市场高效配置金融资源。   稽查执法对于投资者保护也具有重要意义。业内专家介绍,投资者保护方式主要包括两类——个体性保护和整体性保护,前者即投资者损失赔偿,后者则主要体现为通过稽查执法追究法律责任,进而反射到个体保护。这需要惩戒市场失信,严厉打击、遏制、惩处、震慑损害投资者合法权益的不法行为,同时积极推动建立健全民事赔偿诉讼机制,让违法者加倍付出经济赔偿,大幅增加违法成本。   券商人士指出,明晰的监管行动和及时、有力的稽查执法能够有效维护市场信用,保障投资者信心,赢得投资者信任,坚定投资者信念。尽管违法违规无法完全杜绝,但通过持续、有力的稽查执法工作,可以使投资者对于证监会严格执法形成合理预期,形成越来越强的参与意愿与信心,引导市场主体选择理性投资、合法投资、长期投资、价值投资,从而最终使股市得到健康、稳定、可持续的发展。   防范化解金融风险   夯实资本市场基础制度   熟悉中国资本市场发展历史的人士介绍,稽查执法在我国资本市场发展的历次关键时期都发挥了不可替代的重要作用。   2004-2007年证券公司风险处置和综合治理中,通过打击“德隆”“南方证券”等系列大要案,证券期货行业“浴火重生”,并得以有效抵御2008年国际金融危机的冲击;在上市公司清欠解保与股权分置改革中,对“掏空上市公司”等违法犯罪行为重拳出击,稽查执法成为重要攻坚手段;在稳妥推进股票发行注册制改革过程中,严厉打击万福生科、天能科技、新大地、天丰节能、博元投资等一系列欺诈发行、虚假陈述案件,实现前松后紧、宽进严出的组合效应,切实规范市场秩序。   相关人士介绍,近几年,随着资本市场金融产品和互联网技术创新的加快、市场层次的丰富以及市场规模的扩大,市场结构和面貌发生深刻变化,市场活力得以释放,混合型、交叉型产品越来越多,程序化交易、高频交易和“暗池”交易蓬勃发展,场外非法经营与配资迅速膨胀,违规手法日趋隐蔽复杂而变化多样。在减少事前审批的过程中,如果事中监管规则未能及时、有效跟进,风险得不到及时矫正与制止,到事后监管环节,则会以某市场领域、某类型的违法违规高发频发的形式集中表现出来,成为改革发展的“拦路虎”“绊脚石”。因此,稽查执法已经成为监管机构履行职责的最后一道防线,成为证券期货市场最后的“看门人”。某种意义上讲,也成为监管机构揭示监管重心及变化的风向标。   有法律专家表示,要在创新过程中推动市场的稳定发展,最有效的方式,就是要通过稽查执法对市场参与者的过度投机、违规不当、违法犯罪行为给予及时、严厉的惩戒和制裁,维护市场秩序,清除不合格的市场参与者,或在极端情况下进行风险处置,对资本市场的长期稳定健康发展起到保驾护航的作用。   完善稽查执法机制   推动监管转型   接近监管层的人士透露,“宽进严管”、加强稽查执法,早已成为我国资本市场监管转型的“着力点”。资本市场监管需要以此为契机,更加尊重市场客观规律,扭转市场发展早期存在的“重审批、轻监管”倾向,将监管机构的“主营业务”从审核审批向监管执法转变,将“工作重心”从事前把关向事中事后管理转移。   实际上,证监会近年来一直注重加快监管职能转变,加速减政放权,加强稽查执法,践行证监会“两维护、一促进”的主要职责。2013年8月,《中国证监会关于进一步加强稽查执法工作的意见》提出,“稽查执法是证监会的基本职责和核心工作,是加快资本市场改革开放、实现市场创新发展的重要基础,是维护公开、公平、公正的市场秩序、维护投资者合法权益、促进资本市场健康发展的根本保障。”   2014、2015年,证监会党委分别以“大力推进证券期货监管转型”“聚焦监管转型、提高监管效能”作为年度工作目标,采取一系列举措加强稽查执法。近几年,总体上看,稽查执法工作对市场热点难点的应对能力和对监管中心工作的服务能力不断提高,在市场健康发展过程中的保障促进功能越来越得到有效发挥,执法的公信力和社会认可度都在逐步提升。   证监会相关人士透露,违法违规行为往往滋生于监管体制、机制的薄弱环节或执法盲区。一方面,稽查执法在查处违法的同时,可以及时发现监管规则、创新业务中的漏洞,推动完善监管规则,提高治理水平,防止各类风险累计叠加形成系统性风险。2015年初,证监会稽查系统集中力量,主导了对203家证券期货经营机构及私募机构的“两个加强、两个遏制”专项检查,发现违法犯罪线索及时立案,发现合规风控问题及时处置,提请日常监管部门关注上百个其他风险隐患问题,对规范上述机构运作起到了积极促进作用。另一方面,通过开展典型案例宣传与警示教育培训活动,可以实现“打击与防范并举,惩罚与教育并重”,扩大案件查处的社会效果和预防效果。   证监会在推动监管转型、推动股票注册制改革的大背景下,提出并实施“2015证监法网专项执法”行动,推动监管执法全链条形成类案遏制、快查严处、集中发布、公开听证的新气象、新格局,案件查处效率、处罚力度和打击针对性明显提高。以打击股市谣言为例,2015年伊始,关于上市公司并购重组、监管执法动态和宏观经济政策的各类虚假信息大肆泛滥,扭曲市场价格信号,严重干扰投资者决策判断,侵蚀市场运行的基础。证监会陆续完成二十余起“股市谣言”案件的查处或联手查处工作,违法类型包括编造、传播虚假证券期货信息,证券投资咨询人员“抢帽子”操纵市场和非法从事证券投资咨询活动等。结合这些案件查办实践中暴露出的问题,证监会正在研究起草有关管理办法,旨在通过加强对证券期货市场信息服务提供单位的管理,进一步规范资本市场的信息发布、转载秩序。   此外,专项行动还就打击新三板违法违规行为、场外配资中典型违法违规等开展稽查执法行动,守住“不发生系统性金融风险”的底线,稳定了市场预期。多位法律人士指出,稽查执法作为事后监管的主要手段,已然成为证监会依法治市最直观、最有力的保障。在市场创新发展的过程中,必须加强稽查执法工作,有效打击各种违法犯罪行为,切实化解金融风险,加快推动形成“融资功能完备、基础制度扎实、市场监管有效、投资者权益得到充分保护”的股票市场。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

  2大部分货币基金将暂停营业   基金也是要过大年的哦 600609股吧

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On the eve of the three day countdown! These things must be done to "money" – Sohu financial good excited ~ after three days is the new year’s Eve! Happy be happy, in the family reunion and celebrate the Spring Festival, Jun planning is to remind everybody a few pieces before the need to know, and to complete the "event"! The 1 Spring Festival online banking interbank transfer stopped 3 days notice of the central bank, during the Spring Festival to pay the specific arrangements for the clearing system outage as follows: February 6, 2016 (the twelfth lunar month twenty-eight) to February 9th (7 p.m. is the beginning of the two month) 8 pm, suspend the operation of micro payment system and online payment interbank clearing system; in late February 6th 7 to February 9th night at 8:30, suspend the operation of the national check image exchange system; in late February 6th 9 to late February 9th 9, suspend the operation of the electronic commercial draft system. Good planning tips during the Spring Festival, most of the bank branches will be rested, Jun planning suggestions buddies: if you need to go to the bank for business outlets during the Spring Festival, ahead of the best view Business Hours outlets for the interbank payment; if necessary, the remittance business in the Spring Festival during the outage indeed, you can choose ATM (through the bank self-service terminal), or by Alipay, WeChat and other three party payment platform transfers. Most of the 2 monetary fund will be closed to fund is a celebration of Oh, the monetary fund is no exception, the festival Closing has become a law. The fund will usually inform investors a few days before the suspension of purchase by mail or SMS, so we have to be prepared in advance. Zero wallet also belongs to the monetary fund, in February 3rd before 15 pm in the purse, will be able to work before the Spring Festival, after 15 days in the purse, it can only wait for the Spring Festival after the end of the work. On February, assistant to save money, credit will be tight, want to buy a buddy to start. In the article "on Jun planning the Spring Festival holiday notice" to save assistant specific arrangements in detail, concerned buddy can carefully read. Before saving friends don’t worry, during the Spring Festival is a normal interest. 3 bank financial products revenue slightly higher today’s banking earnings is more and more low, recently once fell into the 3 era. But when the Spring Festival approaching, the liquidity banks at this time is also slightly nervous, many higher income financial products in the last two days has surfaced. Planning gentleman saw several banks in the sale of products, about almost all around 4%-5%. In addition, the Spring Festival approaching, many banks routinely launched with "Spring Festival exclusive" financial products, this holiday exclusive product yield tends to be higher than other products on the market slightly higher. Suggest that investors should pay more attention to the major financial products on sale information as soon as possible and the bank’s financial manager appointment of high-yield financial products, financial products revenue for banks and city commercial launch of the shares higher, can look forward to. 4 provisional amount for the credit card also don’t arrogant holiday travel shopping is essential, so consumer credit card can hardly be avoided. Some think the cardholder can increase the provisional amount for the credit card. But the need to

除夕倒计时三天!这些“钱”事必须赶紧做完-搜狐理财  好激动~再过三天就是除夕啦!开心归开心,在与家人团聚并欢度春节时,规划君还是要提醒大家伙儿几件节前必须要知道,和要完成的“大事”!   1春节网银跨行转账停3天   央行通知,春节期间支付清算系统停运的具体安排如下:   2016年2月6日(腊月二十八)晚上7点至2月9日(正月初二)晚上8点,暂停运行小额支付系统和网上支付跨行清算系统;2月6日晚7点至2月9日晚8点半,暂停运行全国支票影像交换系统;2月6日晚9点至2月9日晚9点,暂停运行电子商业汇票系统。   好规划提示   春节期间,大部分银行网点将实行轮休,规划君建议小伙伴们:如果春节期间需要去银行网点办理业务,最好提前查看网点营业时间;如果在春节停运期间确需办理跨行支付、汇款等业务,大家可以选择通过银行ATM(自助服务终端),或者通过支付宝、微信等第三方支付平台进行转账。   2大部分货币基金将暂停营业   基金也是要过大年的哦,货币基金当然也不例外,过节关门谢客已经成为一种规律了。基金公司通常会在暂停申购的前几天通过邮件或短信的形式告知投资者,所以咱们一定要提前做好准备。   零钱包也属于货币基金,在2月3号下午15时前存入零钱包,就能够在春节前起息,15点之后存入零钱包,就只能等春节结束后的工作日起息咯。关于攒钱助手嘛,2月份债权会比较紧张,想买的小伙伴抓紧下手了。规划君在次条《关于攒钱助手春节假期的公告》里对具体安排进行了详细说明,关心的小伙伴可以仔细阅读下。之前成功攒钱的小伙伴别担心,春节期间是正常计息的。   3银行理财产品收益小幅走高   现如今的银行理财收益是越来越低了,前阵子一度跌入了3时代。不过好歹春节临近,各大银行的流动性在此时也略为紧张,不少较高收益的银行理财产品在最近两天浮现了出来。规划君看了几家银行在售的产品,大约几乎都在4%-5%左右。另外,临近春节,许多银行照例会推出带有“春节专属”字样的理财产品,这种节日专属产品的收益率往往会比市场上的其他产品稍高一些。   建议投资者应该多关注各大银行理财产品发售的信息,尽早与银行的理财经理预约高收益的理财产品,股份制银行和城商行推出的理财产品收益更高,可以期待。   4信用卡临时提额也别嚣张   假期出游购物必不可少,因此刷卡消费在所难免。部分持卡人会想到可以调高信用卡临时额度。但需要注意的是,这个看起来很美的“临时额度”,有时也相当危险。   临时信用额度会和其他消费一样体现在账单中,持卡人只需按账单还款即可,但临时额度不再享受循环信用。也就是说,实际刷卡额度超过原信用额度的部分,将加入到下期对账单的最低还款额中,须在到期还款日一次还清。   举例来说,如果持卡人的信用额度为2万元,临时额度提高到3万元,当月消费了25000元,那么下个月的最低还款额就是2万×10%+5000=7000元。如果她的还款额低于7000元,则需要支付利息和滞纳金等费用。   有了较高的信用额度并不意味着可以无尽挥霍,刷卡要适可而止,倒是刷痛快了,还想不想攒钱了?!还要务必弄清上调额度、上调期限等,保证到期能及时还款。   5假期出游,这样就安心   春节七天假,很多人都会选择出去游山玩水,那么意外保险,或者旅游保险就不能少。目前市场上有很多短期旅游保险产品,这些保险产品保险期间从3天到30天,保费从几元到几十元不等,保险责任包括交通工具意外伤害、医疗、突发急性病等保险责任,可以满足投保人短期旅行的保障需要。   另外,如果是以家庭为单位出去玩儿的,规划君建议可以再买一份家庭财产险,万一离家的这几天不幸发生盗窃、火灾或是房屋被水淹了,那么这份财险可以对室内装修、装饰及附属设施,室内家庭财产的损失给予补偿。   好规划提示   我们购买期限通常为1年的普通型家财险就足够了,而具备返还功能的家财险在保险责任上跟普通家财险没什么区别,反而保费更高,没有必要。  相关的主题文章:

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RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar 6.6908 slashed 224 basis points – Beijing, Beijing, September 12, according to the latest data Chinese foreign exchange trading center show that the middle of September 12th the RMB exchange rate against the dollar price of 6.6908, compared with September 9th slashed 224 basis points. Chinese authorized foreign exchange trading center announced the people’s Bank of China, September 12, 2016 the interbank foreign exchange market, the RMB exchange rate: $1 for 6.6908 yuan, 1 euro for 7.5161 yuan, 100 yen for 6.5321 yuan, HK $1 for 0.86256 yuan, 1 pound of 8.8787 yuan, 1 yuan to Australia 5.0460 yuan 1 New Zealand dollars for RMB 4.9060 yuan, 1 yuan Singapore for 4.9181 yuan, 1 Swiss francs to 6.8645 yuan, 1 Canada yuan to RMB 5.1219 yuan, RMB 1 yuan of 0.60655 ringgit, 1 yuan for 9.6735 russian rubles, RMB 1 yuan for the 2.1549 South African rand, 1 yuan of 165.61 won.

人民币对美元汇率中间价报6.6908 大幅下调224个基点-中新网   中新网9月12日电 据中国外汇交易中心的最新数据显示,9月12日人民币对美元汇率中间价报6.6908,较9月9日大幅下调224个基点。   中国人民银行授权中国外汇交易中心公布,2016年9月12日银行间外汇市场人民币汇率中间价为:1美元对人民币6.6908元,1欧元对人民币7.5161元,100日元对人民币6.5321元,1港元对人民币0.86256元,1英镑对人民币8.8787元,1澳大利亚元对人民币5.0460元,1新西兰元对人民币4.9060元,1新加坡元对人民币4.9181元,1瑞士法郎对人民币6.8645元,1加拿大元对人民币5.1219元,人民币1元对0.60655林吉特,人民币1元对9.6735俄罗斯卢布,人民币1元对2.1549南非兰特,人民币1元对165.61韩元。相关的主题文章:

将判断近期金融市场波动是否可能导致经济成长减弱 潍坊医学院研究生处

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The RBA kept rates unchanged down the Australian dollar after the hot column capital flows thousands of thousand shares stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client for Sina Financial News February 2nd morning news, Australia fed interest rate decision, to maintain the 2% interest rates unchanged, a slight overshoot on nearly 30 points after the fall. The RBA says inflation is likely to remain low for the next year or two, and monetary policy needs to remain relaxed. The RBA pointed out that the Committee judges to maintain the cash rate unchanged decision is appropriate, low interest rates are supporting demand, the Australian dollar continued to vary with changing economic prospects and adjustment, the business environment is higher than the average level, employment growth accelerated. The RBA noted Chinese economic growth rate has continued to moderate, sustained low inflation may give further easing of policy space, will determine whether the recent financial market volatility could lead to economic growth. The RBA believes that the non mineral sector will accelerate its expansion in 2015, and the economy is expected to continue to grow. The new information should help the committee to determine whether the trend of recent employment growth is continuing, although the GDP growth is below average, but the data is still strong. As of 11:42 Beijing time, the Australian dollar exchange rate was 0.7112. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

澳洲联储维持利率不变 澳元兑美元冲高后回落 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   新浪财经讯 2月2日上午消息,澳洲联储公布利率决议,维持2%现有利率不变,澳元小幅上冲近30个点后回落。   澳洲联储表示,未来一或两年通胀率可能维持低位,货币政策需要保持宽松。   澳洲联储指出,委员会判断维持现金利率不变的决定是适当的,低利率正在支撑需求,澳元继续随不断变化的经济前景而调整,商业环境高于平均水平,就业增长加快。   澳洲联储注意到中国经济增长率已继续趋于温和,持续低通胀可能给予进一步放松政策的空间,将判断近期金融市场波动是否可能导致经济成长减弱。   澳洲联储认为,2015年期间非矿产部门加速扩张,经济有望实现持续增长。新的信息应会有助于委员会判断近期就业增长的趋势是否在持续,尽管GDP增长低于平均水平,但数据依然强劲。   截至北京时间11:42澳元兑美元汇率报0.7112。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: