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Business Located at Toronto, Canada, and as a fulllanguage service .pany, YYZ Translations Inc.offers multiple language services for enterprises, small businesses, and language .panies, as well as individuals. The services offered by YYZ include translation, localization and internationalization of multiple languages covering most of the countries, and serve most of the business categories all over the world. One of the services is the translation and interpretation from Japanese to Canadian French.The professional experiences of YYZ in translational fields differentiate the .panyfrom similar enterprises, build its unique style of service goal achieving, and recognize the importance of its clients’ businesses, which has made YYZ successful in the past years. YYZ keeps frequent .munications with its translational teams, and collaborates with its customers and third party reviewers by working closely with its strong capacities and well-defined processes. The .pany ensures the appropriate uses of tools and technologiesso that the processing of translation servicesisefficient, productive, and accurate. To its customers, YYZ provides accurate, consistent and customer-oriented translations andservices to obeythe specific local terminology and social guidelines, especially for the Japanese to Canadian French translation. The Canadian French Japanese Translation Team in YYZ consists ofprofessional translators who have native capacities in Canadian French with Japanese language background, and professional experiences in marketing and advertising. The team personnel require university level or equivalent knowledge of Canadian French and Japanese translations, and expert level of usages of translation related tools and technologies to ensure the qualities of the service.In YYZ, all file formats and locales will be handled as parts of its Human Translation Services. As one of the two official languages in Canada, Canadian French belongs to Western RomanceLanguage, and is known of its descriptive and idiomatic expression. On the other hand, Japanese belongs to East Asian Language, and is with a .plex system of honorifics with verb forms and vocabulary. It is known that the work will be easier if the two languages translated belong to the same language family, but with difficulty when they belong to different language families. This makes the Japanese to Canadian French translations challenging and .plicated. The translator will be required to fully understand both of the languages rules and grammars, as well as their cultural and social differences, in order to transfer and re-capture or reshape the style, the format, and the real meaning. And thus only those native Canadian French translators with Japanese background can manage the work correctly and professionally. Japanese language is a much more difficult to learn one than French and English, and the major barriers of the Canadian French to Japanese translation are the different ways of word usage. One of the examples is that Japanese uses lots of classifying endings, which makes basic level translators feel un.fortable to leave them out since Canadian French does not have them. The second example is that Japanese uses nouns more often, but Canadian French uses verbs more often, and the big challenge is the professional generalizations between them. These language gaps and translation difficulties require the solutions from professional experts and their team work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: