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Cai Yingwen "as the army as slaves to help Taiwan Army dispatched private farming – Beijing Chinese Taiwan news network September 29th typhoon" catfish "had a strong invasion of Taiwan. According to statistics, only as of 28 PM, Taiwan agriculture and other losses of up to NT $1 billion 2 thousand and 893. However, in the face of fierce "catfish", the Cai Yingwen administration COA chairman Cao Qihong was spirited away, looking after the typhoon disappeared. To this end, the Chinese Kuomintang had to mobilize everyone to help find, to see where he ran two days. According to Taiwan media reports, in the face of disaster, the KMT Legislative Yuan caucus Secretary of the Yangtze River Qi Chen helpless appeal Taiwan authorities, Council of agriculture and local agricultural bureau to take measures, but the wind has never seen "views of chairman of the Council of agriculture", "do you have friends in the media to see him in two days this is?" May be worried about himself under the command of the agricultural sector is responsible for the "not as" scolded, Taiwan leader Cai Yingwen personally "deal", but the idea is out of the regular army, to help the affected private farmland farming. According to reports, today in Tainan, Kaohsiung disaster survey Cai Yingwen, promised to Kaohsiung local papaya farmers, would send troops to assist to private agricultural damage restoration, but the Taiwan military retired generals immediately questioned, Taiwan is not private specific tolerances, and each people’s private property, "the food stalls due to the typhoon the bowl is dirty, want to send troops down to help wash the dishes?" Taiwan army retired major general in Beichen said that Taiwan is not "free", if the restoration of public facilities, roads and life rescue, of course is obligatory, but was assigned as a private industry consolidation, it is wrong. He believes that the loss caused by the typhoon by local farmers associations to apply for project grants, earmarked to help organize and hire crops, the Taiwan military forces, which is responsible for the task should take into account the people’s livelihood security and public facilities based restoration. "Sorting out private farmland and fruit trees’ professional ‘work, please’ commander in chief ‘careful consideration and then send it! ‘COA’ is the competent authority of agricultural loss, please use "commander in chief" hired professional agricultural farming ground investment budget! After all Taiwan professional operations, disaster relief and non farming!" In Beichen, said Taiwan is a private non specific tolerance. Unless this papaya field is public property, Chengdu to return the treasury. Cai Yingwen as the leader of the Taiwan military school should not engage in private affairs, and lamented, these Provisions are just past, now I do not know whether the same. For this, Shimachi Amiyuya Tucao: "as the army as a slave!"; "I bought the ticket has not been built, please Taiwan military units to assist accounting data analysis work"; "the main policy is’ spinach ” eat ‘, so there is a special feeling for the ingredients; Bing is your brother" a servant? Don’t abuse your three, the princess!" However, it is more fantastic, while Cai Yingwen is still Tainan, Kaohsiung disaster survey, Cai authorities "National Security Council Secretary General Wu Zhaoxie, at noon in the five star Hotel Sheraton hosted the" Legislative Yuan "," Legislative Yuan "Su Jiaquan also attended. The news came out, Cai Cai typhoon just after the five-star相关的主题文章: