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The British game player a year to spend 3 billion pounds: like his prison, according to a survey, more and more time children spend on the game, and people in the "hero alliance", "World of Warcraft" and takes the "Grand Theft Auto" as the representative of the game on a total of more than 3 billion pounds. The British game player a year spent 3 billion pounds on children’s health in the field of teaching, Eric · Sigman said, there are a lot of parents to the doctor requesting a hypnotic drug for children, "no matter how you describe this phenomenon, game addiction or what it has become a big problem," he said. The charity action for children "(Action for Children) said that about 1/4 of parents believe that control children spend time on the game is a serious problem — even urged children to do homework or arrange a healthy diet more difficult for most family life. "We are surprised by the game has become the most serious problem in parent-child relationship, before we don’t even think that playing games is what problem," the agency manager Carol · ITO said, "the game can make children get satisfaction, also has many positive effects, such as to build their self-confidence, but the game also has a very serious problem of addiction." A pseudonym for the · Jones’s players accepted an interview with foreign media, he in the League of heroes in the use of ID Onibobo players in the group of small and medium reputation. He said, "the League of heroes" is a bit like my own prison, I play this game every day will play very late." The player says LOL is like his own "prison". He spends more than nine hours a day on the game. At the age of 27, he has a habit of playing games since he was 15 years old. He spent much more time on the game than he did in college. He said in an interview, said: "when playing the game I know that I have other things to do, but I sometimes feel that really do something else will make me feel strange." Jones is worried that he is in a state of addiction – because of his obsession with the game, he broke up with his girlfriend this year, but this did not change his habit of playing the game. On the other hand, he felt that if he really did not want to play, it is not difficult to quit the game, "probably with smoking and drinking almost," he said, "is a bad thing." In fact, many of the game practitioners do not want to bear the relevant social responsibility, and video games have become a big business. Analysis Agency Euromonitor data show that the British players this year, a total of 3 billion pounds on the game spent, and this figure is higher than the traditional desktop games (such as the rich) revenue of more than 10 times. "The mechanics of the game are designed to keep players playing the game," says Peter ·, head of an addiction research institute, said Smith. The company, known as Broadway, has been in business since 1974.相关的主题文章: