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"Bottom line" launched Huang Zhizhong interprets the strongest goalkeeper Huang Zhizhong stills Sohu – Sohu entertainment entertainment news by Huang Zhizhong, Zuo Xiaoqing, guojinglin and many other powerful actor starring Guoneishoubu reflect the theme of the TV drama "the national quality inspection line" will be held tonight landing CCTV eight prime time broadcast blood. The play tells the men – Huang Zhizhong played by the national quality inspection team leader Ding Da, to defend the people’s interests and security, and criminals like a cat and mouse like fierce competition with the final success story. The Huang Zhizhong not only for the first time the subject of electric shock, but also in the show to show a show of uniforms, quite make fans look forward to. Never give up, adhere to the principle of Huang Zhizhong’s interpretation of the history of the strongest "keeper" TV drama "national bottom line" adapted from the original novel Bartholomew fax "big dreams", the plot to anti-corruption theme as the main line, about the national quality inspection personnel in the difficult choices facing the family, love, and in front of the male master Ding Huang Zhizhong played in the drama of the up. Act resolutely and stick to the principle of the state and people’s safety is always put in the first place, under his leadership, quality inspection team and the enemy staged a thrilling chase, uncovered many major hazards of social life. Huang Zhizhong appeared in the image of the military’s first electric shock quality cadres, the interpretation of the strongest goalkeeper, is bound to bring a different surprise to the audience. The 4 Huang Zhizhong Zuo Xiaoqing drama "Sadomasochism" reunion cooperation upgrade it is reported that the Huang Zhizhong played up in addition to Ding encountered many setbacks in the work, he and a female Lord Kong Siqin (played by Zuo Xiaoqing) also staged a disturbing "Sadomasochism", ushered in a lot of scenes in the play will be almost like birds flying in different directions. The play was rocking Ding in the face of his girlfriend’s uncertainty and questioned the cold, will experience a kind of mentality, two personal feelings should decide on what path to follow let us wait and see. Coincidentally, this drama is the fourth collaboration with Zuo Xiaoqing Huang Zhizhong, as the old partner two degree of understanding will not speak, but in this new story and theme type drama, two people will happen, what will be an exciting moment, another topic is the public attention of users.相关的主题文章: