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Bloomberg: China electric car startup or leaving only 10 – car Sohu Bloomberg published an article today, Chinese currently has more than and 200 electric car start-up companies, now they will face a big shock. Because the Chinese government will improve the technical standards to promote a number of experienced companies out, and consider reducing the number of electric car manufacturers to 10. An executive from the automobile manufacturing industry association said that the purpose of any control measures to eliminate the strength of small enterprises, which may lead to electric car start-up company about 90% China out. According to China’s national development and Reform Commission approved the document shows that so far only two new energy vehicle companies are allowed to produce electric vehicles, and another three companies are applying for. In the context of China’s declaration of war against the city haze, the current investment in the field of new energy vehicles to reach at least $2 billion, including Ma Yun, Terry Gou, and other aspects of the, such as the United States, and so on, such as the United States, and so on, and so on, and so on, including the investment in the field of new energy vehicles. The government of the new energy vehicles subsidy policy in triggered a "gold rush" at the same time, it also brings some problems: too much lack of manufacturing electric vehicles or hybrid electric vehicle technology related enterprises into the market. Yin Chengliang, a professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Yin, Chengliang), said: "there are too many enterprises to enter the field, some of which are only speculators. The government has to raise barriers to entry, so as to avoid irrational investments in companies that have no technology base." Overcapacity in these new energy vehicle companies are likely to face the same problem with the global automotive industry: overcapacity and high inventory. With the popularity of low-cost models, as well as the cost of energy saving and emission standards increased, the global auto manufacturers are facing pressure to reduce profit margins. Last year, China overtook the United States as the world’s largest market for new energy vehicles, including electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. According to the China Association of automobile manufacturers (CAAM) data show that in 2015 China’s domestic auto manufacturers sold 331092 new energy vehicles. The government’s goal is to 2025 sales of new energy vehicles reached 3 million, nearly 10 times the growth. At the same time, the government will subsidize 60% of the price tag. It is reported that China currently has about new energy vehicles in the development of. Dong Yangcheng, executive vice president of China Association of automobile manufacturers: "we are really supporting the development of new energy vehicles, but we should not let everyone participate in it." Only authorized 10 Dong Yang said that China’s Ministry of industry and information technology is considering the number of new energy vehicle manufacturers in the control of less than 10. Of course, this figure does not include traditional car manufacturers, such as SAIC and BYD, etc.. Currently, the Ministry did not respond to this. However, due to the introduction of more stringent quality control measures, some start-up companies, even if the production license, starting from the production line is still very far away. Earlier this month, a new energy vehicle management approach to the draft, the Ministry of the list of new energy vehicle manufacturers must have相关的主题文章: