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Baidu game for corruption prone to cut the sale of Baidu denied that industry insiders are not optimistic about the Sina News October 6th evening news, today anecdotal rumors that Baidu will sell the game business, and there will be "clean" layoffs occurred. Sina science and technology interviewed Baidu, Baidu responded that the message is not true. Sources said that due to the Baidu game business has been adversely affected, and corruption is serious, Baidu will be launched in the near future clean sex layoffs, and packaged the game business. Rumors that Baidu game after concern, not only in 2013 to $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 radio, "super" won the game portal, and Baidu cool after the integration of the appointment of Robin Li Zhang Dongchen as assistant of Baidu mobile games division CEO, directly to the vice president of Baidu Wang Zhan. But with a number of corruption incidents exposed, Baidu’s game business status has been weakened. Liao Jun, deputy director of Baidu game division was expelled from Baidu in August 2014, and handed over the judiciary. At that time the anecdotal Liao Jun through the Baidu gaming platform for their own profit. In the previous survey of sina technology, knowing Liao Jun profit sources told Sina: "Liao Jun have a company to do the game development, the company recently developed a product acquired by a company, and a company and the products sold to Baidu game at the price of 3 million yuan, that is to say, Baidu to buy this product by a company in one hand, the money will enter Liao Jun’s own company." In addition, Liao Jun is also suspected of using Baidu game operation to eat rebate". The so-called "water rebate", that is, in addition to CP fixed water into, CP, according to the situation of water, take out a part of the feedback to Liao Jun. An obvious phenomenon is that there are a few games was neither quality and no user itself is losing money, the theory will not be a large-scale launch and promotion, but Liao Jun in this part of the product marketing and operating costs, every month to invest 10 million, as is the product the water do high ", people familiar with the detailed description of the" water rebate "details of the operation. Corruption is the most severe punishment appear at the end of April this year, in charge of Baidu’s game business in charge of vice president Wang Zhan, was expelled for "violating the occupation morals, damage the interests of the company" in the name of the father of Baidu promotion and commercialization of the hero, after 15 years of Baidu occupation career in such a way. Which will be sold in the Baidu game news, Liao Jun and Wang Zhan as an example of corruption prone and management control as the main reason, and rumors also said in the sale will be announced before the game, Baidu will also be on the Baidu employees "cleaning" layoffs. However, the news has not been confirmed by other channels, Baidu official also denied. Sina science and technology also interviewed the game circles, but the other also showed the news of the shock, and that the rumors are difficult to set up obstacles. First, the rumors that Baidu is to sell the game, including the distribution channels, including the game, which is a huge volume in the industry, the number of people who can pick up the disk is not much. Followed by the reasons for the sale of the game is not stronger than the game itself, Baidu game is.相关的主题文章: