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"Billy Lynn’s war" midfielder? Ang Lee: every time a movie, like the first time – Shaanxi channel — original title: "Billy? Lynn midfielder Ang Lee: every war" movie, is like the first time in October 1st, director Ang Lee and the famous Taiwan science and technology company launched the palm peak dialogue door, film boy xian. Forum site, Ang Lee tells the story of the film "portrait of Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" the story of the shooting, at the same time to share their thinking as a film director for more than twenty years and experience. Since the film is always a student, the master Ang Lee at the event, said: every time a movie, like the first time." One of the two sides of "industry and artist to hand in hand, technology and art is one of the two sides of the relationship between" Billy "? The Lynn midfield war" adopted shooting format greatly beyond the times, up to 120 frames 4K 3D level of the hitherto unknown. With the rapid development of technical means, the film itself, if it can not keep up with the times, will become the shackles of technological progress. In this regard, Ang Lee director said: just like the TV has been able to do naked eye 3D, but there is no content to put, then what is the use of science and technology?" On the contrary, the film art to move forward, but also the need for technical support. Why do 120 frames for such high-profile movies, Ken Li Ancheng replied: "it is very simple, because." When it comes to the future of the film, Ang Lee insisted: I just want to experience the film, not just listen to the story so simple, but to participate in". For the relationship between art and technology, director Ang Lee concluded: "the film or film, but with the new photography and film language, will produce a chemical reaction with a new audience, technology and art can not be separated, the relationship between them is one of the two sides." "I don’t want to tear down the fence of heaven Movie Heaven fence, just want to put the boundary expansion point" director Ang Lee said, take higher frames from the idea of shooting film "life of Pi" had been brewing: "when I have to take the first contact with the 3D, the first contact with the digital movie take, after feeling no 24 frames, see can not see. Peer director in the 24 frame 3D look at the time, do not feel right." The film was shot using 24 frames per second, but not at the time of the technical level of the "Cheapest" option. Director Ang Lee gave a vivid example: "I often think that the 24 frame is like a railing of paradise, out of the people do not know how to do." With the new "Billy, Lynn, the middle of the war" as a starting point, he became the first person to eat crab". Although the final film appearance has not yet officially went to the front of the audience, but for this new film, Ang Lee said firmly: I always want to say I’m not crazy, this is to be done, and done really well." Technology progress is not established in the subversion of history, as committed to the protection of the traditional film art film director Ang Lee, Cheng Yan just to show the world the future direction of film: "I hope there are more peers to discuss how to do. I’m not trying to tear down the heavens相关的主题文章: