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Big Bang: want to buy a satisfactory electric heater to pay attention to what? Author: Gong Meilin will soon become the most warm winter, how the theme of family. The North has collective heating, return to the home comfortable and carefree, but many did not get collective heating area, how to do? To comfort the winter, the electric heater can help you. So, how to buy electric heater? Let’s get together. What is an electric heater? Before we talk about how to buy an electric heater, let’s take a look at the electric heater. The utility model relates to an electric heater, which is a convenient electric heating product. The principle of heating is to radiate heat by the appearance of the material, or to emit heat by convection heat transfer. What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric heaters? The price of the electric heater is generally not high, the price is less than one hundred, generally ranging from a few hundred to one thousand. For renters, most of the time during the day to work, only to the night to rest in the rental room, to take central heating, a winter to a few thousand dollars, it is uneconomical. The installation of air conditioning and other large heating equipment is not realistic, because when it may be removed. Therefore, the price is not high electric heaters become the best choice for renters. The utility model can conveniently control the temperature of the electric heater and is convenient to move. For the winter is not a long period of time, electric heating can play a role in warming. Electric heater is easy to use, but there are some deficiencies. The electric heater has the disadvantages of large power consumption, long service life and low comfort degree in use, but the utility model is suitable for the general renting house for the long service time and the economic affordability. How to choose a satisfactory electric heater? Look for the brand to buy the electric heater market in real brand-name products are still limited, but some not well-known products but which inevitably emerge in an endless stream, the phenomenon of uneven in quality. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of electric heater, or should first do some research, look for brands or products at a reasonable price. Don’t just stare at the price of some manufacturers in order to win the initiative in the price war, even in the electric heater production and manufacturing using inferior parts to reduce costs, and for consumers of electric heater absolutely ignorant of the product, but may have low price as a main subject of the quasi purchase of goods. Look at the size of the room heater on the market at present, including the common 5 types: "little sun" type far infrared electric heater, fan heater, oil heater electric heater, fast heat furnace and continental European electrical equipment. Among them, the small sun far infrared electric heater has the advantage that the plug is hot, low price, the disadvantage is only partial heating. The advantages of the warm air blower is plug and heat, and overall heating, heating disadvantage is smaller, generally used in the bathroom. The advantage of the oil pan type electric heater is that it can keep heating, the disadvantage is that the temperature is slow, it is usually used in the room of 10-20 square meters. The advantages of the European fast heating furnace is fast heating, convection heating, the disadvantage is not heat preservation, generally used in 25 square meters of room. In addition to the above.相关的主题文章: