Beijing – VIDEO – Xinjiang Kazak folk doctors Zuozhen of public hospitals is

Beijing – VIDEO – Xinjiang Kazak folk doctors Zuozhen public hospital patients: the amazing Xinjiang Kazak folk doctors Zuozhen public hospital patients: Amazing [comment] a month ago, Gajna due to a large area burns from 300 kilometers away to Xinjiang Habahe County Hasake medical hospital, after 5 times of treatment, facial burns almost can not see, only to see a large area burns her right arm. In September 20th, Gajna invited from Habahe County in Xinjiang Kazak folk medicine hospital cure burn and scald Kazakhstan medicine expert a after the interrogation, happily accepted the reporter’s interview. [when] the same period with Gajna the first time, the doctor told me that this can be restored, no (not) what is left scars, face all burned, side face is recovered very fast, no scar on this a little bit, very magical. [comment] for the treatment of Gajna is a local Kazakh medicine hospital external medicine expert Wu ha pull Alex Zettl? Khan, in 40 years of practice, by the local patient trust. I stayed with the same Baheti bone expert Eric Buick? Is silamu heirloom bone medicine, he is the seventh generation successor. From the countryside to sit in public hospital medical interrogation, Baheti without Buick, brave the wind and dew do not go back and forth, there are 2000 yuan monthly fixed income. [Xinjiang] period Kazakhstan Habahe county hospital external experts Baheti silamu Buick? I used among the herdsmen home or solid when injury, manipulative reduction, never thought to Zuozhen in Kazakhstan hospital, now my heart is very happy, but also very practical. The same period [] with psylic wave? Don’t mentioned by any of ten days, ten days after fracture, now good, now eleven days, he is doing very well. [comment] has a long history of Kazakh medicine, has considerable experience in the treatment of bone, bone hyperplasia, scald, burn etc.. In the summer of 2016 the county newly built Kazakhstan hospital put into use, the hospital from the local folk hired 5 experts to serve more patients. Dean Nurlan told reporters, these experts not only serve more patients, but also with 2-3 interns to learn medicine, this medicine can better inherit kazakhstan. The same period [] President Kazakhstan Xinjiang Habahe County Nordland hospital after we will (to) Mongolian, Uygur medicine to our newly graduated, send our students to go further study, learning, combined with our Kazakhstan medicine, pharmaceutical development Kazakhstan, through this one we gradually improve our awareness of the Kazakh medicine for us, the people better do some work. Reporter Ji Jiangtong Xinjiang Habahe County reported相关的主题文章: