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Beijing implementation of the residence permit system has 246 thousand people apply for 5 weeks – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Li Yutong) in October 1st this year, Beijing formal implementation of the residence permit system. The reporter learned from the Beijing Public Security Bureau, as of now, the city received a total of 246 thousand persons to apply for a residence permit for temporary registration, and the issuance of residence registration card 189 thousand. To come to apply for a residence permit (card), made of queuing phenomenon, Beijing police issued a permit to extend the time window, increase personnel, implement the pre audit, the introduction of online service platform and a number of measures. Beijing police said, the next step will be the accreditation personnel identity card photo in the photo link, in order to reduce rush window increase accept online services such as residence permit business window to further optimize the accreditation process in key areas permit high demand. By the end of 2013, the number of processing window will be increased from the current 900 to more than 4 thousand. Beijing Public Security Bureau also set up a "Beijing residence permit service platform", the public can apply for residence permits in the online business, at the same time, Laijingrenyuan is also concerned about the "Beijing residence permit" WeChat public number, understand the relevant policies and procedures. Beijing residence card service platform since October 28th formally launched, the cumulative visit has reached 1 million 38 thousand passengers, registered users of 208 thousand people, the admissibility of the residence registration card to apply for 101 thousand people. Beijing police suggested that the validity period of the "residence permit", still can be used as the original Laijingrenyuan enjoy basic public services and convenient vouchers. Please comply with the conditions to apply for a residence permit to Beijing, try to avoid the peak period for personnel on the "Beijing residence permit", so as to avoid queuing delay time.相关的主题文章: