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Beijing metro line four, a beautiful picture book train cry – Sohu mother on September 27th morning, a truck loaded with the elegant line 4 subway train from QiaoBei Railway Station exit ontario. It is Beijing’s first children’s book subway train, 6 cars with all the picture material decoration, beauty cry. This carriage pattern is not very familiar?? Look carefully, this is not the children’s book published by the children’s book! The pattern of the floor from the "Little Golden Book" the story of "good night," this is a bear, from "Little Golden Book" in the "shy kitten". Why "Little Golden Book" will appear on this bus? In order to promote the original reading, the sixth book Chinese · Beijing reading season to MTR and the National Library, together to create this car picture book train. This car decoration material selection Chinese selected the top60 children’s book fair child Shubang on the list of "Little Golden Book", "", "summer" underground, "tree" and other classic Tingting selling children’s books and Feng Zikai’s works, the role of "the geo hall essay" and other works of children’s books the scenes and illustrations. The child sitting in the car was attracted! This train passengers is this: sweep the two-dimensional code on the body, you can also enter the subway — M · Library Book Museum (National Digital Library), experts recommend bibliography body can show full free reading. Access to the theme of the library, but also to understand the development of Chinese children’s books century. This car is full of childlike innocence the subway every day will run 5 times a month (September 27th -10 26). Hope that the pro good luck in Beijing, sitting on the car is also a small indeed fortunate. Micro-blog: @ Lin Tong children’s Library contribution cooperation: genglinbook@163 read sharing QQ group: 77897018 forest farming issue Tel: 010-57241768 reprint please contact us相关的主题文章: