Beijing commercial vehicle layout in Changzhou Xu Heyi filled three large plates on SAIC winavi video converter

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Beijing commercial vehicle layout in Changzhou: Xu Heyi filled three large plates on SAIC in September 13th, not surprisingly, Beiqi Group Chairman Xu Heyi (click to view the latest news figures) will be rushed to Jiangsu Changzhou high tech Zone, Changzhou base foundation laying ceremony in Beijing, which is Beiqi the third vehicle base in East layout. As the fifth major domestic automobile enterprises, BAIC previously on the outside out of the "Pi" program, one of the important points include, to 2020’s own brand among the domestic passenger car market before three. In recent years, through the expansion of Beiqi has created a North China (Beijing, Hebei, Huanghua, Shunyi) Southern China (Guangzhou Zengcheng), Southwest (Sichuan Yinxiang), central China (Hunan, Zhuzhou), east of the five base base. The foundation base of Changzhou, the East Beiqi layout complete at the same time, will also go to the field of commercial vehicles. Although the domestic commercial vehicle giant holdings Beiqi Foton shares, but the relationship between Futian and Beiqi is very delicate, especially after the actual control of the Futian Bao Wo passenger car project is approved, the relationship between the two is neither friendly nor aloof planning new Xu Heyi, commercial vehicle base, enhance the strength of the intention of the commercial vehicle sector, very strong. Changzhou coach Xu Heyi said the bankruptcy reorganization, BAIC group will through technology, product management, capital and other full range of output, the revival of the Changjiang bus ", to create more competitive products, fully activate the Beiqi Changzhou base. Changzhou base is the predecessor of Changzhou Yangtze River Bus Co., Ltd., in 2001 with Yi Weike to set up a Changzhou Bus Co., Ltd., Yi Weike. 2003 years ago, the Yangtze River bus to maintain the national bus sales. The beginning of 2005, Yi Weike, Changzhou bus group, SAIC Group and Changzhou SASAC and other multi capital melee, Yi Weike with a dollar sell all of the shares and the bus manufacturing technology, divestment from Changzhou to cooperate and saic. Before this is "iron this incident drag and after the Olympic Games in Beijing in the Yangtze River passenger bus bidding failure, resulting in Changjiang bus on the brink of bankruptcy unable to get up after a fall. In 2007, the Yellow Sea took over most of the resources of the establishment of Changzhou the Yellow Sea Changjiang bus, but later, due to poor management, the Yellow Sea automobile parent company will sell all the property to the Changzhou the Yellow Sea Changzhou often high-tech industrial investment limited, the equivalent of Changzhou city back to the hands of the sasac. Later, there came Marco Polo bus and Changzhou bus co production of news, but has failed, until August this year by Beiqi reorganization. The standard layout of Changzhou base is Beiqi SAIC Automotive Group a total investment of 10 billion yuan, the new energy vehicles in the base and the reorganization of Zhenjiang Changzhou automobile factory planning, investment 15 billion yuan to build the Zhenjiang base in the layout of the third vehicle base in East china. In Xu Heyi’s plan, Changzhou will build into a new energy base and the traditional automobile mixed production conditions, products cover a large bus, bus, bus, truck, minivan, SUV, MPV, bus and special vehicles and other fields, "by taking both the base. Changzhou base currently has notice is "6" prefix announcement, that is to say, in line with the conditions of production of the above product categories. Is located in Jiangsu Province, Changzhou national high tech Development Zone electrician.相关的主题文章: