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Beijing after the new Yanjiao Builders: price or trading volume dropped to 20 thousand yuan China Times reporter Yang Shi province Langfang Beijing reported as a barometer of the property market in Yanjiao housing prices after Beijing Tongzhou, introduced the most stringent market regulation policy "9· in Beijing; 30 new", part of Yanjiao’s housing prices soared to 30 thousand yuan per square meter. On the eve of the national day, China Times reporter visited the Yanjiao informed that many projects that no room can be sold, but also a lot of showings. So, this year’s "eleven" during the long holiday Yanjiao property market is still hot? The golden nine silvers ten, Yanjiao price is up or down? This has become a topic of considerable concern in the industry. Yanjiao speed "at present, the majority of Yanjiao residents has exceeded 26000 yuan per square meter, and the supply is less, the majority in a state for sale." Yanjiao, a real estate broker Hou Ying told reporters. According to her analysis, by the Beijing municipal government, Tongzhou District East purchase, light rail station and other positive stimulus, Yanjiao housing prices in a short period of one year by around 8000 yuan per square meter jumped to 20 thousand +, and now the listing price soared to 30 thousand yuan. For example, CTS project last year to 9000 yuan at the beginning, in June last year, when the opening price of more than 15 thousand yuan square meters, this year the opening price more than 20 thousand yuan per square meter, has not yet opened the real estate also claimed that in 30 thousand yuan. In October 7th, a long time in Langfang (Yanjiao), Tianjin, Beijing real estate construction and contracting pairs of "China Times" reporter said, in April this year, "Gallery nine" before the introduction of Langfang City, the Yanjiao property market fiery. According to reports, gallery nine after the introduction of the Yanjiao property market was in a state of silence, but prices did not rise, did not fall. On the eve of national day, "China Times" reporter visited Yanjiao found that a number of real estate sales offices, multi project said there is no room available for sale, but the search is innumerable. The reporter was informed that the pre listing Yanjiao Love Island in June before a sold out, no room, but in the September launch of the 8 building, when the price is 26000 yuan / square meters, now has soared to 30 thousand yuan per square meter, the Golden Island launched in the second half of the commercial real estate was 30 thousand yuan per square meter. Langfang under the jurisdiction of the urban areas, Yanjiao and Xianghe, compared to the three, the fastest rise in housing prices in Yanjiao, while the slowest rise in Langfang. This week, Langfang beautiful East Bay real estate selling price 15000 yuan / square meters, but last year the beautiful East Bay on the price of 8000 yuan / square meters, then the name is now changed the name of Oriental Lanjue, prices soared, more than the entire Langfang real estate price 13000 yuan / square meter. "The house in Yanjiao is rising." This week, in Yanjiao, real estate speculators in the minority, Beijing to the airport, subway, Tianjin and other concepts, greatly stimulated the rise in prices. Tongzhou effect of the future trend of the property market in Yanjiao, Tongzhou is an important parameter. According to the Beijing Jiaotong University, wrote Shao Changqi, master of business administration, the pressure line of the property market in Yanjiao, Tongzhou is 12 of the price, because the price is higher than we did not end, Tongzhou rose on the rise in Yanjiao. Investment in real estate, as Li Jiacheng stressed, the first is the lot, second is also lots, or lots of third". Yan yan.相关的主题文章: