Beat the Cavaliers to dominate the east! What makes this team so

Beat the Cavaliers to dominate the east! What makes this team so the Hornets into the season’s biggest dark horse into the sina sports news this is just the beginning of the season we will be all kinds of crazy performance pocketed the eye, Russell Westbrook’s performance is strong enough to help the thunder rushed to the west of the third, the four giants of the Jinzhou Warriors show breakthrough sky shooting performance brought Lillard crazy a hard fought victory for the Blazers, coach Walton led a group of young people to take the Lakers to eighth in the west, repeatedly cut down data guards led eyebrows brother Pelican still sink, three bulls fear cast driven attack does not seem so struggle. But there is such a team, after a summer of bloodletting, has been quietly with 6 wins and 1 losses record, first came to the east. Yes, this team is just lost in summer, the main force of the Sherlock hornets. This summer, they lost Jeremy Lin, Lee, Lee, such as the quality of the rotation of the players, at first sight, the offensive and defensive ends of the team have a certain impact on both sides of the game, the player has a certain impact on the offensive and defensive side of the team, such as Courtney, Lee, and so on. What are the changes in the team this season? Let’s see it first. The first is Mcgigi’s pay, Mcgigi because of injury last season only played in seven games this season, after the injury to the Hornets can be said to be a disguised signings, successfully filled in for Courtney Lee left the position after defects, we can not say is make up, because Courtney Lee have open space and share the ball for Kenbawo carat, in the defensive end will not drag the team back, the Hornets defensive efficiency eighth in the League last season, often used to mark their star backcourt player Courtney Lee contributed. Be Courtney Lee and Mcgigi’s defense is also strong, is the true meaning of the flanks of the lock, the Hornets this season each drtg has row to second league better than last season, this is a reason. Of course, the Hornets this season, the team’s overall hit rate of three points has been affected, and, on the other hand, fell by nearly three percentage points over the previous season, just in the League of the top twentieth, and last season, the league is ranked seventh. But the defensive side of the Hornets progress is not at the expense of the offensive, so far, the Hornets can get 105.1 points per game, better than last season’s average of 103.4 points. This is why? First of all, it is a more reasonable choice of the Hornets, the team last season, averaging only 58.6 points assists, ranked in the League of the seventeenth. This season, the Hornets were 65.9 assists per game score, this data can be ranked in the League of the second, second only to the Jinzhou braves. They compared to last season really threw three points less, but three shots and scored three of the ratio of the proportion can still in the League before the ten, thanks to Ken Ba Walker and Marvin Williams have been three points quasi heart remained at a high level this season, their three hit rate is more than 40%, give the team outside important fire support. Followed by the Hornets this season, more emphasis on the conduction of the ball and cooperation, that season last season, the Hornets are only assists in the second half of the league, and this season has been the top six league level. Of course, this is a change in the squad相关的主题文章: