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Landscaping-Gardening It’s easy to take your bathroom decor to the next level with the hot new trends in bathroom design. There are more options than ever. It doesn’t matter if your style is sleek and contemporary or relaxing and organic. Going Organic This style has gone from merely a hot new trend to a lasting design style. It’s characterized by natural materials, soft colors and organic influences. It’s the style that mimics nature in color and design. While it does imitate nature, it also goes much deeper. It carries with it a deep respect of nature and incorporates many renewable and recycled resources into its design. It’s the ultimate answer in the concept of merging form and function. This emerging aesthetic can be found within many established styles. Organic pieces work well with contemporary, traditional and rustic themes. For a bathroom where you want to create a home sanctuary with a natural influence choose pieces that reflect this style. Organic styling includes some specific elements: Nature, textures, and imperfect lines. Things like flowers, greenery, shells…as well as patterns…reflect this well. Going Spa This is another new addition to home bathroom decor. As our lives have be.e more frantic, filled with every kind of busyness, our homes have be.e a haven and a place of rest. No room reflects this shift more than the bathroom. Gone are the tiny powder rooms with a cramped bathtub and single, small window. Today, we’ve seen the physical space of the bathroom be.e larger and more open. In this style we see a foundation of options. This isn’t a bathroom with only one purpose. This has be.e a true multi-purpose room. It’s a place for daily grooming, but it’s also a place of renewal and rest. There’s a bathtub for soaking as well as a separate shower stall with multiple heads. Many new bathrooms also incorporate large closets. Spa style reflects luxury. The colors are muted and a majority of the materials are chosen with .fort and pampering in mind. When replicating this design style there are the elements to look for. Colors: they should be soft and soothing, embodying a peaceful environment. Accessories should be kept to a minimum, but still have a rich, luxurious feel to them. Fixtures will incorporate soft lines. The spa style of decor holds soft coloring styles, simple design, and creature .forts, but not a lot of accessories to clutter the room. Regardless of the style you choose, fixture choices should also reflect the same minimalistic approach, and you’ll enjoy your new bathroom decor and design. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: