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Banda Asia: China industrial profits data weak Australian dollar refresh 2 week low hot column capital flows thousand thousand shares of stock on the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Japan’s central bank governor Kuroda Higashihiko and finance minister Taro Aso delivered a speech on the Japanese real estate, national debt issues. Japanese finance minister Taro Aso said the environment is still different from the Japanese bubble, and now the real estate loans below the level of the real estate bubble. However, Asou also pointed out that the real estate market trends must be carefully monitored. Japan’s central bank governor Kuroda Higashihiko said the Bank of Japan’s bond buying is not "helicopter money or monetization of debt, the Bank of Japan’s purchases of Japanese bonds does not violate the laws of finance is not to be instructed by the government to buy bonds. The Bank of Japan may not buy bonds directly from the government. Kuroda Higashihiko said it did not expect a sharp decline in the size of bond purchases, if any changes in the purchase of government bonds, are technical adjustments. Kuroda Higashihiko also said that the Bank of Japan to implement the easing is to achieve 2% price target. Bank of Japan’s decision in September is completely different from the code reduction. At the September meeting, the Bank of Japan to maintain the current level of Japanese government bonds to buy. He said that under the new policy framework is expected, the bond purchase plan will not be greatly changed, the individual is expected to not significantly reduce the size of the debt purchase. In addition, according to the European Central Bank sources told Reuters, the European Central Bank will almost certainly be a continuation of quantitative easing (QE) after the purchase until March 2017, and relax the debt purchase limit, to ensure there is enough to buy bonds. The move will attempt to shore up the euro zone’s economic recovery. The ECB declined to comment. However, sources said that the ECB has not yet decided to maintain or reduce the size of the current purchase of bonds, depending on future economic data will be. Recent economic data show that inflation and other economic indicators of the euro area rose slightly, suggesting that the recovery horizon. Eurozone business activity in October was the fastest growth in the year, and in October the German IFO business confidence index unexpectedly improved. However, sources pointed out that due to at least two years in the euro zone inflation is still lower than the European Central Bank, nearly 2% of the target, in this case, the CMC in even the most hawkish members are not ready to support the purchase of debt reduction in March 2017. Today, need to pay attention to the data, France’s third quarter GDP ratio, initial Swiss October KOF leading economic indicators, the euro zone economic sentiment index in October, Germany October CPI annual pace, the real GDP in the third quarter quarter rate, PCE U.S. third quarter price index quarter annualized rate and the U.S. October University of Michigan consumer sentiment index. The gold dollar gold yesterday closed up slightly upward, the daily cash price, trading at around 1271. Strong demand for gold in India and the Asian market is the main reason for the rise of gold. In addition, although the time theory相关的主题文章: