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Vocational-Trade-Schools Azimuth, a specialist of online professional education and training, today announced the launch of its Health & Hygiene Course that is part of its new complete series of Life Skills Courses for school students through online and DVD mediums. From the year 2009, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has emphasized the importance of Life Skill Based Education and has made it mandatory for CBSE schools to additionally certify its students based on Co-Scholastic activities in Life Skills, Social Skills, Emotional Skills, Visual and Performing Arts, Attitudes and Values. This certificate known as the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Certificate of School-Based Assessment has been made mandatory for all students passing the CBSE Class X Examination. After the launch of Health & Hygiene course, Azimuth will complete its series of Life Skills Courses with topics such as Exam Stress, Traffic Rules & Road Sense, Environment Friendliness, Teenage Crisis & Confusions, Religious & Class Tolerance, Problem Solving & Reasoning, Drive & Motivation. Azimuth Life Skills Courses are designed by an experienced team of Soft Skills & Life Skills trainers, educationists and expert eLearning content development specialists. Each of Azimuths Life Skill Course is rich in user-friendly features such as simple and engaging content, clear voice over, pleasing graphics, interactive course material and self-paced assessments. Azimuth CEO Mr. Terry Leger says "We have identified that there are very limited resources and materials on Life Skills topics for school students. We decided to address this opportunity and provide a holistic learning experience on several Life Skills that are essential for leading a healthy, peaceful and harmonious lifestyle". "Our Life Skills Courses will help the students become more confident, professional, considerate, and acquire the methods of successful people" he adds. These skills make a real difference in finding work and being successful. Azimuth VP Mr. Anand adds, "We are developing the Life Skill Courses series based on the continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) criteria that are suggested by CBSE". ABOUT AZIMUTH Azimuth is a specialist of online professional education and training based in Pondicherry and Chennai, India. It was created in 2000 and has many clients in countries such as US, Canada, France and India. Its eLearning expertise includes content creation, instructional design, graphic animation, and learning management systems. Azimuth Academy is the professional training arm of Azimuth and sells its content through its website and distributors who resell the course under their own brands. Azimuths strategy includes acquisition of content, collaboration and partnering with other eLearning companies. Its content development expertise comprises Medical Sciences, Healthcare, Engineering, English, Life and Soft Skills and Basic Computer Courses. Web site address: / Media Contact Details Mr. Anand.K,Vice President, Azimuth, +91 (413) 2200954/+91 9843702020, [email protected] , [email protected] Source: ..businesswireindia../PressRelease.asp?b2mid=30617 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: