Authoritative release! Suzhou City, 16 leading cadres in charge of publicity

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Authoritative release! 16 members of the Suzhou city management cadres before their appointment to further expand democracy in the work of selecting and appointing cadres, listen to the views of the community, to improve public confidence in the selection, according to the provisions of the "selection and appointment of leading cadres work", the CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee decided that the 16 comrades were equal million capital before their appointment. During the time from November 4, 2016 to November 11th publicity publicity as necessary to reflect the situation please contact three Xiang Lu Suzhou municipal Party Committee Organization Department Tel 0512-12380 address in Suzhou City, No. 998 Suzhou Municipal Organization Department Cadre Supervision Department of publicity objects (zip code: 215004) to reflect the situation and problems must be realistic, objective and impartial. Municipal Party Committee Organization Department to reflect the people and reflect the situation will be kept strictly confidential, to reflect the problems, serious investigation and verification, find out the truth, and as the case to reflect the situation and problems of the unit or individual feedback in a proper way. If the investigation is true and affects the appointment, the appointment of the candidate shall be cancelled. Any list of publicity before the object (in order of strokes of Chinese characters) million all male, born in February 1971, Jiangxi, Jinxian, in August 1993, in February 1993 to join the party, Party school graduate. Currently Zhangjiagang City Environmental Protection Bureau, party secretary, intends to Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Party Work Committee, deputy director of the cmc. Ma Lizhong, male, born in August 1965, Jiangsu Taicang people, in July 1985, in April 1991 to join the party, Party School of University education. The command center of Suzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Director, Xiangcheng branch secretary, Party members of the government of Xiangcheng District to be nominated as a candidate, vice mayor of Xiangcheng District. Ma Jingliang, male, born in December 1978 in Jiangsu, Pizhou, November 2001 to participate in the work of the party in November 2000, a university degree. The Suzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment commissar, intends to nominate candidates Wujiang District vice mayor. Wang Daming, male, born in May 1961, Jiangsu Taicang people, in August 1981, in June 1983 to join the party, Party school graduate. Currently the Taicang municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, party secretary and vice minister of Municipal Organization Department, intends to recommend the Shaxi people’s Congress Chairman of the town of Taicang. Feng Jin, male, born in November 1970, Jiangsu Changshu people, in December 1988, in July 1992 to join the party, Party School of University education. Changshou City is currently the Secretary for justice, party secretary, proposed to be nominated as vice mayor of Taicang. To Li, male, born in May 1967, Jiangsu Province, August 1989 to participate in the work of the party in November 1995, a university degree. The Wuzhong high tech Zone (chips) director and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, deputy secretary, director of Long Bridge Street Party committee office, intends to recommend to the chairman of the Wuzhong District Town People’s Congress candidate. Yang Qingsong, male, born in April 1967, Jiangsu Province, in August 1988, in June 1995 to join the party, Party School of University education. Wujiang District Audit bureau,.相关的主题文章: