August car market bottomed rebound growth of nearly 20% independent brands began to comeback haywire

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The August car market rebound growth of nearly 20% independent brand car market began its comeback bottomed brands began to "comeback" – after each intern reporter Liang Wei in August this year, a booming domestic car city. The surprise is that for a long time after the sluggish car market also appeared to pick up. Association data show that in August, a total of 919 thousand car sales, an increase of 19.6%, the largest increase since this year. Roland Begg analyst Zhang Junyi told the "daily economic news" reporter said, "in August, the entire car market performance is better, so the car drives also follow to pick up, but this momentum can be sustained, is not to say." Daily economic news reporter learned that the next performance of the domestic car market will be less than 1.6L and below the small displacement car purchase tax policy is closely related. Before the end of the policy expires, may lead to a burst of car buying boom, driven by sales growth in various fields. In recent years, the SUV market has been hot, especially the independent brand companies, SUV become the most important sales to play, which is the largest proportion of the market with the formation of a mature car significantly worse. From August sales, the independent brand in Geely imperial EC7, Chery Yi Ruize 5, Changan escape vehicle also achieved good results, the monthly sales of more than 10 thousand vehicles, but did not enter the top ten car sales. Geely Group responsible person told the "daily economic news" reporter said, the long run, the car market share while shrinking, but the A-class car share in this field is still the largest, and Geely is this market is the layout of the new products. August car market growth of nearly 20% by the Federation data show that in August, the overall growth in the narrow passenger car sales grew by 28.5% year on year, up to 1 million 759 thousand. Among them, the car sales of 919 thousand units, an increase of 19.6%. On the point of view of specific models, August sales ranked first in the FAW – Volkswagen Jetta increased by 99.1%, sales of 36 thousand and 600; new Lavida grew 20.6%, to 33 thousand and 900 vehicles; Buick Hideo grew 14.8% to 3.28 vehicles. Sales of the first ten models showed a significant increase. Although the car market last month, an increase of nearly 20%, but still less than the overall passenger car market growth of 28.5%, with the SUV market is more than an increase of more than 40%. In recent years, the share of the car market continues to shrink. China automobile industry association data show that in 2013, the car share of 66.99% in 2014 fell to 62.82%, as of the first half of this year has dropped to 50.4%. In this context, in August this year, the independent brand car market share was 17.5%, down by 1.1 percentage points. Geely Group, the relevant person in charge to the daily economic news reporter, said, SUV growth rate is much higher than the car, so the next few years, the share of the car will be smaller and smaller." A car is independent "counterattack" opportunities? By the Federation data show that in August car sales ranking in the top 20 models in相关的主题文章: