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ASUS 3 notebook 3 Ling Yao Huan released easy seckill MacBook Tencent digital news (Zhou Shuo) September 20th, ASUS held a new conference, after a debut at the Taipei computer show the above ZenBook 3, ZenPad 3 ZenPad 3 Pro and ZenFone 3 series intelligent mobile phone also officially announced in the domestic release. Interestingly, the new ASUS will introduce, also played a very down to earth’s name for these products. Yao Ling, Ling Hwan named so that domestic users can easily identify intimacy. The price of 3, priced at 7999 Yuan Yao Ling, Ling Hwan 3 Ling 3 Pro Hwan respectively to 5299 and the price of 6999 yuan from the sale. Spirit Yao 3 super pole this spirit Yao Yao is actually the ZenBook 3 in the domestic rename. This product in the design, Ling Yao 3 is still using the ASUS family of concentric circles texture design, the whole body with integrated metal material. Thickness of only 11.9mm, weight only 910g. Official offer rose gold, quartz ash, royal blue theme color for three users to choose. Screen provides 7.6mm ultra narrow border design, screen up to 82%. It is worth mentioning that it is part of the touch panel integrated fingerprint design, which will greatly facilitate the user login. In the hardware design, it adopts the core i7-7500U processor, 1TB PCIe and SSD supports up to 16GB memory, and the 4 speaker design, Harman Kardon certification. On the interface design, 3.5mm audio interface and Type-C interface are provided. Contrast only Core-M level processor body weight of 920g apple MacBook, it can be said that regardless of the design or internal design, Ling Yao 3 are fully beyond the apple MacBook. The price, Ling Yao 3 low version price of 7999 yuan, with I5 processor, high version price of 8999 yuan, with i7 processor. 3 3 Pro Ling Ling Huan Huan Huan Ling notebook combo 3 combo notebook is actually the previously reported ZenPad 3 and ZenPad 3 Pro named localization. Two different products in the design, which is mainly reflected in the two combo connection. Ling Huan 3 is used in support of Cover magnetic connection, and the apple iPad Pro and HUAWEI MateBook. The design of a full body 3 spirit shine metal material, the thickness of the body plate portion only 6.9mm, the weight is only 695g, the screen resolution of 2880*1620. In order to give the user a different choice, the official also provides 4 different colors of Cover to the user to match. The hardware design adopts 3 Ling Huan core M processor, 8GB memory and 512GB SSD highest. The overall performance level of such products in line with the mainstream. Ling Hwan 3 Pro uses a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 series split magnet design, the thickness of the flat part.相关的主题文章: