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Anyautos auto vehicle networking to help Hui association way listed sign 6800 Taiwan holographic projection technology, the designers, 360 degree display model framework, dynamic screen signing, OTC field display area…… In November 23, 2016, a focus on the technology and fashion conference, intelligent configuration, appearance of the fashion brand association way light card grand listed in the sunshine, in more than 200 guests witnessed by way of Brand Association officially released at the same time, Hui traffic network management platform is also on-line! The way light card brand Association released ten ingenuity the way of the year association ten years of grinding sword. Ten years have passed, for the Austrian car, which carried the dream of the past ten years, but also record the growth of enterprises. At the press conference before the start, anyautos auto general manager Jiang Wenjuan shared her car soon, go to the United States to study on cars, and anyautos auto stick together experience the love of the pursuit of the car and stick to the road. As Jiang insisted, from the beginning of the 2006 acquisition of automotive, Shandong Wuzheng Group Co. Ltd. to build anyautos leader automobile field in the truck, after more than ten years of development, anyautos auto product spectrum is improving, highlights the technical advantages and cost advantages, and to the attention of the truck, the truck made attention "the concept is committed to creating a relaxed freight experience, become easy freight pioneer.     Jiang Wenjuan, general manager of the Austrian car to share the scene now, Austrian car with strong R & D capabilities and the world’s advanced level of equipment manufacturing, forming an annual capacity of 200 thousand trucks. "Anyautos auto market eight years cumulative sales of 600 thousand units, products are constantly upgrading, covering all areas of light card, become the founder of creating the future. These ten years, for the Austrian car is not wasted, whether it is production management, technical upgrading or brand re plastic, Austrian car has made its own efforts." As anyautos auto general manager Ms. Jiang Wenjuan said, anyautos Auto in developing way of continuous efforts to forge ahead, also continue to expand product platform, the association is way anyautos auto ingenuity for ten years and a masterpiece.     projection technology to fully display the advantages of associating way in this conference, which way to show the form of projection in the front of the crowd, which contains "American" and "black" technology products once conquered people. According to the Chinese truck network reporter, which provides a comprehensive solution path positioning technology, safety, quality and environmental protection for people seeking easy and efficient transportation, beautiful and stylish appearance, its products include Altria GX, DX models, covering freight trucks, electric vehicles, green vegetables transport vehicles and other products in the field.     Sundberg-Ferar; American industrial designer Josiah LaColla share association way product design in addition to the young fashion appearance, which way "content" is also very rich. According to reports, the association way have great technical advantages in safety, comfort, bearing etc.. The car passed the way of associating the reliability of 500 thousand km, 30 thousand km altitude Alpine experimental temperature and more than and 30 degrees below zero!相关的主题文章: