Annual juxian! The king of fighters 97ol data sheet national war on line today roxane hayward

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Annual juxian! "The king of fighters 97ol" data sheet "national big battle" today on the line today, SNK genuine authorized combat hand tour, "the king of fighters 97ol" annual large piece of "national war" shock struck. As of 2016 the last piece of information, "the war brought chaos, a new fighter, new equipment and many other exciting content, let the game player experience new melee battlefield fighting fair without attribute differences, the war kicked off this winter. The eight set Yamazaki Ryuji Jie reproduction early experience eight set is famous villain group KOF, as a serpent they bear the serpent resurrection mission, following Chris, sermi eight Jie set members on stage, this new piece of information in Zhongshan, Sakiryo Ni will also meet with the game player for KOF97, is listed as strong there are five strong, his skill is perfectly engraved to "97ol" the king of fighters, the continuation of its fast, accurate and relentless combo style. Attribute fighting indifference megafight 1v1 fair showdown as the core gameplay a new piece of information, Fuzion for game player provides a fair battle arena here, all the same outcome depends on the role of property, personal operation. In this fair environment, can not have a high and low seckill battle scenes, the two sides had more fun to enjoy, or even infinite Jedi (micro-blog) to look at the whole operation. The role of chaos into random characters quweiduo random role is another feature of chaos, you may have been a small incarnation as a boxing Ko blame you, there may be the incarnation of abuse you thousands of times boss, of course may be many fighters in one. Each character has their own skills even strokes, each game player can experience the fighting process is not the same, so that people can know! About "the king of fighters 97 OL" true king of fighters?! "The king of fighters 97 OL" authorized by the Japanese SNK genuine, and full participation in supervision, restore the height of the "king of Fighters" series essence; sensory world multiple combinations of skills to open, bring zest fighting experience for the game player! The true sense of combat, you realize the dream master combo burst table! The game uses Ledao interaction of self-developed Valhalla engine, enjoy the visual aesthetic feeling. Dozens of classic role turns the stage, various interactive gameplay stunning attack, you create exclusive all star combat team!相关的主题文章: