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Anhui Shitai adhere to the "original ecology" to the bottom "Se" and "King" to the new net benefit in autumn Shitai Ding Changjie photo Beijing, Shitai 13 November Xinhua: Anhui Shitai adhere to the "original ecology" to the bottom "Se" and "King" to benefit the author Cheng Zhanpeng Zhang Qiang is located in the hinterland of Nanshan District Anhui according to local conditions, with the "original ecological China most beautiful Shan" of the Anhui Shitai County, and to rely on raising selenium and selenium, promote the county’s economic development depends on the development concept of landscape Yangjing, adhere to the "original" background. In November 13th, Shitai county Party Secretary Li Jun in an exclusive interview with Xinhua reporters said that economic development can’t be at the cost of ecological damage, only based on the depth of the county situation, tap their own advantages of resources, strengthen ecological development concept, vigorously develop ecological industry, in order to implement the "Ecological County, tourism, industrial Xingxian county" strategy, in front of "Se" and "King" two advantages, adhere to drive each other, in order to achieve the "one industry," Wang Xing "business" situation, to "Se" and "King" to benefit, for the benefit of the people side. Shitai County in Anhui Province as the only "one county one industry specializing in tourism in Mountainous County, elements of selenium rich soil and agricultural products, one of the three se, the county has 110 thousand hectares of woodland, the forest coverage rate of 84.5%, is 4 times the national average, air negative oxygen ion concentration in the year 6000 – 14000 per cubic meter. Li Jun said that in recent years, Shitai county to strengthen the concept of ecological development, and vigorously develop the ecological industry. The development of ecological agriculture pattern shape, 20 thousand acres of agricultural products base, Se built up to effect, "Shitai selenium tea", "Shitai rice" has become a national product of geographical indication. Selenium by assembling quotations from the deep in the mountains have been sold to all over the world. Effectively highlight Shitai "negative oxygen, Se characteristics, more led the local villagers to get rich. Shitai County Tourism photography is rich in resources, the territory of foreign open sights are 10, among them, there are 6 4A level scenic spots, in Guniujiang as the representative of the mountain scenery, wetland characteristics, to Qiupu River as the representative of the landscape, to Penglai as the representative of the cave to cave mountain village se as the representative of the pastoral landscape. There are a number of a large number of cultural relics spread so far, such as the construction period of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of the ancient the Great Wall, the most well preserved history called "Hui Rao thoroughfare" emblem of the ancient road, the Tang Dynasty Shan Shan Zhen country temple ruins, Zheng (Zheng Zhizhen) is the creative to Mulian opera. Li Jun introduction, in 2016, Shitai County, the county government will clearly determine the photographic industry as a new ecological county. Has developed a plan for industrial development, the completion of more than 10 photographic sites, and strive to build a well-known photographic base in Shitai. Recently, in the cloud on the land, the mountains of autumn "as the theme of the first Chinese original most beautiful Shan – Anhui Shitai National Photography Exhibition and hundreds of photographers entered the seven wells mountain autumn sun photography base series of activities are carried out in succession. Shitai tries to show the scenery, folk custom and economic and social development of Shitai through visual language. Data show that Shitai County GDP by 1 billion 250 million in 2010相关的主题文章: