Andouble’s visit to Cuba pledged full assistance to Cuba’s pressure on North Korea – Sohu news-ghost observer

Andouble’s visit to Cuba promised comprehensive assistance at the Cuban pressure on North Korea – Sohu news   Reference News Network reported on September 24th "Japanese economic news" website on September 23rd published an article entitled "Japan will expand investment in Cuba" report, compiled as follows: 22 Prime Minister Abe Shinzo as Prime Minister of Japan for the first time in the afternoon to visit Cuba, and Cuban state in Havana committee chairman Raul held talks with Castro?. The two sides agreed to expand economic cooperation and investment in japan. After the talks, the two governments on Japan to provide free funds to Cuba to provide value of 1 billion 273 million yen (about $84 million yuan – net note) of medical equipment swap instruments. Prime Minister Andouble said that Japan will be a comprehensive range of assistance from the medical, infrastructure, agriculture and other fields. Japan in the 70s of the last century, Cuba’s largest trading partner in the west. Since then, relations between the two countries was weakened, but the United States last year after the resumption of diplomatic relations with Cuba, countries are stepping up to strengthen relations with cuba. Prime Minister Andouble hopes to use this opportunity to accelerate the investment activities of Japanese companies. Prime Minister Andouble has announced that he will be exempt from 30 years of Japanese yen debt owed to Japan in of about 120 billion yen. Independent administrative corporation, Japan’s trade insurance to restart the suspension of the previous investment in Cuba underwriting business to support the investment activities of Japanese companies. Cancer is the first cause of death in Cuba, Japan’s medical equipment is mainly provided free of charge. This is the first step in Japan’s official assistance. In order to achieve economic growth, Cuba is attracting foreign investment and developing a huge potential market. The country is rich in minerals and tourism resources, the Japanese companies have a high expectations. Cuba and the same for the socialist countries have diplomatic relations with North korea. Before the summit, Prime Minister Andouble held talks with Cuba’s former State Council Chairman, Fidel, for about 1 hours and 10 minutes of talks with the former president of the State Council, President of the Republic of China, and President of the State Council of the United States, President of the Republic of China, held talks with the former president of the State Council of China. Andouble stressed at the meeting: "North Korea’s actions on the international community peace and stability of the threat to reach a different level in the past." Castro said: Cuba and Japan on the issue of building a nuclear free world is the same." The "Granma daily" website reported on 22 September, the Cuban Revolutionary leader Fidel? Castro 22, met with visiting Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, who expressed the joy of the first visit to Cuba to Fidel. Andouble reviewed Fidel’s visit to Japan and its significance to consolidate the friendship between the two countries. Abe Shinzo and Fidel Castro? A frank dialogue, and a review of the exchanges between the two countries for hundreds of years, and all kinds of difficulties and dangers facing the world today to exchange views, emphasizes the necessity of the joint efforts of the destruction of nuclear weapons and the maintenance of world peace. The meeting ends in the expectation that both sides will continue to develop bilateral relations and Andouble’s visit to consolidate bilateral cooperation. Japan’s Sankei Shimbun "published in September 23rd entitled" Andouble wants Cuba to put pressure on North Korea "report, compiled as follows: 22 Prime Minister Abe Shinzo for the first time by a Japanese Prime Minister Raul’s visit to Cuba, and Cuban President Castro cited guild?.相关的主题文章: