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Ancelotti: Gregory we have to talk about Lavon Saltzman? Why not buy Berg Shuai Lavon praised Canada on an sina sports news Bayern is considering and Lavon contract until 2021, but coach Ancelotti also praised the Poland striker, said it would not take him to change anyone, and believe that he will re sign with Bayern ca.. "I think Lavon will sign a new contract," Ancelotti said on the "team", "Gregory Saltzman? He has made great progress in the past two years, he can play for the best team in europe. But we have a very good striker and I won’t trade Lavon for any player." He has been linked with Real Madrid and Paris on the transfer of Bayern 9. "He can’t go to Paris," he said. Well, maybe it will happen after 5-10 years." Ancelotti also talked about this summer to create the world record transfer fee for Pogba: "we can not sign him this summer, because we have a very good midfielder, Alonso, Vidal, and Tiago kimmich…… There is a very young and potential Renato – Sanchez. Pogba is a great player, but his style and technical characteristics are not my signings." (Huadiwei sub)相关的主题文章: