An old man was injured said Harbin hailed the crossing owners to identify diqua

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An old man was injured said Harbin hailed the crossing owners to identify more efficient cars, is ten kilometers per hour, just listen to the rear door BAM sound, an old man called Mr. Jiang’s car, said his arm had not move, money he’s really not letting this go to the doctor. Mr. Jiang in the difficult, the car down in front of a husband and wife, the old man to testify is "occupation pengci party", and forwarded in the WeChat circle of friends, the same experience of friends rushed to the scene together to identify the old man pengci. The door came the sound of the old man was referred to rub the rearview mirror hit 9 16 am, Mr. Jiang and his friends drove his car driving on the road in the north and four street area Gongle near Xi tou Dao Street intersection, the road is very narrow, Mr. Jiang and other vehicles as it ten kilometers per hour. At this time, Mr. Jiang suddenly heard his car right at the back door and heard a loud knocking sound, then a white haired old man called Mr. Jiang park. The old man said Mr. Jiang’s right rear view mirror hit his right arm, and now the arm is not moving, hard to let him get the money to see a doctor. "The sound of the crash came from the right rear door. How did it turn into the rearview mirror?." Mr. Jiang puzzled. The same old same place a couple days ago by pengci pair is for two when Mr. Jiang Nanbian, Mr. Jiang traveling in front of the car stopped down, go down to a more than and 30 year old couple. The woman said she knew the old man, 7, she drove the same husband with her husband here, but also the old man said they hit his arm. "Obviously he deliberately put arms to our car, but we are hit, lost 400 dollars he didn’t give up", she said, she just through here and saw the old man, and fear of being pengci, so let the husband intentionally stop, let the old man go past, who knows he correct the back of Mr. jiang. More and more people watching, they advise Mr. Jiang alarm. The couple will be the scene photographed in the WeChat circle of friends, then someone said following his encounter with a man pengci in the same place. Shortly after the couple forwarded, a netizen message said he was half a month ago, the old man in the same way to go 300 yuan. The car dust traces of the old man to testify alleged blackmail and impose exactions on police rushed to the scene, the old man insisted that he is Mr. Jiang crashed, and to adjust the scene monitoring video recording. However, there is no monitoring near the scene. The police of Mr. Jiang’s car was found traces of evidence, Mr. Jiang’s right mirror did not rub his traces, right rear door the dust had been scraped off a large, old man with arms the dust traces consistent. In addition, according to the testimony to the couple’s testimony and enthusiastic users, the police found the old man suspected of blackmail and impose exactions on. In the police station, the old man’s arm of a high activity, but also bowed his head to recognize the wrong, saying he deliberately touched the arm of Mr. Jiang’s door, the old man was sentenced to administrative detention for 5 days. Police advise: driving record instrument can prevent pengci       pengci party is very familiar with the terrain, often choose not to have the place to start monitoring coverage. Private car owners can install the line.相关的主题文章: