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Careers-Employment Finding the time and money for executive leadership coaching isnt always a top priority for people in business; especially because looking for executive leadership coaching can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many companies offering different approaches to leadership coaching and figuring out which programme is the most suitable to your needs often requires the help of an expert. As a starting point, begin by focusing on what your executive leadership coaching requirements are. Do you, perhaps, need to improve communication between the members of your team, or encourage your leaders to be more proactive? You are an individual and likewise your business needs and the needs of your executives are unique; therefore you should expect your executive leadership training programme to be shaped specifically around your requirements. Focusing on what your executive leadership coaching needs are will also place a focus on what you want the outcome of your training to be, and this is of the highest importance. If your executive leadership training is targeted toward outcomes which will improve the performance of your business, then the leadership training is much more likely to be a worthwhile investment because it will increase your profit in the long term. So when considering executive leadership coaching remember to ask: how will this training work for me? An executive leadership coaching programme which is outcome focused solves concerns with overstretching the budget, because successful leadership training of this kind can effectively pay for itself. If your leaders arent performing at their best, say through bad communication or a failure to inspire employee engagement, this will be costing your company money. In addition, how much of your valuable time is spent resolving these issues? If you improve these problem areas through effective executive leadership training then you create a higher performance business which makes more profit and reduces down-time. We can all recognise a good leader, but what it is that makes a good leader is harder to define. We know that good leaders are able to inspire and motivate others to deliver results and achieve success, but the ability to do this comes less naturally to some than others, and different scenarios call for different approaches. For this reason an effective leader needs to have the ability to adapt to different styles. Successful executive leadership training can help people to identify the different styles that exist and when to use them. There is so much variety on the market in reference to executive leadership coaching and there are many different methods of training to consider, as well as different companies to choose from. You can undergo coaching on a one to one basis or as a group and often leadership coaches will offer ongoing support in the form of monthly seminars, updates and telephone support. Training can come in the form of classroom based learning, or it can be more experiential, combining learning with physical activity to make it more memorable and therefore more likely to make a difference on the return to the workplace. Experiential learning is about giving people the opportunity to experiment with different learning techniques in different environments and can take place indoors or outdoors. As part of an executive leadership training programme it provides an opportunity to get out of the office into a more challenging scenario, crucially without the interruption of mobile phones, emails and other distractions. You can experience familiar challenges in a different way and this can lead you to really reflect on your leadership skills and behaviours. One Bristol based company- Farscape Development -believe that to truly imbed executive leadership coaching into your long term skills base, the learning needs to come through experience. Farscape take several approaches to combine executive leadership coaching with experiential training depending on what is most effective for the client. However some exciting upcoming opportunities with them include their Overseas Learning Experiences which will take place in India, Costa Rica and The Arctic. All of these trips incorporate their experiential approach to leadership training in a dynamic and diverse environment. A previous participant of a Farscape Executive Leadership Training experience overseas commented: Whilst in Kenya I was involved in a local management schools experiential training programme and whilst there I really felt like I learnt something about leadership behaviour; which is a really important role within any organisation and it doesnt just mean the person at the top! Behaviours are a really important element of effective leadership and having an experience like this has challenged my thinking and way of working with people for the better. Gregor Megson, IIP Scotland Visit to find out more about their overseas executive leadership coaching programmes. Or call 0117 370 1800 for a friendly chat about what you are looking for from your experience of executive leadership coaching. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: