An Interesting Look At The Apache Tribe And The Subsequent Business Lessons-queer as folk

Business I sometimes find it somewhat peculiar that recruiting companies have a great disdain for the term "headhunter" and do everything possible to market themselves as "recruiters." Frankly, we are not concerned with the title given to us, whether it be recruiter, headhunter, staffing agents, etc. I guess we are "headhunters." After all, we do go out and hunt for solid, capable and intelligent executive level sales and marketing personnel. This is no different than when a sales professional hunts for new business. So, that would make us hunters who look for hunters. Hunting is widely considered one of the most crucial and difficult parts of pre-modern living. As a matter of fact, to this day the Apache tribe is remembered and respected for their elaborate hunting skills. The Apaches were a nomadic tribe. Therefore, not only did they have to hunt for food, but they had to hunt for shelter. Hunting was done mostly by the men of the tribe, however historians believe that it may have varied depending on what the tribe was hunting. Like most Native American tribes, the Apache went through important rituals before each hunt. These would include fasting for days, being blessed by the Medicine Man of the tribe, as well as hours of religious ceremonies. These days, only about 25% of sales people spend more than an hour preparing for a meeting with a client and, unless historians are lying to us, the Apache did not have Google, or more specifically, Google Street View to help them find herds of prey. I am of course being tongue-in-cheek, but even given the vast differences of the lifestyles of modern salespeople and the Apaches of centuries past, we would do well, as salespeople, to look to that past and learn. I would call the Apache hunting methods a little more intricate than Sarah Palin’s hunting of an animal from a helicopter. Killing an animal from a hovering aircraft is not exactly a skill to be admired. I have no problem with guns and, although I don’t actively support hunting, many people whom I respect are members of the NRA. For them, hunting is not only a hobby but a highly developed skill. The point is that the Apache were so good at hunting that they were referred to by other tribes as the "Apachu" – the enemy. The Apache would take whatever they wanted – buffalo skins, weapons, animals, etc. They were not afraid to be brutal. Some of the methods they used for hunting even included chasing animals off of cliffs. With the arrival of Europeans to the Western Hemisphere, the Apache began to decline. However, after battling the tribe, a U.S. army general described them as "tigers of the human species." I find that the business world can be just as brutal (metaphorically and personally, if not literally) in terms of competition and "hunting" tactics. If this is the case, I don’t mind being called a "headhunter" as long as I am a skillful one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: