An Amazing Hundred Years With Aston

Arts-and-Entertainment Known as one of Britain’s most popular luxury sport cars, it falls within the same class of luxury sport cars as Jaguar and the Fiat Spyder. Aston Martin is known as being one of James Bond’s sexy sport cars that he tools around the English countryside in, usually by the side of an attractive young woman spy or love interest. One of Aston Martin’s main selling points is its racing style engine built for speed. In fact, by the year 1922, the brainy beauty was a fearsome .petitor on the French Grand Prix racetrack. Several cleverly built chassis with the names of 1914, 1915, and 1916, designed to revolutionize racing. Unfortunately, the firm went bankrupt in 1924 but all was not lost. In the late 1920s, under the managerial genius of Bert Bertelli, the Aston Martin was resurrected as a whole new racing car. Both of the original founders were no longer involved in the manufacture of the auto, though the .pany name remained Aston Martin. Known by its new visionary as the Bertelli Cars, they were toyed around with in different shapes, dimensions and innovative designs, until financial problems shut down the entrepreneurial spirit of the sports cars once again in 1932. The focus was made to road cars instead of racing, but only 700 were made before financial problems shut the .pany into a hibernation zone until after World War II had passed. In the twenty years following World War II, David Brown resurrected the life and blood of the apparently die hard automobile firm. In honour of its saviour, each new model name was preceded by the initials DB (i.e. the DB2, DB4 and so on). This classic look is the one weve seen on the James Bond movies. Like its previous boss, the focus remained on grand touring options, tooling around the countryside and effortless handling. Auto features include its light weight, attractive handling and 16 cylinders of power. A special .bustion chamber was patented since the Bertelli days, which helped to create a .bination of explosive power with an easy to manoeuvre lightweight chassis. The only problem throughout the years has been who will buy the dream machine. It is a crme de la crme play toy of the rich and famous, and despite its promising attributes, the bottom line is lack of cash flow. For this reason, the Aston Martin has earned a twin reputation for both expert handling and a relatively frequent change in ownership. The .pany was bought and sold again sold in both the 1970s and the 1980s. In the 1990s, the US owned Ford automobile .pany ambitiously bought out a sizeable piece of the firm as a luxury sports car division. Since then, from the 1990s until now, the Aston Martin continues to .pete on the raceways of Europe and the United States. When Ford sold it in 2008, more than a third of all workers lost their jobs. It is now nearly 40% is owned by an Italian private equity fund. Today, the Aston Martin experience is more widely available than ever, appealing to both racing .petitors and the public alike. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: