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Ali to rejoin the content of electricity supplier, VR technology will become the Ma’s killer? Sohu technology in Tmall double 11 to more than and 600 of the world’s media center, media the most impressive except the number 120 billion 700 million, and each desktop placed HTC Vive custom VR VR helmet helmet, through the media, through to the experience of overseas shopping special experience, this is the Alibaba released in this year April Fool’s day during the Buy+ plan, it was all a joke plans into reality. On the same day, the UC content of the Alibaba’s entrance platform released a new kernel U4, one of the highlights is compatible with the WebVR content, including 360° panoramic video, double screen video and create a new generation of standards based on the WebVR engine, now has completed the polymerization of Youku Video VR. However, in my opinion, the purpose of UC compatible VR, not just to do a VR video browser. VR will become the standard content platform with VR equipment, consumer VR content only two options: one is to install the game this kind of independent VR content, there is a VR App installation, some from video sites such as Iqiyi VR, some from hardware manufacturers such as ants as VR. There are many peas entrepreneurs try to do VR version. Early, with VR content is relatively much more popular video sites, including Iqiyi, Youku potatoes, Sohu and Tencent and other mainstream video video video platform have opened VR area. However, since 2016, App mobile information platform war is like a raging fire war upgrade to the content distribution, existing market ten big game player: Tencent, Sohu, NetEase, Sina, micro-blog, Phoenix today’s headlines, a little information, UC and 100. These platforms are sitting on hundreds of millions of users, while the connection of content producers, while connected to consumers, through the recommendation engine technology for personalized content delivery. They can not only distribute content, but also support the video, live, quiz and other content. With the increasing content of VR, they are compatible with VR as inevitable, just like a few years ago, we have to be compatible with H5 through the built-in browser kernel engine. There is a class of consumer tools is browser. With the content distribution platform is different, the browser does not run, it is the content of the "Browse" tools, rather than the content distribution platform, because they do not meet the production and consumption trend now, the content is declining. Browsers also support VR, September Baidu browser launched the VR version. Earlier, Microsoft Edge browser, Firefox and Google Mozilla chrome have announced plans to open WEB VR interface, but also did not reflect the specific to the product, and whether they support VR in my opinion has little meaning, the browser is in decline, the content distribution function is more and more weak. UC users in the 600 million quarter to break through the transition from the browser to the content platform, the first big technical upgrade is the introduction of a new generation of kernel U4, VR compatible with the content platform is VR相关的主题文章: