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Air conditioning is not compromised LG for the French door refrigerator with InstaView transparent refrigerator is a good stuff, if you let me do the selection, it may be and air conditioning together to become one of the greatest inventions in human history. But in fact, every open a refrigerator door will cause the air flow and a large amount of energy consumption. How can we open the door but do not want to find their own food? LG thought of a way for the InstaView refrigerator with a transparent door. In order to avoid the home refrigerator become the same as Diaojia downstairs canteen, LG uses a special staining panel, only when the user clicks on the refrigerator two times will have a transparent panel. At this point you can choose what you want to be sure to open the door after the removal of it, to reduce the time to open the door, which means that you can reduce the consumption of air conditioning, vegetables and fruits are also helpful to save. InstaView there is a middle door, if you just want to get a drink or snack, directly open the door will be more convenient, but also to avoid the loss of air conditioning. In fact, the market has a lot of glass panel material refrigerator, but LG said InstaView is more emphasis on the protection of user privacy. Most people in the use of the refrigerator and will not deliberately to sort out, especially for large refrigerators finishing is a very troublesome thing, so the number of internal refrigerator placed somewhat messy. If you do not hit the panel two times, it will not be transparent, when the guests come to the door when others will not see all kinds of food in the refrigerator, focusing on the protection of privacy. InstaView refrigerator has a variety of versions of the sale, the 4 version of the price of $4500 (about 30037 yuan), the price of $3 version of the $4300 (about RMB 28702). The LG also prepared without InstaView, that is, without a transparent door version of the refrigerator, priced at $4200 (about 28035 yuan), a few refrigerators will be listed in the fall.相关的主题文章: