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According to water in the town of Srinagar – Srinagar tourism Sohu is located in India Srinagar is located in the Jhelum River tributary River tributary of the India River Jhelum River, India is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, is the history of Tibet Pakistan and India China territories, disputed the attribution. Srinagar (English: Srinagar) is located in the India River Jhelum River, India is the summer capital of Jammu and kashmir. Sri Naga M is located in the center of Kashmir, an area of 105 square kilometers, with a total population of 894940 people (2001 data), the population density of 556 square kilometers. Srinagar industrial blankets, carpets, silk, leather and paper etc.. Wood, gold, silver, copper sculpture and embroidered scarf. There are museums and archaeological research institutes, universities and medical schools, as well as the Mughal gardens and mosques in eighth Century. In the meaning of "Sun City", the local climate is cool, often is the bright sun in the sky. Due to the geographical conditions and richly endowed by nature, national characteristics of Sui generis. This is known as the "Oriental Switzerland" said the beautiful city, the charming lakes, snow capped peaks, verdant trees, grasslands and wander with flocks, scenery, attracting tourists from all sides come in a throng. In the beautiful city known as "Oriental Switzerland" said here shopping is a very fun activity, store various exquisite Kashmir folk arts and crafts, such as colorful eye-catching handmade rugs, hand weaving, papier mache ashtray, fine sewing box, lamp holder, beautiful shawl and semi precious stones, and hand embroidered, waist band called "Kraft Tanzania outfit" Turkey Changshan etc.. The local department store operated by the India government, the building format was U shaped arrangement, covers a large area, on both sides of the shop facade, the middle is a small park, for customers to rest. The characteristics of Srinagar’s unique way of life, the yacht and blooming gardens, exciting water sports, selling cute crafts souvenir shops, and the nearby resort make Sri Naga M become a favorite place for a vacation. The street pedestrian walk they unhurried, wearing a wool shawl, wearing a black hat, while carrying a local greasy called "fire wife card warm" on the Cape under heating stove. The men here all the year round love wearing round hat, trousers, breeches and narrow, with a long sleeved blouse, head wrapped in colorful scarves, there are a few women dressed in classical clothing, on the face also covered a layer of gauze. Generally, both men and women love to go barefoot. The bridegroom bride, rides a horse and with flowers; the wedding to the ranks, there is always a lot of floats, very chic. Here is a beautiful magic boundless lake Dahl here is Meihuan boundless lake Dahl, take the Shikara junk lake, rest in a strange house boat, visit temple or mosque, with beautiful flower beds, women wearing Burkhas or wrapped in traditional robes of men and other local customs clear, Srinagar the magic of相关的主题文章: