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A woman outside the bailiff bite jumping case court block Tengfang detained 15 days (Figure) – Beijing 14, Kunming city Guandu District People’s court judge line to the nearby New Asia Sports City Star headquarters District compulsory Tengfang, has been occupying the house outside the case of woman and mother open the window and said to jump, the bailiff to pull her, she was bitten by the arm. Handcuffed, she kicks kicking a large vase, the judge kindly persuaded she was ungrateful to say: "the vase is mine, I love how to hit hit, not yours." Was forced into the elevator, she gave a jump, stomp the elevator sinking rapidly, also said to the judge…… Toss the case outside the woman repeatedly raised objections and Mr. Zhou is a good friend, in November 2010, Mr. Zhou borrowed a turnover of 3 million 260 thousand yuan of funds. Expires after Zhou not repay, Mr. Gao told him to Guandu court. During the trial, Mr. Gao to apply to the court to be seized of Zhou in the star headquarters base of a small house. March 2011, Guandu court of first instance verdict Zhou returned 3 million 260 thousand yuan. Zhou refused to accept the appeal to the Kunming intermediate people’s court, the Kunming intermediate people’s court upheld. A week after the entry into force of the final judgment, or do not pay back the money. In July of the same year, Mr. Gao applied to the Guandu court for enforcement. Because this house has been an outsider Ms. Yang occupied, March 26, 2012, Guandu court posted Tengfang announcement, Ms. Yang asked 10 days free room. Ms. Yang put forward the implementation of the objection to the court, on the grounds that: in 2010 a week after the loan to Mr. Gao, Zhou sold her the house, and she paid a one-time payment. She also submitted to the Kunming Arbitration Commission for arbitration, arbitration, the house belongs to her. However, the Kunming intermediate people’s court after the review that the evidence provided by Ms. Yang can not confirm that she has paid all the money, and made a ruling, the arbitration shall not be implemented. See the road to arbitration this way, Ms. Yang to the Guandu court to apply for the implementation of the objection, the request to lift the seizure. February 2012, the Guandu court ruled that the implementation of the book, that the house belongs to Zhou all, rejected the implementation of ms.. In August of the same year, Ms. Yang once again to the Guandu court for the implementation of objection to the application requirements, never again rejected. Ms. Yang can not be reconciled, but also to the Kunming intermediate people’s court to apply for reconsideration of the objection. The Kunming intermediate people’s court asked Zhou, Zhou said there is borrowing his relationship with Ms. Yang, housing sales contracts are signed under coercion, there is no housing sale between him and MS. yang. 2014, Kunming intermediate people’s court that the Guandu court seizure is not inappropriate, the houses owned by Zhou all, Ms. Yang asked the court to release of reason not to set up. She is naughty bites bailiff Meng stamp Gu Ke lift language is second over this implementation by the judge, because the case execution time span is too long, the former executive judge has retired last year. Yesterday, in the face of the implementation of the judge, Ms. Yang is still not cooperate. Heard that the court should be forced to vacate the room, Ms. Yang and her mother said the first to open the window to jump, this is the 16 floor ah! Real photo相关的主题文章: