A member of the Standing Committee of our brigade did not stop the subsidies to be interviewed inter-restorator

A member of the Standing Committee of our brigade did not stop the subsidies to be interviewed interviewed letter exposure Sohu Military Channel discipline is no small matter, Jixian Yan Yan. Twenty-seventh army brigade to strictly implement the supervision within the party — did not stop the subsidies, a member of the Standing Committee were interviewed in November 2nd, Wednesday. Twenty-seventh army brigade party a member of the Standing Committee of the morning arrived in the office, I received a copy of the journey out of the Discipline Inspection Commission asked Lim interviewed letter". What is it? Open letter to see, a few words fateful: please you will also receive the army without employment subsidies and separated charges make a detailed description of. Originally, the families of the name of the Standing Committee in July this year, the military team, according to the provisions of the army did not receive employment subsidies. But at the same time, the relevant departments for organ without timely check and oversight work docking, will also continue to charge separated to the name of the Standing Committee of the pay card. The Standing Committee is usually busy with work, no special attention to the benefits received, failed to reflect the situation in a timely manner to the relevant departments to correct the problem. The brigade Discipline Inspection Commission was informed of this matter, immediately start the inner-party supervision reminder mechanism. So there is a scene at the beginning of this article. In the brigade Party Committee Standing Committee, the Standing Committee made a profound examination, and returned to the more than 4 months of separation fee. Organs related departments have also been criticized accountability. "The brigade Party committees and discipline inspection strict discipline, the inner-party supervision falls fine implementation, is a reflection of real concern and care of Party members and cadres. I want to thank the organization to remind, pull the sleeves, to prevent small mistakes made a big mistake." The committee said with deep feeling, after a warning, alarm bells ringing in the ears to. This is the latest example of the role of the inner-party supervision mechanism. "Yan Yan on Jixian". The brigade Party committee from the start, strengthen inner-party supervision, carry out normalization of anti-corruption committee to look back, each of the Standing Committee report of personal affairs, family, property, accept supervision. In order to further standardize the operation mechanism of power, since this year, the brigade passed the "measures" to strengthen their own style construction of Party committees, the formulation of the 10 categories with 29 items of specific measures, each refinement to the organizational life, promotion, evaluation of grass-roots affairs with the right link constraints on power. The establishment of "grassroots wind" system, for violation of discipline problems, outcrop hit, verified will be punished. When the brigade soldiers Wang’s father and a member of the Standing Committee. At the end of September this year, Wang compulsory military service expires, in one of the NCO selection examination did not pass, please help the Committee Wang father wants to say hello. The Committee affirms Wang struggle spirit, at the same time to parents: in accordance with the "assessment of a veto system" requirements, examination on the spot publicity results immediately, who say hello, delivery note is useless. Accept the supervision committee to take the lead, to create a positive environment delicate gas. In this study, selected officers sent to school and other sensitive matters, no one to the grass-roots authorities say hello, general praise of grassroots officers and soldiers. Is Ji before Zhuazao catch small party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee by the "Chinese Communist Party Supervision Regulations" clearly pointed out that the supervision within the party to adhere to treatment.相关的主题文章: