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The European fable picture books, teach you how to teach children to face the world Sohu Magic Elephant Books The – mother welcomed the attention of "magic like children’s book Hall" WeChat public number: mofaxiang01 to introduce a new book — "the sad story of Veronica today". "The master of European fables," David ·, Mcgee, as its name, it is a sad story. The picture of fans, David · Mcgee is a wise author, because he will design some people thinking the story in his works. The story contains a dream, persistence, hard, success, fame, boredom, pursuit, meaning almost everything about the soup "positive energy" theme, of course, will also be unexpected in these topics with the outcome. Like today to say "Veronica’s sad story", and strive to get the results, but in the end of the sad, accept the challenge, met the accident. More sad than sad is the irony of the reality, more than tears of sadness is the fate of the helpless. After reading the story, I think you have the same idea. Veronica can play the violin. But she didn’t start well. So her first teacher left her. Mrs. Leonie is the second teacher of Veronica. She could not hear, so she often read the sad story and said, "great, dear, as long as you keep practicing!" Veronica made up his mind to keep practicing. But for the neighbors, that’s the noise that affects their lives. Keep practicing so that the maintenance of Ronnie since she keep getting better and better. Even hear the rioni wife cried. On the birthday, the whole family went out for a picnic. After tea, Veronica plays the violin. It was her first concert. The music she drew was very touching, but everyone’s tears fell into the water. Soon, the principal to find Veronica, asked her how she did not do any homework. "I have to practice playing the violin." Say that finish, she gave the principal performance. "It’s so sad, so touching!" said the headmaster. "You got the school concert hall to show you." Veronica did it. This is her second concert. There was a famous music producer in the concert. The second day, he went to the school to find Veronica, shouting to let her become rich and famous. Veronica dropped out of school and became a star. Soon, everyone was listening to her records. Looks like she could make the world cry. One day, Veronica suddenly said: "enough! I have been playing the violin, now, I want to take risks. I’m going to the deepest, darkest jungle." That afternoon, Veronica came to the wildlife park to prove herself. Because she was so famous, the guards would let her try. To everyone’s surprise, this group of fierce?相关的主题文章: