[a] Cambrian micro Bracelet released multiple motion recognition egg roll mode-midd-885

[a] Cambrian micro egg roll Bracelet released can identify various movement patterns of Tencent digital news (Wang Yang) September 1st news, before the first day of school, from Shenzhen. The micro information company officially released the micro motion, heart rate in digital Tencent egg roll smart Bracelet Cambrian platform plan. Official price of 199 yuan, has opened an appointment to buy Jingdong mall. We have been familiar with the smart bracelet, like a watch, bracelet is worn on the wrist, but the function is more abundant. In addition to the daily look at the time, the general bracelet can also measure the number of walking steps, heart rate can even act as a reminder assistant role. The design inspiration comes from a micro Bracelet delicious egg roll. So from the design concept, the Egyptian micro want to pass is a high value of the bracelet that sense. Egg roll Bracelet equipped with a 0.73 inches capacitive arc due to the vertical curtain, ID design, so the bracelet can live close to the skin. Bracelet actual thickness of 5.6 mm, weight of 18 grams, and the use of aluminum alloy frame, in addition to the bracelet itself to support IP67 level waterproof. The egg roll bracelet has provided a total of two colors, which are suitable for male users of classic black and blue female users, officials will continue to introduce more personalized color and future watchband. Egg roll bracelet with built-in 55mAh battery, the official life time of 5-7 days. Support with Android 4.4 system and above and iOS 8 and above devices connected via Bluetooth 4. Egg roll bracelet also built a heart rate sensor, can real-time test your heart rate, and App display heart rate curve. It is worth mentioning that the bracelet itself can automatically identify different scenarios of movement patterns, such as running, basketball or riding, but also can be synchronized with WeChat, QQ and apple health data. And automatic sleep monitoring can provide sleep quality report. Other features, support for reading a message to remind the egg roll ring, call alerts and schedule reminders and other functions, and can also be controlled by mobile phone camera. Life is boring? Concerned about the number of Tencent WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), the old driver with you the whole point of the new play!相关的主题文章: