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UnCategorized You’re about to join the revolution… it’s time to install a home theater and all you can think about is what type of television you should buy, plasma or LCD? Wait, before you even think about equipment think about home theater installation, more precisely, think about the planning stage! A badly planned audio and video area will be.e more of a frustration than anything else and besides, this is going to be the showpiece of your home; the place where you can impress and put a touch of jealousy into the hearts of your friends. Installing Home Theater Home theater installation may not seem like a big deal to many; after all, how difficult can it be to place a TV in a room and plug it in. Easy if that’s all you want. Planning the installation process for a full home theater system takes a little work. Here are some things to consider: – The area to be used for installation. – The brightness of the room. – Obstruction areas such as windows and doors. – Power outlets. – Shape of the room or area. – The wiring process. Some of these seem a little trivial but they are extremely important in the whole scheme of things. Why? Too much light in a room is not conducive to good projection unit practices; wiring should be planned to be out of the way; power outlets to ac.odate the heavy load of appliance plug-ins; and will a door or windows be possible areas of viewing obstruction. Planning a project before starting it makes extremely good sense because when an area is empty, it’s much easier to make the necessary adjustments. More Planning A Home theater with all the "bells and whistles" is going to use up more power than your average room in the house. Will your power supply be able to handle the load? Ask a professional for advice but most homes will be able to handle the extra power. Power outlets…do you have enough? Again, very important to make sure you have more than you need. Believe me, you’ll need them at some stage. Circuit boards and safety breakers are also necessary. Power boards with safety breakers in case of power surge and overload are desirable, particularly during thunderstorms. The Home Theater Plan Home theater has undergone some sort of revolution in recent years, so much so, it’s almost hard to live without it. Yes it can be costly and every person’s situation is different but if you "take the plunge" then consider planning it right. Use a professional home theater installation designer if you have the budget; they are be.ing more .mon and are not as expensive as you may think but remember, it’s not a race, it’s a work in progress! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: