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Exercise Cardio interval training is basically variations of intensity during your cardio workout. People often be.e accustomed to exercising at a steady pace, performing the same old speed on the treadmill, for an extended period of time, hoping to burn off those unwanted pounds. However, if you’ve ever noted the number of calories burned from this style of cardio and translated it into how much food and liquid calories that represents, you’ll quickly discover that just by eating your first meal of the day, you’ve already put those "burned" calories back into your body. How does cardio interval training work? When a cardio session is performed at a consistent pace for the entire session, your body goes into what is called a steady state. Essentially, your body has adjusted to the intensity and as a result will try to conserve calories. This means that you aren’t burning the calories you need too in order to lose fat. Cardio interval training enables you to burn more calories and lose more fat, all in a shorter period of time! An interval means you are changing the pace, movement or resistance during your workout session. Your body has to quickly respond to the change to meet the need for additional energy, and burns more calories in the process. For example, if you use a treadmill, continue to fluctuate between low and high speeds and inclines and you’ll find that you will get great results in a shorter amount of time. Instead of walking or running for 60 minutes or more, you can ac.plish a lot in about half that time. We all need more time in our day, right? The other great benefit of cardio interval training is that your body’s metabolism will be boosted from performing intervals and will continue to burn calories throughout your day. More fat will be lost as a result! Anyone Can Do Interval Training! Are you just beginning your exercise routine? Cardio exercise and interval training are easily incorporated into any workout regimen, whether you are a beginner or you’re advanced. The same cardio workouts can be.e boring. With interval training, there’s no one set cardio exercise that you have to stick with in order to get results. Performing a variety of cardio exercises while incorporating intervals of intensity and repetitions can, as mentioned above, result in fantastic results in less time. Interval training doesn’t have to be high-intensity to get results. Concentrate instead on increasing the intensity just slightly over what you can handle normally and keeping that pace for a few minutes. Then, go back to your normal pace for a few minutes. Do this several times, and you have .pleted a session of intervals that will work for you personally. Each time, try to increase your intensity, speed, or repetitions, so you can continue to progress and improve your fitness and fat loss. You should also vary your workouts every four weeks or so to avoid reaching a fat loss plateau. The fat loss and the increased strength and lean muscle will happen for you if a variety of exercises are incorporated into your weekly fitness regime. There are several different forms of exercise you can perform to keep your workouts fresh and interesting. Including: running and walking outdoors, sprint drills, bodyweight exercises, the stair climber, upright stationary cycling, swimming, and elliptical or cross trainer machines. Do you want to lose fat, increase your strength and be.e more fit? Cardio exercises performed in intervals can work for you! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, a seasoned athlete, or someone who has simply reached a plateau and wants to lose more fat; interval cardio training can really take things up a notch when it .es to making progress with your fat loss efforts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: