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Travel-and-Leisure Sydney Vacations – Dine at Sydney Tower One of the things you should absolutely experience while on a vacation in Sydney, Australia is having a meal at the Sydney Tower Restaurant which is bound to be memorable for you. Located almost over a thousand feet above the city centre, the Sydney Tower Restaurant is the most magnificent revolving dining place in the Southern Hemisphere. At the splendid restaurant, in the one and a half hour long stay you can sit back and enjoy the striking view while enjoying the delicious food. The variety of food offered at the Sydney Tower Restaurant suits the needs of every appetite and ranges from national, international, Australian Native Cuisines and delectable desserts; you can pick from the extended menu and treat your taste buds to a luxury. Dining at the Sydney Tower Restaurant is an enjoyable experience where you can have the most exotic dishes at the same time enjoying the beauty of the city and the memory will stay with you for a long, long time. View the Underwater Beauty in the Sydney Aquarium Sydney Aquarium is a popular public aquarium located in the heart of Sydney, New South Wales and consists of a huge array of Australian aquatic life that equates to over 650 species (which implies that there are more than 6,000 individual fish and other sea creatures). The most famous feature of Sydney Aquarium is its wide series of underwater, see-through, acrylic glass tunnels that provide you the view of the breathtaking Great Barrier Corel Reef plus intimidating views of sharks swimming right over your head. You can even enjoy a great display of rare-looking sea animals along with waddling penguins, the Dugong habitat, big mermaid lagoons, saltwater crocodiles and the large Murray-Darling river system. The price for entrance tickets for the Sydney Aquarium varies from age to age; adults are required to pay $34. 95 while children are allowed to enter at $17. 95. Concessions and other interesting offers are made during holiday seasons however large crowds are usually expected at the time. Sydney Vacations – Explore City Centre If you have been thinking of visiting Sydney in Australia for a long time now, you must be pleased to know that there is a place where you have maximum enjoyment that is the main City Centre. You will have a great vacation in the splendid city as there is a plethora of attractions in the main City Centre that will keep you entertained during the day and at night as well. You can visit any restaurants from the diverse range of restaurants available that offer cuisines from various parts of the world to suit all palates. The City Centre is also a shoppers paradise and will give you access to the classiest of shopping malls where you can shop to your hearts content. The lodging facilities at the place are based on the needs of the customers that range from the most luxurious rentals to the low budget ones for tourists who are on tight expenses. The Main City Centre will promise you an awesome vacation in Sydney. Sydney Vacations Go Whale Watching In Australia, the most amazing whale watching can be done with the help of the ever-famous Gold Coast Whale Watching catamarans that offer uninterrupted views of whales diving in and out of the deep blue waters of the sea. Guests can take a look at the gorgeous Humpback whales on the Gold Coast of Australia from the leisure of their air-conditioned saloon rooms or by standing on either one of the three humongous decks of the cruise ship. The ship makes sure that it takes you to the closet of Whale Alley where these beautiful whales swim through the water and give you grand opportunities of seeing them. Grand features on the Gold Coast Whale Watching ship that make your tour and whale watching experience unforgettable include small crowds that allow easy crew ratio and more viewing space and educational whale .mentary. Free undercover car parking at the Marina-Mirage-4, free coach transfers and morning tea along with fruits of your choice (free of charge) are given too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: